How Bloggers Make Money From Blogging in Nigeria (2020)

Lets talk a bit about blogging today with full basics you need to know. You might probably be asking or even wondering How Bloggers Make Money from blogging In Nigeria with their blogs irrespective of their blogging niche.

or any other factor to consider most especially in Nigeria where we have more than 100 thousand blogs and keep growing with new once on daily basis.

Blogging have came a very long way since from start to this point.

It have inspired many youths in Nigeria and all over the world because it have a lot of impacts, one can achieve when into the right practice of blogging.

Becoming a blogger is not as easy as it sounds when you’re just out there thinking it is a quick make money online scheme where you come and make money online very fast without much effort.

Let me give you an insight of who a blogger really is;

Now who is a blogger?

A blogger is a person who goes online and searching for vital information from different sources and then compact all the gathered clues and ideas he gained from other sources and then write a meaningful informative answer to a solution or any other related tip that a commoner would benefit from.

If a blogger’s main objective is just to give helpful information and tips to people searching on Google and other search engines then probably you must be wondering how they do make money online from blogging using their blogs.

Most research on Facebook social media shows that tons of people still believe bloggers make money in blogging when visitors visit their website and stays.

With or without much actions while their data spent’ is been turned into fund which automatically get transferred directly into the blog owner’s bank account.

The craziest and funny category of people I have met are the once that says “Music bloggers make money from blogging when someone download any music on their Website”. ha ha

It’s so funny yet true that most outsiders thinks that way.

Well, if you are among the category of people who believe same as mentioned above then I will have to say, “you’ve got it all wrong on how bloggers make money on their websites”.

Permit me to show you,

How Bloggers Make Money Online With Their Website

There is not more that 1000 way to make money with your website but there is more than 10,000 ways to make money online {Scam+Legit}. The real fact is that blogging is the root to all online money making opportunity you can ever see online.

As a blogger, you become a boss and also the one who decide the amount of money you want to be making monthly most especially if you are into make money online or entertainment niche.

Do Bloggers Really Make Money? If ‘YES’ How?

This is it;

Bloggers make Billions, millions, Thousands, hundreds or even $0.00 depending on their online marketing strategies or plans. But how is that possible? Bloggers make money when people visit’s their website and perform certain actions like clicking of Ads, Clicking affiliate like and much more that have to do with “Clicking”.

Ha ha

Best Ways Bloggers Make Money From Blogging In Nigeria

1. Ads: How Bloggers Make Money With Ads

You as a newbie might be wondering what I mean by “Ads” but never mind, cause everything will surely be outlined in details.

Ad or Ads in other word is simply a short form of mentioning “Adverts”. Am sure you already know what advert is so lets continue.

There are different type of Ads Network bloggers use to make money from their websites while having fun doing what they love doing. Example of those ads are Google Ads, Chikita Ads, Propella Ad, Infolink Ads and lots more globally.

In Nigeria, we locally have [eafl id=”1633″ name=”NGadverts” text=”NgAdvert”] as the common one for it is easy to get approval on unlike other sponsored company that have lots of policies to look at before accepting your website to start viewing ads.

How Ads Works

Ad is usually sponsored by an advertising company [Company that real marketers, organizations, advertisers goes when they want to advertise online]. When advertisers pay to an advertising company/network to promote their service online, the advertising company now publish ads on their affiliate members websites which are the bloggers and when people like you reading this click on any of the ad, a token will automatically be generated which will later turn into fund in the blogger’s account.

Ad Network: The Primary Way To Monetize A Website

Ads is the most common way bloggers use in monetizing their website. It’s good to be true that over 80% of blogs you visit today have ads running on it.

Mostly new blogger that are new into blogging depend on ad network for them to start making money with their website but for pro bloggers that are into the game for so long, the depend on other factors that fetch money in blogging even faster than ads network.

2. Affiliate Marketing: How Bloggers Make Huge Money With Affiliate Marketing

Anyone that has been switching pages on the internet might probably have come across affiliate marketing sites or websites that pays you for performing some actions on any of their web pages.

But always keep in mind that not all those sites are Legit see [top list of 5 online jobs you don’t want to ever invest in 2019].


Affiliate Marketing on the other hand of ads is another way top level bloggers use to make money online with their website. Affiliate Marketing have reigned for years and will continue to reign as one of the fastest way to make money online very fast even if you are not a blogger or a total newbie that want to start making money online [see list of affiliate companies you can sign up and start making money fast in Nigeria].

The fastest way that all bloggers use to fetch money is their site is through affiliate market. Though it might not be easy to some bloggers that are yet to understand how to rank their blog post on first page of google.

As an affiliate member to any online earning platform, a blogger have the best opportunity to make the highest amount of sales to any product or service using his custom referral URL.

3. Service Sales: How Bloggers Make Money Promoting Their Services Online To Earn From Their Blogs

Promoting your service as a blogger on your website is very effective most especially when they are sure of what they are doing and also have confident in it.

Pro Bloggers most especially once in blogging niche use their website to promote their blogging related services and package which at the end of the month when calculated, they make over 5 figures just by rendering services to people they don’t even know.


Conclusion: How Bloggers Make Money From Blogging In Nigeria

Above are top 3 ways bloggers use to monetize their website and turn it into money making machine. There is more than 3 maybe hundreds but I pick out the common once that are very easy yet effective for blog Monetization.

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  1. Great post.

    I agree that blogging is the mother of all internet making schemes of all time.

    The methods you listed are great ways, if not the best and most popular ways if making money online as a blogger.

    I recently published a similar article and included one or two more minor ways to earn money as a blogger.

    The article is found here.

    Great blog, and wishing you more success with your blog.

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