7 Ways To Get Free Website Traffic – Best Traffic Guide To Read

Do you want to get free boost on your website traffic today? Am sure you do and I must say you are just on the right page where you will learn the legit tricks and tips on how to build up your website traffic and stats from 001 to hundreds in just few weeks with the top legit ways to get free website traffic.

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What if I teach you top 7 sure legit ways to generate valid traffic for your website even without much stress and to help you grow more subscriber on your website and also help build you a better business pattern that grows even while you are asleep?

I won’t ask for anything in return so just keep scrolling down.

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Naturally, there is always more 2 ways of doing almost everything which are;

  1. Do It Yourself (D.I.Y)
  2. Pay And Get It Done.


All the both are good ideas without any doubt. You might be wondering why I brought this here but I have my reasons.

It’s left for you to decide whether to buy my SEO service +free mentorship from my store or just crack your nuts to do it yourself scrolling over 7 pages daily on the web to get what you want.

OK!! let’s ride on.

Short Info About Blogging You Should Know

Blogging have reign for decades now, many that started long ago with good foundation are now making a hell of traffic daily on their web pages at ease without much struggles while those that started with a poor background only enjoy traffic for the old-time being and not now.

Gone are those days where you will write an article of about 300-500 words and watch it rank on Google first page in within 3 days or sometime even less.

Blogging and ranking policy by the Number 1 search engine on the web “Google” keeps changing without any notice with new ranking and indexing policies.

Thou, some factors are not changeable so I will share most of them with you here so as to help you get the most out of your blogging career .

Getting Started With Ranking Factors

Firstly, I hope you have already submit and also verify ownership of your blog on Google search Console, Bing Webmaster and Yandex if not, use these links to get things done the right way.

  • Submit Your website to Google and verification
  • add URL to bing webmaster for free
  • Get More traffic with Yandex search engine.

Now that you have successfully submit your website to search engine, I will now welcome you back.

Note: That’s nothing but just the first step every succesful blogger must pass through before thinking about anything like Ranking,Traffic and most of all seo.


Getting More Traffic For Your Website

Traffic and ranking has always been the number one goal of every blogger who want to achieve a lot throughout his blogging career for when there is traffic’ affiliate sales and certain commissions will be achieved which will build up your motivation as a blogger to work more.

Am sure we’ve learnt a bit about blogging seo basics so now I guess you are ready for what brought you here.

Luckily am not a type that will want to fill you up with lots of crap content and invalid information.

let’s begin with our main keyword

7 Ways To Get Free Traffic On Any Website

So it’s now time for the little big secret on getting tons of traffic from search engines straight to your website. If you have been into blogging for a while you must have noticed or find these tips on some other pages.

Surely, they are common which makes them to be under-rated.

But hey!! they works even better than other premium once you might be thinking about now.

1. Post Regularly (Niche)

Posting new topics on your site daily or weekly depending on your niche help in boosting your site awareness on search engines. Posting on regular basis on a blog does a lot of good to the domain name and also the site root to be precise.

A website that have lots of contents are most likely to be ranking for various keywords people are searching on Google or other search engines which helps in generating organic traffic to the website automatically because the website is targeting lots of keyword.

This tip is most common one that most bloggers don’t really know about, as for me, you will notice I publish three contents every week which works great for me and also to my niche.

It’s not advisable to follow my style if your niche is different from mine e.g how can a music/entertainment niche blog succeed with publishing three contents weekly? am sure you know it’s not possible.

2. Use Keyword Research Tools

A lot of bloggers fails themselves and also their website by writing articles or topics on their website without doing keyword research.

Remember “Keyword” has to do with the main phrase you want you are targeting so that when people type in the phrase on any search engine, your blog post will rank on first or second page of that search engine.

According to Neil Patel, “The place to hide an article is the second page of Google” therefore, you need to fight for a spot on that first page no matter what.

Researching on keywords before writing most content on your blog is what really helped most bloggers you are seeing rocking presently. I won’t like to let you go this way so I’ll give you 3 lists of keyword research tools I personally use in getting easy to rank keyword.

a. UberSuggest 2.0 by Neil Patel

b. Google Keyword Planner by Google

c. Keywords Everywhere (review coming soon)

3. Optimize Your Blog

Do you know the power of optimizing your blog posts to search engine friendly? This has a lot more to do with just ranking your posts on search engines.

Optimizing your blog post to search engine and user-friendly also helps in getting you traffic, I mean lots of traffic that might even overflow in some cases, lol.

All you need to do here is to visit this link that will be released shortly for Blogger On Page Seo Setup and WordPress On Page Seo Setup Tutorial.

4. Use BuzzSumo Pings

Have you heard about BuzzSumo? if no then this is for you. BuzzSumo is a free ping website that shows you what is currently trending around you.

This website helps a lot in terms of giving you the right topic to write on for easy ranking and Google fast Indexing.

All you need to do in getting started is to visit their website, type in your keyword and wait for it to process and you surely will see your stats on what is trending more in your location from the short phrase you drop and you can easily get what to write on for extra traffic.


5. Encourage Your Visitors To Share Your Contents

This strategy is most common to many who are into internet marketing already. It is simple, free and easy, yet hard to get it done at times when you don’t have much streight in fighting your visitors to share your content on other platforms

All you need to do in getting this done on your website is simple by creating a controversial headings that will automatically force your readers do take some simple action on sharing once they are done reading or you can use our strategy here on blogsXtra.

Remember we are still on our month end give away and we surely will continue doing this for a very long time to come by God’s grace. Just share our content after reading on any social media with a Hash Tag #BlogsXtra and wait for our month end free giveaway.

6. Do Guest Blogging On Other Blogs

Sure every legit blogger knows what guest blogging or guest post means, if not’ “Guest blogging or guest posting, is simply the act of writing content on other blogs for promotion, advert, product review or just to get a do follow backlink to your website”.

Guest posting is well-known globally that it helps constructing your domain authority and other related but do you know that it also gives your website a referral traffic boosts? sure you don’t.

So lucky we offer free guest blogging on blogsXtra just email Info@blogsXtra.com.ng with a SUBJECT [Xtra Guest Post], BODY [snipped review of your content and niche], lastly your contact detail and we surely will contact you if your content is approved or not after our review.

7. Ask Other Bloggers To Review Your Site

Two weeks after publishing this content, search blogsXtra Review on Google and you might know more on what am about to say.

The term “Ask Other Bloggers To Review Your Site” is plain and simple. It’s just for you to head to your blogger friends, ask them to write and publish a blog post about your website and that is all.

Once visitors on their websites sees reviews about your website, they might decide to give you a simple visit which surely will be just what you need.

Conclusion With Free Website Traffic Today

Well most tips I shared here if not all are free but can increase your website stats from 05-30 daily to a grand of 2,000+ monthly. All you need to do is just to follow-up with the tips as if there is no other.

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Blogging Tips: Free Website Traffic Tutorial

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