Blogspot On Page SEO Tutorial – Rank Your Keyword

How about getting full blogspot on page SEO guide and tutorials tips and tricks to easily rank your blog posts on page 1 of Google within two(2) days or even less after clicking the publish button?

If you have been following this blog for a while you will notice that we have gone a little bit far with blogspot blog management, SEO guides and other tutorials you may like in terms of ranking and other content related topics.

This is;

BlogSpot On Page SEO Tutorial – Rank Your Keyword In Nigeria

In case you are among the fellas that are still thinking or even saying “Blogspot don’t have on-page SEO like WordPress” then my dear permit me to say this, “You are just wasting your time and I think you need my Blogger Full Mentorship Subscription“.

To get started, you may need to get a brief recap on what On Page SEO means and how effective it is to your blog respectively.

So let’s get started right here so as for you to be well-informed before it’s too late.

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What Is On Page SEO?

Above is one question that keep getting bloggers new to the blogosphere confused which result them in using their hand to destroy what they love. But don’t worry you will get to know all that you need with BlosXtra support.

On Page SEO can be simply defined as those optimizations you use on your site posts to get a responsive output while in plain words are those SEO (Search Engine Optimization) actions, techniques or changes you make on your blog post while editing for publishing purpose.

The major aim of On Page Seo Setup/configuration is to make blog post or article appealing to search engine and also user-friendly.

NB: On Page SEO plays a major role in sites indexing and also ranking so for that, it is advisable to optimize all your blog posts.

To be honest, On-page SEO and backlinks are the 2 Most rated Google ranking factors known globally.

On-Page SEO For Blogspot Users

Hey blogspot users, don’t think you are left out from benefiting the power of On-page SEO for we are just about getting started. Just as promised by me, I will show you how to optimize your blog post to Google responsive format in order to rank page 1 of google for your targeted keyword within few days or even hours after publishing your article.

Blogging is easy and sweet but when there is no SEO and traffic, it becomes boring and the most weird thing to ever do.

How Effective Is This On Page SEO?

This is it far better than any free investment you will ever invest on your blog because without the on page seo strategy, you will just end up writing articles that will never be rated nor listed on search engines which means you will have no organic traffic on your site.

Otimizing your blog post to be user-friendly and search engine friendly is the basics and premium way of ranking your website into a real business which will generate you just what you are looking for just as expected in Future time.


Getting Started: On Page SEO Tutorial For Blogspot Users

Without wasting much time let’s get you started for we’ve learnt a lot already regarding SEO at large (touching various seo techniques) from the write-up just above.

But before then I will like to remind you, blogging is not as easy as you may be thinking before jumping into it, it’s not a get rich quick scheme where you come and make money online for free or almost.

Instead, it is where you come and do what you love doing while you pocket get filled even without you knowing.

To be honest, if you are into blogging because of the money and not for passion or any tolerance on interest, you will end up ruining your self and also quitting in the long run.

So now back to our discussion. Here are top list of On page SEO strategy plans for blogspot to rank all your keyword with blogspot seo tutorial.

1. Find A Keyword

The first step before writing any content on your blog is to do a keyword research for low difficulty keyword with high search engine rating.

There are many keyword research tools you can find online but I recommend you use a verified tool that will give you the best results.

I personally recommend;

  1. Google Keyword planner – Google’s own
  2. Ubersugest – by Neil Patel

Why You Need To Find A Keyword Before Writing Any Content

There is a saying that reads “Content Is King” but also bear in mind that “Keyword Is Key“. The ‘Keyword‘ which is key, is the only tool you need in visiting the king. Without Keyword Research, you might rank on Google but it might be for a keyword that nobody is even searching on Google or any other search engine.

How about stressing your self u to write an article of 3,000 words without keyword research and get only few readers.

That really sucks and I bet you don’t want to experience that throughout your blogging life.

2. Add Your Keyword To Your Post Title

Now that you have your low difficulty keyword from the free tools I shared above, the next thing is to get an Apache to complete the keyword to a well written sentence.

To get the most in terms of your keyword, it is recommended that you add your keyword in your post title (preferably at the beginning).

on page seo

Adding your keyword in your post title helps readers and search engines know what your content is all about just by viewing the title tag.

It is advisable and recommended by Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress that you should add your keyword at the beginning of your post title and not the middle.

Proper usage of your keyword is the best you need in ranking your blog post just where you need it to be.


3. Edit Your Post URL To A Short One With Your Keyword At The Beginning

There is one more thing you might not have noticed on blogger. Blogger also have a feature which enables you to edit your post URL to a custom one which helps you in ranking.

All you need to do here from your blogger writing pad is to check down below Label, Schedule and behold, you will find Links Tab, click on it.

on page seo for blogger blogspot

you will notice Custom Permalink section, click on it and the un-check automatic by clicking on custom then you can edit your post URL with the preferred keyword phrase you want (the one you are targeting for).

4. Make Sure Your Heading Is H1

Do you know that search engine looks at your post format in other to rank you? sure you do but if you don’t keep reading on how it all happens.

So sad blogspot don’t have h1, h2… tags but luckily it has a feature that you can use to format your text size to be larger or smaller.

The largest text format there is the H1 (good for SEO) and the smallest (least important for SEO). Just make sure to format your post heading/title with the largest text format so search engine can easily look at what your content is all about.

Remember, it is not just by doing CTRL + B you need to locate the text format and edit it manually.

5. Write Minimum 300-400 Words Minimum

Remember I say “Content is King”?

Now this is where it comes in to action. Search engines always want the best for their audience (people who come in search of solution to their problem on the web), and for that reason, search engines won’t just want to index a site to front page when they notice your content is too short.

They always want contents that are well explanatory to help searchers get more of what they are looking for not just something that will keep them thinking otherwise or even more confused.

But that does not mean that you as a content creator can start typing shitty stuff on your article just to prolong the stats of your words per article.


This is

  • Blogspot On Page Seo Tutorial.
  • Blogspot SEO Tutorial
  • On Page Seo For Blogspot Tutorial.

Anyhow you name it. Just continue reading to be filled with best blogspot seo knowledge via

6. Mention Your Keyword Minimum 4 Times

Help search engine by also helping yourself adding the keyword you are targeting for at least 4 times in your article.

Research shows that the more your keyword is being spread out in your article, the more chances of ranking on that particular keyword you get from search engine. Just try not to do Keyword Stuffing (adding your keyword too many time can do more harm than good so take note).

There is no maximum or minimum amount of times you are aloud to add your keyword in an article because is all depend on the length of words the article contain.


7. Add Images To Your Blog Post

Images plays a very important roll on any web page. It helps to beautify the page, make it meaningful, give readers quick knowledge of what you are talking about and lots more.

Aside that, Images also help in keeping visitors from living on your blog. No one will like to start reading a very long post without any image on it, it will make everything so premature and adding images to your post can save your visitors for you which will also helps your site ranking in some ways.

You will notice I have couple of images on all my blog post (well that’s just an insight).

8. Add Description To Images

Do you know search engines also consider images for indexing? sure you do but if you don’t here is a ref you can relate with.

Search anything on Google e.g “Money” then switch to google images tab you will notice all images that appears there have something to do with money related topics.


So now the question is, Is search engine viewing what’s on the image?

Answer to that question is a capital “NO” and can never be true. If search engines can’t view what is written on an image, then how does it consider image for ranking based on what the image is about?

Very simple, all you need to do in achieving this is just to make sure you add image description known as the alt text to all images on your blog post.

How To Add Alt Text To Image?

blogger platform is very easy here is what do, after inserting your image to a post, double-click on it, a pop up will appear asking img description, just add your keyword and you are done.

9. Correct All Spelling Errors

Bloggers fail a lot in blogging because of simple errors they make on their site thinking it won’t affect them in the long run. Search engines like google crawl sites strictly and when
found too much errors, it might do an unfavorable thing you never will like.

Remember to always proofread your blog post for common typing errors for you won’t just know when it will affect you.

How To Proofread On Blogspot

After writing your well optimized blog post on blogger post pad. Just view the pic below to locate where ABC is. Now  that’s where to click and start your proofreading on blogger.

proofred on blogger

10. Double Check Post To Fix All Sentence Errors

After the completion of writing your well featured blog post, don’t just publish it.

Take your time to review it again (maybe 2 times or more) to find all sentence errors existing. You can as well click the safe to draft button to save your post and review it later again before finally clicking the publish button.

On page SEO Tutorial For Blogspot Users conclusion

After mastering this common seo secrets, it is left for you it to start putting them into actions in order to achieve a better result. People don’t value free things even if it is very important.

You might read this and still take no action but if only am to write this as a Pdf file for sale, you will buy, read and make sample to the little knowledge you get. Make sure to bookmark this page for your memory only.

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