Glo Affiliate Program Review: Register And Make 30k Monthly As Mobile Agent

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It doesn’t really matter which of these phrase brought you here in the first place because we are going to expand featuring on detailed review about what is Glo affiliate program, how to register to be an affiliate as mobile money agent and how to start making money out of being a registered member of Nigeria’s Globacom Network anywhere in the country.

Make Money With Glo Marketing

Glo Affiliate Program Review: Register And Start Making 30k plus Monthly In Nigeria

I know you won’t like to start reading an essay writing here so for that reason, I will try to keep everything short and simple so as not to bore you.

So now let’s get started with what affiliate program really is before channeling down to our main review which is Glo Affiliate Marketing/Program.


What Is Affiliate Program | Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate program as the name implies, is a business or an earning plan whereby someone is required to sign-up, perform few tasks and get paid at the end of the day, week or month depending with agreed subscription. Example of affiliate programs we have in Nigeria;

  • NNU Income Affiliate Program
  • Wakanda Affiliate Program
  • Affiliate Program
  • Blog9ja Affiliate program and lots more.

Affiliate marketing in the other hand is no way different from that of Affiliate Program. “Marketing” as it sounds means strategies, technique and Ideas you put in any affiliate program in other to make more money from it.

How Affiliate Program Or Marketing Works

If you have been on the internet for a while now then I believe you already know how these programs works and how to make money from it but if you don’t, you still do not need to worry about a thing.

I will simply show you an Illustration on how it works just for your better understanding.

  • You register to an affiliate program or site
  • Get a product or service to promote
  • publish and share product link to people and places that matters e.g Facebook, twitter.
  • Get paid with agreed commission when someone purchase using your referral link or banner ads.


Above is a quick text sketch on how affiliate marketing and programs works. let me also show you how to make more sales promoting any product.

How To Make More Sales On Any Affiliate Program In Nigeria

Many have signed up to many affiliate programs in Nigeria but still find it difficult to make more sales of their product. when I mentioned “Product“, I don’t necessary mean item instead anything that has to be taken by them in other to maximize their earning.

Quick Way To Make More Sales With Affiliate Marketing

I will create a post soon about the strategies i personally use to make money with promoting affiliate programs items. I will suggest you Bookmark this page so as to benefit from this offer coming up soon.

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So without wasting much of your time, let me get you started on What is Glo Affiliate Is, How It works and Lastly How to make money as a Glo mobile money agent in Nigeria.

What Is Glo Affiliate Program/Marketing?

Glo affiliate program is a new legit modern way of making money both online and offline with the means of networking. You only need to register with simple clicks and you are good to go.

Already you know what “Glo” is, sorry what they are plus their management. Glo is the best Nigeria Leading Network providers with the highest cheap data rates and offers and for that reason, they are known as the Grand Master Of Data.

But am sure that’s not what you want to see so let me get you started on Globacom affiliate program again .

Globacom affiliate program is an earning plan which enables you to sign-up with them using the necessary registration procedures, do the right things that needs to be done to become a verified Glo mobile money agent without spending and lastly make N30,000 in less than a month easily without much hassle.

Make Money With Glo Marketing

What is Glo Mobile Money Agent?

Mobile Money Agent is simple a shop that have been registered under a mobile money operator in order to perform mobile money services which mainly have to do with cash-in, cash-out, airtime vending, bill payment and lots of others.

Mobile Money Agent is the location where customers can go to get relative information and also assistance regarding mobile money services or issues. As shown by statistics, 53.0% of Nigerian grown up adults are being excluded from financial services and for that reason, this is a potential market for mobile money businesses.

By becoming a mobile money agent, the agent stands to benefit more increase in customer traffic most especially if you have an affiliate site/web-page like me here that can easily create and manage any online affiliate program or service that comes my way.

Required Items By Globacom To successfully Register as an Affiliate Member/Mobile Agent.

As read above, am sure you already have a full cap and not a recap of what Glo Affiliate Marketing/Program is really all about and how it works. Now it’s time for me to get you informed on necessary things you need to successfully request and get immediate approval from Glo sharp without wasting much time.

The necessary required item are as follows;

  • A mobile phone [smart phone]
  • Valid Glo simcard
  • Social Media Accounts for promotion [Not necessary]
  • forum acct or a web-page for promotion [Not necessary]


How To Register For Glo Affiliate Program /Marketing And Make N30,000 Fast

Permit me to show you now how to successfully sign-up to this affiliate plan easily just as simple as A B C that even a primary school kid can do without brain cracking, lol.

Enough with the talk, let me walk you through. Firstly, you need to CLICK HERE. The next page will be a window showing you a drop empty box you need to fill which will contain details below.

  • Surname [your dad’s name].
  • First Name [your birth name].
  • Your Glo Number [valid Glo number you currently use].
  • Local Government You Reside In [local govt you presently are not Home-Town].
  • State Of Residence [the one you currently stay in].
  • Submit [after filling the form, click submit].


Now that you have click on the submit button, take note that Glo will not activate your
request immediately but it takes less than 2 days for them to contact you. In some cases, it takes longer than that but a maximum of 3 days.

What you are to do is just to stay calm and keep checking your email address or mobile for they will contact you as soon as possible.

My Take On Glo Affiliate Marketing/Program Review

Well, this program is legit and not a scam for it is held and managed officially by the Globacom management itself.

I won’t suggest you Stig to this affiliate program if you are planning to earn a living from it. It really pays well but all depend on the marketing strategy you implement in getting a cool result.

You may want to checkout top trending Affiliate Program on this blog where I talk more on other affiliate programs to make money fast in Nigeria this year all for you in on spot.

Remember To Start Your Registration Here

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Review: Glo Affiliate Program/Marketing + How To Make Money With Glo Nigeria As A Mobile Money Agent

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