Asian scholarships for international students

Asian scholarships

Asia is the largest continent in the universe with the highest population of humans. it’s located in the eastern and northern hemispheres. There are numbers of countries in the continent that are among the leading powers in the universe. Such as China, Japan, South Korea, etc. with Asian scholarships, international students can experience and exchange cultures also in the continent at large.

The educational system of the continent is standard with world recognition of Asian scholarships. So, therefore, will be talking about the Asian scholarship for international students below

Asian scholarships

Asian scholarships for international students

However, the Asian scholarships help in empowering the world educational

  • Shanghai government international students scholarships
  • Bilkent university scholarships for international students in turkey
  • Korean government global Korea scholarships
  • NPU president scholarship program for undergraduate and postgraduate

Shanghai government international students scholarships

This scholarship is a program that the Shanghai government sponsors in other to empower the world academically. Currently, the registration process for the 2021-2022 session is ongoing. The scholarship seeks to attract students with outstanding education performance, both undergraduate and postgraduate. This scholarship is into categories. Type A scholarship is a fully-funded program that covers, tuition fees, health insurance, and accommodation, and living expenses. While type B scholarship is a partial scholarship that includes tuition fees and comprehensive medical insurance. Before one can be eligible for this scholarship, one must be medically fit, must be of foreign nationality.

Bilkent university scholarships for international students in turkey

Bilkent university holds an annual scholarship program for international students who wish to study at the university. This scholarship is fully sponsored by the Turkish government, it takes care of only the full tuition fee of its candidates. Candidates under this program are required to be medically fit with good academic performance with a minimum of 2.00 GPA. The scholarship is open only to international students and not local students. Furthermore, applicants are required to meet the English language proficiency requirements

Korean government global Korea scholarships

The global Korea scholarship board is currently inviting international students to apply for the program. It’s a program that the Korean government funds in other to assist in global educational programs. This program aims at helping international students further their education at a higher level in Korea. The scholarship is mainly for undergraduate students who wish to study engineering, science, and technology. However, Applicants must not hold Korean citizenship nor parents holding Korean citizenship. Furthermore, this scholarship provides slots for 127 international students from 67 countries. It also provides airfare to and from Korea, and also takes care of the basic necessities of its candidates

NPU president scholarship program for undergraduate and postgraduate

This is a governmental scholarship which the China government have set to empower young scholars. All eligible undergraduate and postgraduate students who have an interest in furthering their education are free to apply. However, this program is open to all international students who don’t have Chinese citizenship. The scholarship is into 3 categories, the partial scholarship, the full scholarship, and the excellent scholarship which includes all. Furthermore, this scholarship brings about cultural exchanges between China and other countries. Applicant must have Chinese or English language proficiency

Conclusion on Asian scholarships

In summary, the Asian scholarship program is beneficial to humankind in general. The program provides opportunities for international to travel and experience another phase of life and studies. Furthermore, Asia holds the highest ranking in science and technology which is another advantage of the Asian scholarship program.

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