How To Make Money With Instagram Account Fast In Nigeria

WOW! I welcome you once again to our dearly site. Today am sharing free tips with you on how to make money on Instagram for free with effective and fast results.

Instagram is one on the second famous and accepted social media around the Globe after Facebook and for that reason, many business men and women tend to promote their business there in other to reach to a very large ranch of audience in short time.

It’s cool be true by saying that the Instagram community grows daily with over thousand of new users all around the Globe. It’s obvious that many who are already using Instagram only use it to stay connected with friends, chat, share photos, catch up with latest trends of Drake and Nicky Minaj [lol].

What if I tell you that you are just wasting your time and data doing what will never benefit you even on monthly basis.

Life is easy, hard, tough, worth dying for and same time worth living for. Depending on the way you chose to live yours starting from today when you’re done reading this short article on how to make money on Instagram for free.

Many of the Instagram Account you are seeing with large followers have a way of monetizing it into an alternative online source of income. Lot of celebrities uses this method to give themself a backup plan “not that they really need the money or anything but just to have fun and make more money” but I bet you won’t want to miss this opportunity.

  • Make money with Facebook (coming soon)

Money is key to live and to almost all doors on earth and for that reason, I don’t think anyone can open up his mouth and say “I don’t Need Money”

  • Instagram Made Easy – Free Money

Cause of the large community members on the Instagram social media, the bosses of this social media tend to make over billions of Dollars in just a month. And for that reason, I see no excuse why you as an individual can’t be making at least $5 from this social media, most especially if you have a good number of followers.

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There are lots of ways to monetize your Instagram account into a money-making machine, most especially if you have a good number of followers but if you don’t, read here to learn how to get your first 100 Instagram followers for free. It works like this;


  • Grow your Instagram Account.
  • Edit your profile.
  • Look for brand to promote.
  • Make money.
  • you become a boss.


Above is just a growing strategy that works and will continue working as far as life is concerned. So now permit me to get starred on sharing the free tips with you kn how to make money with Instagram.

make money with instagram

How To Make Money On Instagram

Instagram is a social media, Yes! And for that reason, you are entitled to meet new people and make more money. Now let’s get started on ways to earn money on Instagram.

  • Work With A Brand

The most effective way of making money on instagram is by working with a brand. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to find brand to work with for I’ll disclose everything for you in short time so just keep reading and be ready to also take action as soon as possible.

Earning on Instagram is not as easy as you may be thinking even if you have a large number of followers. Followers only helps in giving your promo more awareness to the public. I will suggest you read here to learn how to grow your more followers on instagram in few days because you will surely need followers if truly you want to make money on this social media.

I can still see some people making over $100 per paid sponsored they share on their timeline. For example, Ronaldo makes over $500 per sponsored post he shares on his timeline which I believe he get books on a regular basis.

NB: you don’t just need followers if you want to make money on Instagram but active and loyal followers that you can trust and rely on in terms of sponsorship for brands won’t just take you without active followers.

How To Get Brands To Work With

Getting brands is not simple but I will guide you on how to easily get brand that will be willing to pay you for doing what you just love doing. That’s if they don’t even come to you seeing your fully active members that are ready to burst any wall for your sake.

Well, if you think you have all it takes to get brands that will be willing to pay you, I’ve gat some awesome links to site you can make your dream possible.


  • Become An Affiliate Marketer:

This is quiet easy and believe me, if you know the best strategist to abide and go with, you will earn a lot.

Affiliate marketing is one of the latest earning strategy trendy on all part of the world regardless of your location or other physical factor as long as you have a mobile with internet connection. To be honest, affiliate is the best way to make money online as of now. You can be making 5000 daily with EPS mail processing

Just be consistent, sign up to any affiliate program you know you can rely on and start making money easily.

  • Sell Your Stuffs (Physical And Wired):

Selling of stuff online needs some strategies in other to lure people to click the one button that might add more fund into your pocket and for that reason, selling stuff online is not easy at all. But don’t worry I’ll walk you through.

All you need to get started is someone you can trust to help you broadcast your package while you do same in your location. It help making customers believe that you are real.

Get a mentor that will teach you digital marketing that will boost your sells
Run Instagram ads to get your package to thousands on people.


  • Sell Your Instagram Account

You might not know about this but I tell you now. Do you know you can make money on instagram by creating new instagram account from scratch and when you get up to a thousand followers or more you sell them to others around you?

Many are into instagram buy and sell and are already making a lot from it. Remember that this social media is awesome and can’t be compared with any in terms of marketing.

There are thousand places online you can sign up and sell your instagram accounts for cash or fund.


  • Sell Your Instagram Photos:

Do you know that you can make extra money on Instagram by selling your photos? This opportunity might not just be for everyone for you need a bit of photography knowledge in order to succeed in this scheme.

It works well if you are a photographer that snaps more pictures on Nature, lifestyles and events. There are sites that can pay you to collect pictures from you. Without wasting much of your time, I will list them up if for you to follow if you want to make money from Instagram photo sales.

Here are some links you may want to consider:

  • Snapwire
  • 500px
  • Twenty20

The end: BlogsXtra Instagram Earning Tips

I hope this 5 tips will make a difference for you in monetizing your social media account into a part-time job. There is no doubt saying this tips are common; yes they are common but yet, very effective.

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