NGAdverts Review- Best Ads Network In Nigeria That Pays

So Google Ad-Sense haven’t approve your blog and you think you are done and can’t make money in blogging through ads network? That might be because you haven’t read about NgAdverts Review and how you can be making money with this Ad-Sense alternative in Nigeria.

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There are more than 10 ways to monetize a blog aside using any ads network, the only different is that ads help in beautifying a blog or website and also increase the chance of you as a blogger or owner of a certain website to earn more money unlimited even without knowing.


NgAdverts Review Best Ads Network In Nigeria That Pays


Blogging has come a very long way from start to this extend and most bloggers always want to have that ads displaying on their web pages. NgAdverts is that ads network am sure you must be wanting to be part of their affiliate program.

So let me get started on my;

NgAdverts Ads Network In Nigeria

Just as seen earlier from the beginning of this write-up review, i didn’t mention what NgAdverts really is but am sure you as a blogger must have heard of it somewhere or ?? just keep reading..

So what’s this NgAdverts?

NgAdverts is a ads network company that helps bloggers in monetizing their blog. The fun fact is that this Ad company is owned and managed by the African community. Thou it is originated in Nigeria it also serve Ads on other country beyond Nigeria.

NgAdverts is best Ads network in Nigeria serving with reliability for both its publishers and advertiser. On Ngadverts ads network, you are almost like the Boss that determine how much you earn daily if you are really smart.

How NgAdverts Ads Network Pay

When i say, “it is the best ads network in Nigeria and one on the best beyond”, then surely I should have a reason to back my speech. it’s all about their payment methods.

This leading Ad network pays for CPC, CPM and CPD……… They serve their publishers with both local and terrestrial Ads. Am sure you are now shivering but not yet. check this out;

ngadverts review

This Ads Networks pays its publishers a whooping N5 per click action a user perform which means if you can get hold of 20 clicks daily, you earn an automatic N100 without knowing.

I bet you, It’s not bad for a beginner

yea!! that’s not all, they also pays per impression at which you earn minimum 2k to 3k in a month if your Ads are placed well and if you have a good number of visitors.

That’s not all, this Ads company also pays you money for direct referral!! cool right? am sure your answer is “Yes“. You get to earn a certain commission per each user you refer to the program using a special link that will be given to you for free after signing up..

The fun fact is that you earn up to 50% of earnings the person you refer earns for lifetime.

ngadsverts Nigerian ads netword

NGadverts also have an affiliate section on their site whereby you register for free, promote your affiliate link and earn commission. It’s as simple as that.

NgAdverts The Best (Recommendation)

With NgAdverts, every blogger is sure to be making minimum of 3000 Naira monthly. I don’t speak what you want to hear instead I speak what you need to know if you must earn in your blogging career.

NgAdverts is the best leading Ad serving network in the whole of Africa and there is no argument about it.

I personally recommend you to sign up NgAvert today if truly you are new into blogging and want to start making something for now instead of staying months without earning even 1 kobo from blogging.

So how can I register this NgAdverts and start making money?

“Hot Links”

How To Register NgAdverts And Start Making Blogging

Remember this is NgAdverts Review so surely you must be expecting us to cover atleast 60% regarding this leading Ad Network. Registering NgAdverts will only take you five minutes while your website gets activated within 12 hrs.

[eafl id=”1633″ name=”NGadverts” text=”Click Here To Register NgAdverts”]

After registering, click on add site then input your blog url e.g, and they will surely approve your site.

Why You Need To Join NgAdvert

Actually, there is no reason to click the sign up link if you really don’t want to make money in Nigeria with AdSense Alternative.

NgAdverts have paid over 15Millions to their publishers so there is no reason to doubt them thinking they are scam like some ads network sites that are in’ just to scam people.

How NgAdverts Pays Their Publishers

Remember I mentioned above that this Ad network is built and sponsored by the African community specifically in Nigeria? well i think that question answered what you are asking for.

NgAdverts pays all their members in Naira and you get your payment directly into your Nigerian bank Account.

How Much Is NgAdverts Minimum Withdrawal?

Earlier 2018, their minimum withdrawal is 5,000 Naira but now December 2018, their minimum withdrawal is 3,000 Naira. Am sure 50% of bloggers using them are really happy.

So what are you waiting for? [eafl id=”1633″ name=”NGadverts” text=”CLICK HERE to register”] a free Ngadverts account and start making money blogging today.

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7 Comments on “NGAdverts Review- Best Ads Network In Nigeria That Pays”

  1. This is totally useless and the clicks you will get from them will be almost close to nothing compared to what you will make with any other Ad network.

    I have used them when my website was still newly launched and they failed me woefully even with up to 200 visitors from search engine.

    They do not have targeted Ads and this is why visitors do not click on them.

    1. Hello Nnoli Keneth, I must admit you’re right to some extend regarding NgAdverts but I’ll like you to know they are not that bad.

      Thou, we recommend this only to new websites and bloggers who are unable to get adsense approval on their sites

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