How To Start Link Building In Nigeria (SEO Link Building Guide)

Am sure you have been wondering about the web cause you want to start doing link building in Nigeria but don’t know how. I will show you how to start link building In Nigeria.

In case you don’t know me, am Emmanuel Husseni; I write, I promote, I develop, I Code, I design and lots more. Am also an SEO specialist in case you need any advice regarding seo on any of your existing blog/website.

No doubt you are here on this page because you are to know more about Link building and how to start link building in Nigeria that you couldn’t help it but to head over to Google to search for one of this query.

  • What Is Link Building
  • How To Do Link Building
  • Link Building Strategies That Works
  • Link Building VS Backlink
  • How To Start Building Quality Links
  • Link Building Techniques For Backlink and lots more.

So lucky you are on Blogs Xtra Web where we share all you need in succeeding as an online entrepreneur, blogger or an affiliate agent.

I won’t want to talk too much here instead of hitting the hammer directly on the nail. Let’s get started with the term “Link Building” featuring its definition and how it works.

What Is Link Building

Link Building can be defined or said to be a means of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own. A Hyperlink is a way for users to navigate between web pages on the internet.

Search Engines use links to crawl between the entire web; they will craw the links between the individual pages on your website, and they will crawl the links between entire websites.

There are many techniques for building links, and they vary in term of difficulty, SEO experts tends to agree that doing link building is one of the hardest part of their jobs.

Lots of Seo expert spend most of their daily time trying to do link building very well. For that reason, if you can master the art of building tons and quality links, it can highly put you up ahead of other Seo experts around you.

Learn link building
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How Link Building Works

I already mention how link building works together with the definition but let’s look more on how link building works for your better understanding.

Firstly, in order to know how link building works, you may need to understand the basis of how a link/anchored link has been created and how it looks when done

A link looks like this:

An anchored link looks like this: <a href=””>Visible Text</a>

We are going to look more at the anchored link on this article cause am sure you already know a lot about the basic link format.

Link Building In Nigeria – How To Start Building Quality Seo Links

Sure this is an article about link building in Nigeria so let’s get started.

Doing link building in Nigeria is not different from doing it in other locations all around the world. The only different are the strategies of doing it that works since location and characters varies as life goes on.

I always want the best for my blog readers because am sure you or someone needs one of my article before he/she can excel just as I look up to my mentors.

How To Start Link Building In Nigeria

Sometimes, getting links from other sites is not as easy as it seems so that is why you need to double your work in order to get what you want or you just pay to get it done for you the easy way.

I have gathered 100+ High Quality Do-follow com, .edu and .Gov sites that you can use to get high quality backlink In 2019 just for you (visit the link to check it out).

I also have an eBook that will teach you how to get those do Follow Backlink on the web that are still active showing you step-by-step guide on how to easily find them using a free tool on the web (Name Withheld) without spending anything (this product will be released shortly).

The basic and common way of getting do follow backlink you will find on other most web pages is to search; + Comment + do follow e.t.c

Am not saying they don’t work, but most of the links you will get from those searches are outdated. Here is how to get Quality Do Follow Backlinks Secrets.

Link Building For Backlink: How To Start

Greatest investment for your blog is Link building For Backlink and no one can ever do anything about it. It has always been and will continue to be.

Just don’t dare to spam other blogs.

To start Link Building For Backlink, you need to already have a list of do follow sites to start building your site reputation on since it’s not advisable to start building links on just any type of sites on the web.

Always bear one thing in mind.

Quality Is Better Than Quantity In Backlink Building

You can’t just consider any type of website for link building.

Firstly, you need to use a free tool called moz and if you don’t want to stress your self signing up to any platform then you can use my favorite tool CheckMoz.Com to find a website’s Domain authority and Page Authority.


How To Use CheckMoz

  • Visit
  • Click Seo Analyzer
  • Input Your URL In The Available Field
  • Click Review

checkmoz - link building in Nigeria

When done, view the domain and page authority and if you find it above 20+.

domain authority
My dear, it means we are good to go but make sure the site uses Comment Luv plugin or Make sure the site allows do follow external links, (too bad I won’t be talking about how to identify is a website allows do follow to external links).

If you find that the two mentioned above are active, sharply register and start building your links fast.

Nothing much more.

That is how to start building links for your website.

Why You Need To Start Building Links For Your Website/Blog Today

There are lots, I mean lots of reason why you need to start building links from other sites to your website this year if you have not been doing it before.

Well here are five reasons why you need to start doing link building for your blog/website in Nigeria 2019.

  • Traffic
  • Backlink
  • Brand Awareness
  • Socialization
  • Monetization

Actually, they are more than five (maybe 10).

Building Links To Your website gives you the ultimate chance of getting the above 5 listed completed on your blog and am sure those are among the ultimate aim of every blogger in the world.

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Conclusion: Starting Link Building In Nigeria For Backlink 2019

Remember, the earlier you start Link Building for your blog, the better for you and your website in the down-line of breakthrough. I personally use this method to boost my blog’s DA and PA overnight and you can do better if you like.

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Link Building Seo: Start Link Building In Nigeria For Backlink (101 Guide To Build Quality Links)

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