How to combat body odor

It takes more than just appearance to successfully woo, entice or lure people close to you. Physical appearance can only lay a good
foundation for acquaintance but with disturbing and neglected issues like Body odor can damage a relationship that have taken quite some
time to build. Example of such cases occur mostly in relationship built over the internet due to the fact that lack of face to face
communication asides the web. Upon meeting, when issues like Body odor is discovered by your partner, it is capable of destroying a relationship
that took weeks or even months to develop. Apart from cases of relationships, people have suffered from stigmatization from their immediate
society leading to lack of friends, low self esteem or a total loss of self confidence.

Excessive secretion of sweat hormones, poor personal hygiene and other factors can be held responsible for Body odor in individuals. For some
unfortunate individuals who naturally have the ability to sweat till it looks like He/She just stepped out of the shower without a towel, Lack of
regular bath, deodorants, and lack of constant shaving Body sprays can make this class of people possess offensive Body Smell or Scent. Most People find
it discomforting or perceive it as a lack of hygiene making it easy for them to distance themselves from victims of Body odor.

Taking a proper shower and the scrubbing of affected areas properly is a major way to combat this calamity. It is true certain people prefer
washing their Body with just soap and water. But i strongly advice Body odor victims to make use of sponges and scrubs to wash affected areas
where these offensive smell pops out from. proper sanitization of crucial spots like the Armpit and Genitals can also prove to be a real remedy
because staying clean can actually go a long way in making sure those offensive smell is properly eradicated.

Staying in over populated and stuffy places is another cause of body heat and can cause the speedy secretion of sweat glands which can lead to
sweating which is a major cause of body odor. Avoiding been in crowded places can prove to be a major catalyst in an attempt to combat body odor.
Definitely, when an offensive smell is perceived from anyone in a public place like a Bank, Bar or even a night club, it leads to people keepingĀ  their distance from the fellow.

This particular remedy mainly applies to hairy individuals; bearing in mind that hairy people sweat a lot and sweating as we all know leads to
stuffy smell from the body so the best way for this category of body odor victims is to apply general body sanitary and constant shaving of hairy
parts of the body. Also these category of people must avoid wearing thick and heavy clothes during heat season based on the fact that it leads to
sweating .

Beyond every reason doubt, the most effective way of combatting body odor is by having a constant bath properly with scrubs and simultaneously
apply deodorants and body sprays to kill the bad smell coming from affected areas of the body especially tight arears like the armpit and genitals.
In conclusion, general sanitization of the body properly is the fastest way to get rid of offensive smell from the body.


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