Free Blogspot Seo Tools For Google Blogger User

Google Blogger has a lot of tools and am sure you never know some of them. These are the free blogspot Seo Tools you need in blogging this year.

I’ve been on Google blogspot for a year and a half as of time writing this article about Google Blogspot Seo Tools every blogger should know about. Thou, this blog is not of but believe me, I only share things I make use of.

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Am sure you are here because you are a Google blogspot blogger or just someone who needs some Seo tools (most especially the once with less or no cost so as to outrank your competitors with the aim of ranking your keyword).

I must say you are on the very page you need to be since the first day of your research.

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Well, that’s just some keyword. Am a bored blogger but won’t want to get you bored with Long essay writing so I’ll just hit the hammer on the nail.

Free Blogspot Seo Tools For Google Blogger.Com User

Aside having a nice looking and astonishing website, there are other things you need to keep the website going forward, turning it into a real online business that convert.

I see many don’t believe blogging is not just a part term work. It’s also a career and you can make it work for yourself just as it is working for other people making it big on the internet today.

Am sure many don’t really understand what I meant by Seo tools, thinking it’s some kind of hard tool to dig out the root of websites success. ha ha!

What Are Seo Tools

Seo Tools are those online soft wares, plugins and system that improve the better setup and function of a website’s search engines optimization. In other words, Seo tools are easy machines that makes seo easy or even better.

With Seo Tools, one can have a better chance of getting Search Engine Optimization done on his/her site very fast.

Types Of Seo Tools

Just as always, we have different types of tools and same goes to Seo. In Blogging and Seo, we have the;

  1. Free Blogger Seo Tools (Blogspot And WordPress)
  2. Paid Blogger Seo Tools (Blogspot And WordPress)(Hire Me)
What Others Are Reading On Our Blog

So let’s get started with what brought us to this very page about blogger seo tools.

10+ Blogger Seo Tools For Blogspot 2019

copyscape: Blogger seo tool

1. Duplicate Content Checker:

With this tool, you can easy check existence of content on other pages before writing about them. This tool is free to use and encourages you to have a better ranking for your keyword in search engines cause with tool, you will be able to check the availability of that content on the web.
To start using this free seo tool as a blogger, visit

reverso: Blogger Seo Tool For Blogger.Com Users

2. Spelling And Grammar Checker

Am sure by the name, you must have already know what it means. This is a tool that detect spellings and grammatical errors in your content. The software is 100% free to use and unlimited, you don’t even need to sign-up for an account.

To start using this free seo tool as a blogger, visit

SEO Centro: Blogger seo Tool

3. Seo Analyzer

This tool works just as its name. It is an online tool for both WordPress and Google Blogger users. With the seo Analyzer Tool, you can easily detect bugs on your site and what to do in order to stop them.

To start using this blogger tool, Visit;


Blogger Site Map:

4. SiteMap Generator

Sure you know what Site-Map is. It is a Map that shows the search engine how to easily crawl pages in your website. Without having a site map for your blog, you are most likely to be loosing a hell of traffic daily.

Now this software “XML Site Map Generator” will create a site map for your blogspot blog in 5 minutes.

To start using this free seo tool as a blogger, visit

5. Page And Site Speed Checker

As a blogger that want’s the best user and search engine experience for his site, one of his major objective will be to know his current website page load time and how to fix it.

Research shows that having a very fast caching system on a website increase the website page views and reduce website’s bounce rate.

To check your website’s page speed, visit;

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6. BackLink Checker

Backlink and link building is one of the best way of getting your website authority pulling up. Sure you will like to know your current website backlink so you’ll know how far you’ve gone with Link Building on your blog.

To check your website backlink, Visit;


7. AddThis Tool For Blogger

This is must say is one of my favorite tool on blogger. I currently use it on one of my blogspot blog and will continue to use it. With this tool, I was able to push lots of visitors on my blog to a specific sponsored affiliate link which I was able to pull $20 (6800 Naira) in a week with just one review article.

This tool is 100% free to use and unlimited.

To start using this tool, visit;

8. Alexa Ranking Checker Tool

Alexa is a free tool that shows the rank of a website locally and globally. This tool is one of it kind because there is none like it for now. Alexa shows correct analytic of a website ranking among others.

Google takes number 1 position, Facebook.Com second position follow by other sites. Currently, BlogsXtra Web ranks 1.4M Globally and 13k in Nigeria.

You can also check yours to see your current website position among others.

To check your website Alexa ranking, Visit;


domain authority

9. Domain Authority Checker Tool

Domain Authority shows the current website statistic/strength a domain have in terms of out-ranking other domains targeting same keyword with it.

Domain Authority is the strength or sovereign power a domain name have. Domain and Page Authority is measured from 1-100 with 100 as the highest.

Having a good DA and PA increase the chance of getting high quality traffic from search engines.

To Check your website Domain Authority and PA, visit;

Ubersuggest Keyword Research Tool

10. Ubersuggest 2.0

Ubersuggest is a free tool for blogger and WordPress users. With Ubersuggest you can easily find easy to rank keyword that you can write about to benefit from search engine traffic.

I wrote a review about this tool a month ago and I vote Uberuggest by Neil “The number free keyword research tool”.

To get easy to rank keyword to write about on your blog, visit;


OverRall Site Checker Tool

Just as the name reads “Overall”, this tool is the complete webmaster tool you need in getting the very best out of your blogspot blog. It’s not only a blogspot seo tool, it also works on any CMS so don’t let our main keyword confuse you.

To start using this free tool on your blog today, Visit;


seo blogspot

Conclusion: Blogspot Seo Tools – Blogger Seo Tools

Am sure you learnt some thing today about seo tools today. All tool for seo listed are 100% free to use so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

Just visit either of the link, Input your blog’s Url and hit the Go Button to get the best Seo analysis of your blog.

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Blogspot Seo: Google Blogger Seo Tools, Tips And Tricks To Rank 1st Page Of Google

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