How to buy gift cards in bulk

Shop with scrip Gift card Tutorial

Have been away for some time now because I needed to buy shop with script in bulk for those that will need it after the tutorials it low balance 2k$ balance on it and it 50$ please for those that already have tools is not for you but for those that is wanting to buy tools cant afford can use shop with script to start up something with the money

Buy a ShopWithScrip login, u can login on mobile or pc , if your vpn is good, u will just bypass and login, if your device has being blacklisted then account will be messed up and u won’t login. Don’t login many account on one device , they might blacklist the device.

So I click on one of the gift cards , u have two options , either to make them send the gift card to your address or they send to your email, physical address is next day and email is Instant

Once u login, you will see many kind of Gift cards .. there is amazon , iTunes , google pay , Starbucks, Walmart gift cards of any type

Once u choose any, you can choose the AMOUNT and QUANTITY of gift cards u need, then you add to Cart ??, you can even buy $2000 worth of cards at a go

When u done, u can add more and add to cart , they will charge an extra 2.5% to go to the school’s charity or foundation , but don’t worry about that

After u are done, you can still continue shopping or proceed to cart and CHECKOUT

This the total amount of gift cards I bought, total is around $1k+

Once your order is done ?, check your email for confirmation

After this email , I will get all the gift card codes, the physical ones too will be sent to my USA address

Always make sure that the ShopWithScrip account u are buying , has a bank account attached , so they withdraw the money from the bank attached

And the seller does not login the account because it might mess up when you login in

So it easy work, u login, but gift cards u want and use bank attached to pay for them

Any questions dm. This is what some guys did that they got money for tools and never let anyone know so I teach you to be your boss on your own

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