Secret: Increase Website Page views With This Trick

Owning a website of your own is more than anything else you can ever invest online. But what about writing quality contents on your blog and at the end, you only get few clicks from search engines and maybe a few page views attached?

You can change that from happening again if you like. We are here to help all those who want to start a money making blog this year.

Cause you are just on the right web page where I will show you the top 2 secrets I personally used in pushing my page views from 10 to 50, 50 to 100 and 100 to **** figures weekly.

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You are about to learn a simple trick on how to increase your website page views.

Sure you know page views is not same as visitors nor clicks, It means the total number of pages visitors visits on a website.

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As always, there is a trick in achieving some certain Goals and if those tricks doesn’t work out fine, “then surely hacks will do” but what you are about to learn today has nothing to do with hacks instead, it’s just a common feature all bloggers have on their dashboard but most bloggers don’t really know how to maintain or make good use of it.

The only thing difficult on a website aside finance section is traffic and when there is traffic, every other thing will surely be balanced.

But what about when new visitors comes in and stayed only for few minutes (maybe 1 or 2) then hit the back button?

That surely will make you as the site owner go crazy for it have negative effect on your site. It will increase your website bounce-rate and automatically tells Google bot that users are back-clicking from your website which will make Google and other search engines conclude that your blog contents are not worth it which will take you from No.1 to No.3 and maybe even worst if you ain’t lucky.

I make sure to see that all my blog readers benefit from various part of blogging, you might want to visit my previous post where I talked about How To Built Quality Backlink for your blog featuring the 101 section for beginners.

Top Secrets To Increase Website Page views

Now to what brought us here at first place “Secret: To Increase Website Page views With This Trick”. I will like to tell you that this is not really a secret to the wise instead a common thing most bloggers Ignore.

So let’s get started from here while I list them out. just for you.

1. Inter Link Your Blog Content

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The best way to build up more clicks and page views on any site is simply by inter-linking old blog post with the recent once. This strategy is no doubt the best way of increasing page views on any website.

Here is how it happens, When a visitor visits just any page on your website, he tent to see other anchor text linking to your other blog articles now that increase the chances of you getting that particular visitor to click-through your anchor text.

Linking web pages together on a website does not only help just by increasing page views, it’s also a must do SEO tactics one must abide to if truly you must benefit from search engine crawling and faster indexing of new posts.

For WordPress users, this is very easy to take good care of because there are lots of plugins that can automatically do that for you without any stress.

Hey!! Google Blogspot users, I have a good news for you cause you won’t be left behind from benefiting from this, the only problem is they will have to do everything manually be adding related posts to all your blog’s article body or footer. You might as well want to checkout the Complete Blogspot All In One SEO Script for better Search engine experience

2. Write Post With Related Features

Related post sample

Related post sample

Am sure you know what related post means cause am sure you already do. When checking through this site, you will notice that my related posts are stretching just any time

Getting related posts feature enabled on your blog is one of the best way of making your visitors to perform a click action on your website.

All you need to do now is to check your sidebar widget to confirm if your related posts feature is enabled and working just fine if not, look for a way in adding this feature in no time because it helps a lot.

3. Write Problem Solving Blog Posts


Most people who come to me complaining about having low page views on their sites have one thing a notice in common. It’s either there site have low quality posts or their site is having less structured blog posts.

The major two things that keep your audience from clicking the back button to leave your site are site design, page speed, post template, and having problem solving contents.

No one will like to start reading essay writing or a long blog post without images attached. It will be boring, tiring and also stressful to your audience that is why we recommend that your make your paragraphs short and simple.

You can check out how our blog feels from your end and use that as an expo to what the general audience would love.


Bonus Updates For More Page views To Your Website

You might want to checkout this Complete SEO Tutorial for Beginners cause it will surely help you get the most from your blog traffic.

So this will be the end of how to increase website page views from 10-100 just in time. It is the best you can ever do to your website customization cause adding related post not only helps readers but also helps to beautify the website.

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