How to Build Quality Backlinks for your Blog/Website (Link building 101)

Now I will put you through on how to build strong quality backlink /Backlinks for your blog/website.

This is Quality Backlink Building 101 for beginners, with this article you will learn how to Build Tons of Backlinks for your Blog/Website but one thing about building backlinks is that it takes much time than setting up On page SEO on wordpress or blogspot blog.

Everyone wants to rank higher on search engine or get more value over the other blog which can be done with building the right backlinks for your blog.

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Am sure you already know what Backlink really is but in case you don’t, I won’t like to live you wondering around when i know I know I can give you what you are looking for in one spot.

What Are Backlink?

If am to answer this question, I’ll say backlink is simply the presence of your blog/website URL on on a page in another website. Backlink is considered by Google as one of the best SEO strategy for ranking.

The most hard part in SEO is building tons of quality backlinks which most people end up not building much at all and we can agree building quality, high PR do follow backlink is very hard but not impossible.

It’s not only about creating quality content but also building quality backlinks that makes your site move higher on search engine.

You can’t get people to social conversion for your content without been on search engine which could bring tons of traffic for your blog by doing the right thing.

Today, I will mention how to get tons of backlinks using this article about backlink building.

How to Build Quality Backlinks for your Blog/Website (Link building 101)

I have made a list of places and how you can generate tons of quality backlinks for your blog just for you.

Search Engine Submission

This is the first thing you should consider, submit your site to search engines. There are several free and paid tools, just google it, “free search engine submit”.

Be careful there are several websites submitting million search engines, this can cause a negative impact, do not submit huge number at once.

Forum Posting

If you have quality and good content, you should submit or you should introduce your site in related forums in your niche.

Forums are very good to attract people. I know this is not easy, there are lots of forums and register-login-post cycle will take time. But you must be patient.

You should be careful that it is better to find do-follow link forums. Many forums do not accept links from new users so you have to post at least 10 posts to demonstrate you are a real member.

Be patient and post good posts or replies. Make sure what you are posting is going to help the forum members. There are guys selling this service, just google it “forum post backlink”.

In Nigeria, we have Nairaland Forum and I think it is one of the best if you want to start from the grass root before upgrading to foreign.

Social Bookmarking Sites

The easiest backlink building is social bookmarking. Google loves it. Since social bookmark pages has low OBL(Outbound link count), they are important.

You can google it and find people giving this service, “get backlink social bookmark” or check on fiverr for cheap solution. Just carefull that it’s better getting do-follow backlinks.

Article Submission

Article submission is one of the most popular and one of the oldest link building methods known to the SEO industry.

Everyday thousands of articles are being submitted to these article directories by webmasters and SEO professionals to boost the back links of the website under question.

There are several free article submitter, google it “free article submitter”,”online article submitter”. Important thing is that you should write a unique article up to 1000 words or more.

Directory Submission

Directory Submission is very similar to search engine submission. There are lots of web directories list websites in categories.

You can use several free online tools to submit your site to directories. Just careful not to submit too much once and check the directory links are not no-follow.

Blog Commenting

I don’t believe that blog commenting work anymore like old days because of everybody in internet business are trying to get blog comments and on comment pages, OBL value are big.

You should be careful about OBL count on blog comment pages and it’s better to have dofollow backlinks.

But to you reading this now, I must say you are lucky. I give dofollow comment backlink for now and am sure to be closing soon. Which means you can comment and get a free Dofollow link to your blog.


quality backlink building

RSS Directories

It is one of the easiest ways to get automatic backlinks. If your site have blog feeds then you can use lots of free rss directory submission tools on net.

Video Sites

The best backlink building method is video backlinking on video sites like YouTube. They are very powerful. I believe it this is one of the best backlink building strategies.

Internal Links

Internal links from one page to another page on your site doesn’t really counts as backlink but it is 100 percent good for SEO section of your site. Thou, some other bloggers may refer to internal linking as form of backlink but here on BlogsXtra I don’t look at it in that way.

But I recommend each time you are writing a post, try to linkback to a previous article on your website. That way, you are also passing more juice to your domain.

Having known how and where to build backlinks let me show you which backlink is much valuable to get ans essential for your domain and blog SEO.

The Essential Backlinks To Build For Your Blog/Website

Now let me show you the essential types of  backlinks to start bulding for your blog in accordance to domain extension

Important Backlinks to build according to domain extension

.EDU Domains Hardest backlink to build Google value it more

.ORG Domains Hardest backlink to build Google value it more

.GOV Domains Hardest backlink to build Google value it more than any

.COM Domains→Most common backlink to build Google just see it as a normal backlink

Conclusion On Quality Backlink Building Guide 101

Building the right backlink for your blog should be the most important thing not just building any backlink. If you build .edu, .gov, .org backlinks don’t forget to build more .com backlinks too non should be left out build all round.

Hope you enjoyed this article about building tons of quality backlinks for your blog/website by me? sure you do. If you have any question relating to backlink building do live a comment comment below and we will sure reply in due time.

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  1. I had no idea about backlink building. I naturally have a high DA (I have no idea why) so I never had to worry about it. But this will be super useful for people trying to grow their domain authority.

  2. This is an interesting article. You have share some good points to help others. I will check Nairaland. I was not aware of it. I have always wanted to share my posts in Nigeria. Thanks for sharing that information.

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    I am new in blogging and researching for backlinks.
    The Guide you share quality backlinks in your article is useful.
    Before reading your article, I did not even know about these techniques. Now I will pay great attention to these techniques, and I will apply your experience.
    Are you sure that Google does not prohibit these kinds of techniques and will not make any severe plenty?
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