MTN Affiliate Program Review: Register And Make Money With MTN Nigeria

Have you been wondering how to make money with top Nigerian Network providers? well look no further for you will get to know about MTN affiliate program in just a minute.

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Having disclosed about Glo affiliate program and how to earn 50k monthly, i decide to also share MTN affiliate program this with you today so you can join the winning team and start making 30k monthly for just being an MTN agent.

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MTN Affiliate Program Review: Register And Make Money With MTN Nigeria

Really!! there is lots of money online but this affiliate those not require much of your online presence, you can checkout how to register cashawoof for free and start making 2,000 Naira daily into your bank account Nigeria (scam verified).

so without much time wastage, let me get you straight to what brought you here at first place but before then, i will like you to get a full recap on what affiliate marketing is, How to make money with affiliate marketing before narrowing down to mtn affiliate program review and how you can start making 25 – 30k monthly.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate program as the name implies is a business or an earning plan whereby you are required to sign up, perform few tasks and get paid at the end of the day.

Not just that, Affiliate marketing is also the best way and common way to make money online and offline in Nigeria using some major techniques provided by your leading company [company sponsoring you to advertise their product or service].

How To Make money With Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing really is one of the most trusted online or offline business i personally can recommend to anyone. why is simply because most of them are straight forward, legit and clear means of making money as an agent. you can checkout top 5 jobs you don’t want to invest your time in 2019.

Well, there are many ways in which you can use to make money online through affiliate marketing which are,

  • promoting products or services
  • selling products
  • referring new members to join and lots more.

so what’s this mtn affiliate program about?

MTN Affiliate program Review – Scam or Legit?

No one can doubt the power of the most leading network providers in Africa, this program is legit and you have nothing to fear about.

One of the most interesting thing about this program is that

1. It is free to join

2. Your earning is unlimited

3. You are your own Boss

4. Cashing out is daily and also unlimited

This program is 100% powered by mtn so as said earlier, you don’t need to be scared of loosing anything. so now leet me get you started on signing up to this affiliate program easily so you can start making money fast.

How To Register And Make Money Fast

Registration to this affiliate network is as simple as ABC in such a way that a 7-year-old boy with a mobile access can easily register in less than 3 mins.

To register an account, just take out your mtn line and dial *2018# then follow the related pop up instructions you get to successfully register your account.

When registering, you will be asked to put in your 4 digits pin too for security reasons. just type in something you know you can easily remember.

PS: registration is done automatically after dialing the USSD code *2018#

Getting Started After Registration

So now After Dialing *2018# with your smart phone, creating your 4 Digit code which means you have succesful registered to MTN Affiliate program the next thing is how to get started with them and start making more money to your self straight into your Nigerian Bank Account. The first thing to do in getting started is

1. Fund Your Wallet

This is very important because your job is to sell airtime to other network users around you e.g Airtel and glo users. Without funding your wallet you wont be able to sell make any sales which automatically means “No commission for you at all” which is totally what you will never want.

So in order to fund your wallet and start selling airtime and data service online, you’d be needing a Gt Bank Account but if you don’t have one we will surely help you out.

So here is how you fund your wallet easily within 2 minutes anytime.

  • Get a Gt Bank account
  • Dial *737*50*AMOUNT*2018#

and your line will automatically be credited with the amount you put in the given USSD code instantly. But what if you don’t have a GT Bank Account.

What To Do When You Don’t Have GT Bank Account

You don’t need to worry about a thing when you’re not in possession of a GT Bank Account. All you need to do it to rush down to a trusted person you know and ask him to please help you fund your wallet with the given code above. and when he is done, your wallet will be credited automatically instantly.

According to MTN, they promise to add more Nigerian Banks that can also benefit from this offer very soon in future time so you see, ‘you don’t need to worry about a thing’.

Now that you have successfully fund your wallet, all you need to do is to start selling Airtime and generate commission to your wallet daily in accordance with their terms of revenue.

2. Start Selling Unlimitedly

Now this is the fun section because after all hustle and stress, man must make money. All you need to do to start selling is to go your menu/dashboard by inputting this USSD code *2018# and select any given feature that leads to action you want to perform.

Let me stop here for everything is self-explanatory once you have already get started by signing up. I will live you to play around with your dashboard and within 12 hours, you should understand how it works.

So what are you waiting for? dial *2018# now to register and start making money with MTN straight to your bank account anytime, anywhere, any day.

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