WordPress Seo Optimization: Best Seo Guide For WordPress 2020

Seo (Search engine optimization) is a long-term that can’t be defined in one sentence. We’ll get to know more about WordPress Seo optimization Guide here on this seo checklist article.

Surely you are here because you want to know how to make your WordPress website user and search engine friendly and we know that. The only issue is how to achieve those results in short time. We wrote a review guide-lines for blogspot On Page Seo Tutorial few weeks ago so surely you should expect better here.


WordPress Seo Optimization Tutorials And Guidelines To Rank Page #1 Of Google 2019

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You surely would learn a lot of Search engine optimization guidelines here.

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What You Will Find In This WordPress Seo Article

  • What Is Seo
  • WordPress Seo VS Blogspot Seo
  • How To Do Seo On WordPress
  • Best Seo Plugins For WordPress
  • Best Seo Checklist To Rank Page One Of Google

Just as mentioned above, “You should only expect more on this article about doing seo on WordPress“.

What Is SEO?

Above is a question which has no definite explanation. Many will call it search engine optimization, others the right practice to ranking high on the SERP. Here on blogsxtra, we define SEO (Search engine optimization) as the beginning of blogging with knowledge.

Lots of people quit blogging because they are unable to get the exact amount of views they want. With SEO you can get almost anything you want in blogging. Be it traffic, leads and more.

You can learn all about Search Engine Optimization here

Seo are those settings, actions and decision you take on your site with the aim of getting to the first page of Google in no time. With full seo knowledge, one can achieve almost anything online through blogging.

WordPress Seo VS Blogspot Seo

blogger vs wordpress seo
Photo Cedit: WPExplorer.com

If you are to ask me, I’ll say “Both are great” having tested each and every one of them. I have a blogspot blog running under the blogspot.com domain name and ranking for a keyword BlogsXtra Web can’t rank for.

That one keyword is bringing tons of search traffic globally from the  blogspot blog. So for that reason, I try to write another article targeting same keyword on BlogsXtra but am shocked till now that I still can’t out-rank the blogspot blog. Thou BlogsXtra is one Page #1 of Google for the keyword but the blogspot blog is at the top with only ShoutMeLoud stopping the blog from getting to first position.

I would have loved to show the snipped preview or the blogspot Domain Name but so sorry I can’t.

So now which do you think is better? WordPress Seo or Blogspot Seo?

Forget what I said above about Blogspot.

WordPress is the killer scrip/CMS for better ranking and seo on the SERP than any other Platform. With WordPress, seo becomes easy and ranking becomes compulsory most especially you master the art of Link Building.

WordPress Seo Optimization: How Effective is it?

WordPress Seo Optimization

With WordPress seo optimization knowledge, you can rank page 1 of Google very fast for almost any keyword you are targeting. Don’t worry, you will learn how to rank for your keywords before the end of this seo guide-lines for WordPress users.

To my best of knowledge, I ranked more than 60% for all keywords am targeting. The fun fact is that if I didn’t rank for them on first page, I surely will on second page of Google.

I was able to generate leads from affiliate marketing sites I go into via WordPress Seo optimization which surely is one of the reason am smiling right now.

With WordPress Seo Tips I have acquired from different sources, I was able to get lots of search traffic on this very site at an early stage when I have only but Zero Backlink on my site. I could have even made more if I was a bit serious than this.

How To Do Seo On WordPress The Right Way

Since Seo (search engine optimization) is not an easy task or even a one day job. It means doing it on your WordPress site will take weeks before you start seeing results.

What You will learn here will give you a quick recap on how to do seo on your WordPress site the right way so as to avoid bugs that might hit your site.

So let’s get started with the WordPress Seo Tutorial and Master Class to rank all your blog post on Google #1 or 2# pages fast.

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Beginners Guide For WordPress Search Engine Optimization Checklist

The beginning of all Google Seo need to start with the Google Search Console Seo Settings and Optimization. You can’t expect to start seeing results on Google when the Google Search Console don’t even know about your existence.

1. Google Search Console For Beginners

Google Search Console is a webmaster tool created and owned by Google INC. It’s a software you need to start making use of if truly you want to start benefiting from search engine traffic from Google.com.

You only need to do not more than 3 things for your site on Google webmaster tools/Search console which are;

  • Submit and verify your site.
  • Submit Your Site-Map To Google
  • Edit/Create your robots.txt file

Visit this link to Google Search Console Web page.

2. Optimize All Web Pages Loads Time

This category would be spliced into three different category so as to get a better understanding knowledge.

a. Get A Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design/theme is all you need to keep your site load time below average. You might skip this if you like. What if I tell you the current thing stopping you from Google First page is that theme you are using on your website?

Checkout my site’s load time on Google Page Insight and GTmetrix and then come back and compare your with mine in the comment box if you like. I have not use Cloud-fare but the responsive design am using is working just great in optimizing my web pages to search engine-friendly.

You too can achieve same results with your WordPress website real fast by getting a nice theme from my collection (I can get you almost any premium theme you want for as low as N500 offer valid for a short time contact me).

WordPress Seo Optimization For Pro & Newbie Bloggers

b. Remove all Inactive Plugins And Delete All Useless Pages

Sure this is a very simple task. Lots of plugins you keep are the cause of your website sluggish behavior.

c. Install The Right Plugins For Your Site

There are some bloggers that are really confused on what plugin they really need their site. So they end up installing over 20 different plugins on their WordPress site which I don’t think it’s a good idea.

An average site is not supposed to be using more than 15 WordPress plugins. We will get to know the right plugins you are supposed to be using somewhere in this article below.

Best Seo/Cache Plugins For WordPress Users You Need To Have

For a better blogging and Seo experience on your site, there are some vital plugins you need to have installed in your dashboard. These plugins are well-known as the Seo and caching plugin for WordPress.

With these Seo plugins for WordPress plus on-page optimization of blog post, getting to that first or second page is guaranteed.

I use them on blogsXtra so I surely can tell you more.

So these are the caching and seo plugins am talking about.

WordPress Seo Optimization Will Show You How To Dominate First And Second Page Of Google

1. Yoast Seo Plugin

Yoast seo plugin for WordPress is that undefinable WordPress plugin and all you need in getting to that page 1 of Google and other search engine.

Yoast Plugin for WordPress blogs makes On – Page seo even more fun cause everything will just be view-able and editable in such a way that you will be the one to decide whether or not, to stop writing your content.

Yea! Yoast Seo premium plugin version 8 is in my store free of charge, just add to cart, create an account to get the download link.

2. WP Rocket

WP Rocket is that one plugin I rely on in term of speeding my WordPress site. I only recommend what I make use of. With WP Rocket plugin for WordPress you can speed up your WordPress site overnight with only one single click.

I will be sharing the premium plugin very soon in my store so stay connected with us on Facebook to know when we drop it.

3. Rich Snippet

WordPress Seo Opimixzation settings

This is the very plugin I use to draw leads from search engines. Rich Snippet give your blog post a very astonishing look on the search engine by adding a star rating to all your blog post on the web.

You need to start using this plugin if you’re not.

Best Seo Checklist To Rank Page One Of Google Guaranteed

  1. Install the right plugin
  2. Make use of keyword research tools
  3. Optimize your content
  4. Aim for long tail keyword
  5. Write In-dept articles
  6. Add Publish Date Plugin
  7. Create a robots.txt file
  8. Submit your site-map to webmaster tools
  9. Correct all error messages in Google search console
  10. Speed up images
  11. Use more than one CND
  12. Use Seo friendly themes /web designs

Am sure the above 12 checklist for WordPress Seo would help you get to the page 1 of Google at ease. I only share what I personally make use of and recommend.

Conclusion: WordPress Seo Optimization Tutorial For Ranking Page #1 Of Google

If I can do it. You can do better cause am a lazy blogger. This blog is just 2 and a half month old and it’s already doing well on the SERP. I started with zero knowledge of blogging and with my proper research, I found my way to Seo without spending much time.

If you don’t know me,

Am Emmanuel Husseni Founder of WavyNaij Media where I promote Nigerian talent. I don’t look like an Seo blogger at the mere looks but my finger speaks for me. I can teach you how to dominate Google first and second page very fast if you subscribe to my Seo Masterclass (contact me).

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Blogging Tip: WordPress Blog Optimization Tutorial/Guide To Rank Page #1 Of Google Fast

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