Refer.Ng Review: Scam? Register And Make Money With Refer.Ng

Hello world!! Welcome to this happy day. Let’s make money together in Nigeria today with a new make money online affiliate earning program called with my honest/guide with the Refer.Ng Review.

Am happy this very moment writing this article about because am now becoming a Professional writing for the public in 2019.

Am Emmanuel and this is my blog so I know what brought you here to this very page and I can tell you by giving you legit proof you can relate with.

You are here because you want to make money online in Nigeria through affiliate marketing and you could help it but to search about;

  • Latest Ways To Make Money In Nigeria
  • Refer.Ng Review.
  • How To Make Money With Refer.Ng.
  • What Is Refer.NG And How Does It Work?
  • Is Refer.Ng Legit or Scam?

on Google search engine and so many more I can’t list out here.

Pls pardon me if your term query is not listed above on my list but always remember that it doesn’t matter if you are here on the BLOGGING AND MAKE MONEY ONLINE WEBSITE IN NIGERIA.

What you will find on this page is this one affiliate program in Nigeria that there have never been any like it before and it is called “Refer Affiliate Program” or “Refer Income Program“.

I know by now, you are already eager to know more about this Income Program called refer and I won’t like to live you hanging by without letting you know full details about this latest Income Program.

So get ready as I start with the most anticipated;

Refer.Ng Review And How To Make Money With Refer.Ng Income Program

Refer.Ng is a new and branded income program in Nigeria registered under CAC with reg. no. RC 2737898 December 2018.

This Income Program is more like any other income program and make money online schemes that came up in the year 2018 but with a lot of difference. On refer.Ng every Nigerian citizen have the power and opportunity to be making above 50k monthly with this income program.

Believe me, Refer.Ng is this latest affiliate marketing program for you if really you want to make money online in 2019 cause 2018 has passed away and you haven’t step up your Bank account with multiple Alerts.

Remember: even the Bible says, “Behold old things shall become new” if you are not ready to step up your Game and start making money online this year.

Okay Emmy, enough with the lots of talking.

Tell us more about this refer.Ng program, how real is refer?

Is Refer.Ng Scam OR Legit Income Program?

Believe me, this is one big question and it need a very decent and honest answer and just like my name, I can’t lie to you or even lure you to a hole you never would want to be there.

I try as much as I can to see that I post only income programs that are real, legit and scam free on this blog before publishing.

Believe me when I say, I know how it takes to stay a whole week without getting 1k in your palm so that. I never will like to scam you of your hard earned money in this year or any to come.The answer to the question is “NO”. Refer.Ng is a Legit earning program and not a scam nor Ponzi scheme that would reap you off your hard-earned money. Refer.Ng is an earning program that is real, legit and not a scam.

Example Of Make Money Affiliate Sites Like Refer.Ng

In case you are confused about this refer.Ng and want to get example of sites that are similar to this make money online program then I must say you are lucky because I will show you all here.

1. This program is one of the best refer and earn make money online affiliate program we have in Nigeria since October 2019. It is very simple, [eafl id=”1643″ name=”Uplift” text=”join and make 3k Daily”].

2. NNU Income Program: Am sure you know about income program because it is the first of it kind before others came up. With the presence of NNU income, every Nigeria is responsible for not making money online 2019. See 2019 NNU Income Tips and Tricks here or just [eafl id=”1571″ name=”NNU Miracle” text=”sign up”].

3. Blog9ja: This website is not just a blog. It is a legit blog that gives money to all its members. You can be making 30k monthly on blog9ja. Register and make money with them fast.

4. Wakanda.Ng Affiliate Program: Wakanda.NG is another affiliate program that is a bit similar to that of but not really. have more earning features than but the difference is that is new, fresh and legit.

So guys, this are the top four make money online affiliate programs in Nigeria that is similar to Refer.Ng. I believe you’ve already get a brief intro about this affiliate program by now.

So let me continue with my refer.NG review.

How to make money on

  1. To Make money with this program, follow the steps below to earn money on program.
  2. Register with any affiliate link or visit directly to register.
  3. Pay your N1600 with your debit card or you will be given details of the bank to pay to.
  4. Get your referral code
  5. Share your referral code on forums, social media, blog posts and any other source you know.
  6. Once you reach N3000, you can withdraw straight to your bank account.

So that’s how to make money on Program so permit me to continue with my refer.Ng Reveiw as I show you a short video that will tell you more about in case you need further assistance.

So now let’s get started with how to create an account on Refer as an agent.

How To Register Affiliate Program In Nigeria And Make Money

So now that you’ve get a brief intro about what is. Let me take you straight to how you can register this program in Nigeria and make money fast in 2019.

How To Create Refer.Ng Account

To Create an account on Refer.Ng, just click here and you will be navigated to their registration page where you can continue with your registration procedures by filling all required fields.

Make all field clear and make your payment of 1600 as registration fee via Paystack, Credit card, Verve or MasterCard to activate your account and start referring people with the basic aim of making money on this affiliate program in 2019.

After Registration and activation then what’s next?

The next thing to do after the activation of your account is to start making money and nothing else.

It’s very simple.

Retrieve your referral link from your dashboard, promote it and feel your wallet. review and how to make money with

How To Promote And Get More Referrals On Refer.Ng

here are legit ways to promote your referral account and make more money this year.

Trust me, with the means of promoting your referral link, you can be getting at least 20 persons weekly. It’s no magic nor false saying.

Checkout the first.

1. Facebook: Facebook is the best place for promoting digital products, affiliate links, sales link and much more and for that reason, you can get your referrals from there.

2. WhatsApp: WhatsApp is a place where messaging, video calls and much fun take place but not just that. It can be used as a means of getting direct contact to people who might be interesting on what you have.

3. Blogs/Website: This is the Father to all means of promoting your refer.Ng referral account and other related affiliate program or product. Blogs/Website makes business stand out amongst the rest.

4. Twitter: I know you always taught twitter is just the place to catch fun. This social media is also one of the best place to promote your link to get to a wide range of people.

5. Forums: Am sure you know about forums. Forum is an open website whereby anyone can come in, register an account, create posts and make it visible on Google for free. Examples below.

6. YouTube Videos: I can still remember how a friend of mine use YouTube videos to make over 150 referrals of NNU platform in just 2 weeks. You to can do same and make money 2019.

That’s Just the listing so as not to bore you.

Remember our main focus to this article is “Refer.Ng Review”

So that means I need to give a full overview on how refer.Ng Affiliate works with guides and tutorials just for you.

Now let me start with explanation of all my 6 listing from above showing you how to work with each of the listing in 2 paragraph.

1. Facebook

Facebook is not just a social media instead, it is a place where you can have fun with love once and make new friends. You can still use affiliate marketing to make your Facebook account as your earning resource center this year.

Facebook Page And Public Groups still remain the best free earning strategies to promote your secret link and any other. Try it out and give me a thumb up.

2. WhastsApp

Am sure you know WhatsApp already so let me tell you how to promote via WhatsApp.

Head over to Playstore and download WhatsApp Business App, install it, get phone numbers of people who might be interested on make money online topics from Facebook and add them up.

Show them all about the program using whatsapp business groups and watch as they will begin to sign-up using your link.

3. Blogs/Website

To me, blogs/website is the best place I will visit when I have something new to promote just like this one. I can create you a responsive website here.

4. Twitter

I don’t have much to say about twitter. It is a place to catch trendy updates, be it sport, entertainment, news, latest talks and more. You can also use this social media as a means of promoting your Refer affiliate link with the aim of getting more referrals and am sure it will work out just fine.

5. Forums

From my above listings, I promise to give you examples links of Forum you can use to promote any affiliate link and make it visible on Google like a pro blogger.

So here they are, Nairaland Forum, ngStudentForum, BlogsXtra Forum. Just register an account and create a trend post that’s all.

6. YouTube Videos

YouTube Videos makes Link promotion very standard because surely you will get a lot of views which means lots of money as well.

Above I mentioned of a friend that use this method on NNU and made over 150 sign up in a month via YouTube alone and am very serious about it.

How To Create And Upload YouTube Videos

You don’t necessary need a laptop before you can make upload a new video on YouTube cause your Smart android phone will do just for you.

All you need to do is to download Du Screen Recorder and also download YouTube Android App on for android. Create your videos with Du Screen Recorder, Upload with YouTube App and make money fast.

Refer.Ng Review: My Final Conclusion About This Latest Earning Program

This is the last word from me. Register to this earning platform now and start making money before it becomes popular. Be among the first people that makes the earning program popular.


The program is real and not scam and you can be making at least 50k monthly if you are a serious type and if you are not. Believe me when I say you might not even have a chance to earn upto 2k in a whole month.

No free money online.

If you must make money online, then you must work hard for it.

Happy earning as you join this latest MMO site today

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Make Money Online: Refer.Ng Review And How To Make Money With Refer.Ng

11 Comments on “Refer.Ng Review: Scam? Register And Make Money With Refer.Ng”

  1. I have read a lot of reviews online claiming that this income program might be scam, well I have being paid multiple times and you can read my proofs of how legit or scam you think they might be.

    Don’t jump into conclusion yet.

    Why not read their review first?

    1. If i should get your right, I’ll say the program is not a scam or ponzi scheme. It’s simple a referral based income program that pays for referring new people.

      they also have other means of earning that would be reviewed on this article in future time

  2. That’s how nnu started, till they became a scam. I fear all these refer and get paid sites.

    I registered on, but I’m content reading news and commenting to earn. Won’t be buying the 1,500 to become an affiliate anytime soon.

    1. Hello Emy,

      Because affiliate marketing doesn’t work for you does not mean it’s scam. Many are banking 5 figures with affiliate marketing in Nigeria already so I advice you to learn before thinking otherwise.


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