NNU Income Trick: Register And Make Money Secrets

Welcome to NNU where you earn money unlimited-ly at the comfort of your home. Remember my review on Rollbol social media that you earn 350 per ref? well this is another referral and earning program that pays you money for performing just but simple task daily “This is NNU Income Trick“.

You might be an existing member of NNU income or just a seeker that want to make money online in Nigeria through affiliate marketing. I will be here to assist all who need more light on all that will be written on this page in the comment section.

nnu inccome program

So what’s this NNU Income program all about?

The abbreviation NNU means Nigerian News Updates take note. NNU.ng is a Nigerian base website for latest news and entertainment. It is more than just a news website because it has lots of difference compared to other websites in Nigeria.

On NNU.ng, all members are prompt to earn certain commission per action they take on daily basis in the website. In most related and common word, NNU Income is an affiliate website whereby anyone can earn money in the comfort of their home.

Remember the Title of this article is “NNU income Trick” and am sure you are here to know more about the tricks to earn more money or you are here to know more about this affiliate program (i.e how to register nnu and make money fast).

All above are cool but i will like to start with the registration and highlights before heading to the tips and tricks section of NNU so as to earn more money fast.


How NNU Income Pays

This affiliate program is more that Legit as others will call. On NNU Income program, there are lots of actions to perform in other to earn money and more money. Yea i mean lots of them.

Let’s take a short highlight on actions and action’s cost in NNU income for maximum earning out put.

  • Login = N50
  • Comments = N2
  • Sponsored = N100
  • referral = N1000
  • ♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠

Now check the drought above and tell me if it ain’t cool. You get credited with N50 daily just by login into your account daily so that means if you log into your account each day for 30 days, it will be N50 * 30= N1500.

Same goes to comments and sharing sponsored posts on your Facebook, Google+ or Twitter timeline. The fun fact is that you earn N100 for every sponsored post you share on your timeline daily which means if you share sponsored post for 30 days, it will be like N100 * 30 days = N3000.

Am sure you already want to register and start making easy money with this affiliate program already but before then, after you hear the amount they pay per friend or enemy you refer to them using your special link.

This earning affiliate program gives you a whooping N1,000 naira per each friend you refer to them which means if you can bring in 1 person to register daily for 30 days, you are most likely to earn N30,000 monthly just for referral alone.

That 30k might even be more than what some individuals earn monthly via their monthly job. NNU rocks so you better register and start making money in 2019.

online jobs you dont want to invest

How To Register And Make Money With NNU Income

Registering NNU income will only take you maximum of 10mins and minimum of 5 mins and you get activated almost immediately if you are using the Paystack method while others might take up to 1 hr before your account is being activated.

Click here to register NNU income And Start Making NNU money today

NNU Website

Am sure you want to make money in Nigeria fast that’s why i recommend NNU.ng Affiliate Income Program for all that want to make money online in Nigeria.

I will stop her for the newbie guys that want to know more about how to register and make money with NNU income program, I will start the NNU tricks section now so as to maximize your earning very fast.

All newbies can contact me on +234 (0)8135317109 to learn more or for further enquiry regarding proper signing up to this affiliate program. Don’t for get to JOIN NNU INCOME HERE.

NNU Income Trick And Earning Tips

Now to the main section i believe most are waiting for because I know most you reading this in 2019 have already know about NNU program already.

In this section I show you how to attract more commission to your nnu account on daily or weekly basis for free showing you common tricks that works and will continue to work as long as Humans are alive.

NB: If you are expecting to see any form of hack here then you are most likely to be on the wrong website. BlogsXtra shares no hacking tips or scam trends. ***We are Legit***

Promotional Platform For Promoting NNU NiP Package

  • forum
  • micro niche blog
  • seminars
  • social media
  • email marketing

Ways To Earn More With This Affiliate Marketing Site “NNU”

I will be sharing 5 simple ways to earn more revenue in NNU income,

NB: The tricks I promised above is also the promotional means or strategies in promoting your referral link in other to get to a larger audience. Remember more audience means more awareness and more awareness more results to more click and clicks to registration and after that “It Is A Goal”.

You can earn more with NNU income with these simple nnu tricks and promotional strategy in promoting your link, some of this means are;

1. Use Of Forums

This is one of the best place to promote any brand or product. In case you have no idea what forum is then read, A forum is a website that allows others to create an account for special admin purpose.

You don’t need to be an owner of a forum before you can publish a content unlike a blog whereby you can only read and comment. A forum provide flexible and free opportunities to promote any brand or product just as stated above.

2. Create Micro Niche Blog

Hope you know what micro niche blogs are? but if you don’t here it is. Micro Niche Blog is a website that is well specialized on 1 particular thing or category, It might be anything Affiliate marketing sites, MMO topics or a particular review e.t.c.

Micro niche blogs are better in ranking for a term keyword than just a normal web page that are specialized on general topics why? that’s because all posts and meta data will be having a special keyword that automatically tells search engine what you really are targeting.

I can create you a micro niche blog for as low as 999 Nigerian Naira only, this offer is valid for just a limited time but you can visit our HIRE US page for more details.

3. Use Social Media

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter e.t.c are the best place to promote affiliate links to a very large audience.

Am sure you must have already been using this media in promoting your affiliate link but there is a way of making something a bit classic if in case you don’t know. For Facebook, you need to create a page, interact and engage with your audience and surely sales will be made while for Twitter, you only need to share your link and do other necessary things.

4. Use Email Marketing

This is better known by bloggers and not recommended for others that are not well-educated with online marketing. For bloggers that want to start using email marketing or those that don’t really know how it works, you might want to checkout

5. Use Facebook And Social Media Ads (not recommended but active)

Do you know how effective social media ads works? sure you don’t. With social media ads, you are guaranteed to get your affiliate link to your targeted audience and surely they will sign up.

6. Go To Seminars

Attending seminars is one of the best way to promote anything most especially is it’s a digital product. NIP packages like NNU Income pack will make lots of sales if you are a good speaker that knows how to convince and not to confuse someone.

7. Blog Commenting

This is 100 percent a linked trick you can count on if you truly want to make it in affiliate marketing but remember not to spam if not, you might just end up wasting your time.

Commenting on top blogs that are featuring make money online topics is one of the best way to promote your referral link to good number of audience.

All you need to do is going to the comment session, type in a well articulated respond that relates to the particular blog post you are commenting on, and at the end, you can just add your referral link and when anyone clicks on it, he navigate to sign up page.


Here is how to place your affiliate link.

In the comment section, type in your valid respond that correspond to the article on the featured post then at the end use or copy this html script,

<a href=”your-refferal-url“>anchor Text</a>

Replace “your-referral-url” with your special link and “anchor Text” with the text you want to be visible to people e.g JOIN NNU INCOME, CLICK HERE e.t.c.


NNU Income Payment Proof

Learn How To Register NNU Income Program And Make Money Fast

This video is from prospernoah.com [the make money online guy] “lol”. You might want to check it out if you like.

Frequent Asked Question In NNU Income Program

How do I register NNU Income?

Click Here to register NNU Income Nip package

How long will it take before my account gets activated?
  • Your account will be activated almost immediately after payment if using paystack while other payment method takes 1-12hrs

What if i don’t get paid this month?

  • Your payment will be forwarded to next month
Why I won’t get paid
  • When you spam, adding fake account etc
Can I scam NNU Affiliate?
  • No, that’s no possible
Is NNU legit or scam?
  • NNU Income is 100% Legit

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    1. Looking around the quality and well detailed information contained in this article, it’s Certain you have your readers at heart. I personally appreciated this read and I am sharing this post to Facebook.
      That’s my own way of being grateful.
      Keep it up.

    1. Not really.. NNU use to be a good affiliate marketing site in Nigeria but since April 2019, they stop paying most of their members..

      Thou it’s still functioning but I won’t recommend you should invest on the platform

  1. The trick to earning BIG on the NNU platform is to get referrals. Apart from that, you may not make any money from it. If you can conceive people well enough and bringing them into the platform, you are sure of making money from the NNU Income Program.
    However, since the program is targetted at Nigerians (who selectively myopic on making money online), they might think you are trying to introduce a fraud system or ponzi scheme.
    Las Las, we go dey alright. Winks!!!

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