QServers Hosting Review: Cheap WordPress Hosting In Nigeria

I know this might be your very first time hearing the word “Qservers“. Qservers is the leading WordPress website hosting and domain name registrar in Nigeria for long time and date. Here is my quick Qservers Hosting Review (enjoy).

Out of all web hosting companies in Nigeria, I chose Qserver.Net as my most preferred choice and I’ll tell you why in just a moment.

In case you don’t know, am Emmanuel Husseni your super admin, I have been strolling the Nigerian web for months now and believe me, I’ve learnt a lot of things that you can’t imagine ever exist or even free on the web.

So let me get you started with my quick review for Qservers web hosting company in Nigeria so as not to get you bored.

Qservers Web Hosting Review 2019: Everything you need to know about Qservers

Qservers.Net is web hosting and domain registrars in Nigeria and also worldwide. They have been working tirelessly towards fulfilling their customers needs in adding more values to their services in advantage to their customers sites.

Currently, Qservers.Net is serving over 17,000 customers only from Nigeria and believe me, it might even be better than this figure above.

Not just that, this hosting company have been on existence since December 2004 and am writing this Qserver review February 2019 which means they have been working for the past 15 years in Nigeria.

There existence alone can tell you what to expect when you purchase your [eafl id=”1831″ name=”Qservers” text=”WordPress hosting”] or [eafl id=”1831″ name=”Qservers” text=”domain name for Blogspot”] with them.

Qservers Awards

In recent times, you would see that Qservers have lots of awards from top hosting review websites in the globe. Hey! this better hosting company was awarded by HostAdvice as best website with the great Up-time.

Sure you know what that means. So let me continue with my Qservers Review. Take a cup of water as we proceed.

Is Qservers Good?

This is more like a FAQ question but I’ll answer it here cause am sure you want to know more about this company already. Giving you the answer in just one line would be boring so let’s get it this way.

in case you don’t know.

Know this know.

This website “BlogsXtra” is hosted on Qservers Network Limited site. Not just that, the domain name is also from them. That’s to tell you how I rate them in terms of their service.

So YES, Qservers.Net is indeed a Good web host for your website.

[eafl id=”1831″ name=”Qservers” text=”Purchase Cheap Hosting”]

Why I Chose And Recommend Qservers As #1 In For WordPress Blog Hosting In Nigeria

Some rate hosting company based on downtime.

some rate based on cheap price.

some rate according to customer care/supports

others rates because some pro bloggers rates them as No. 1

Me, I rate them based on user experience and supports.

This web host @Qservers comes along with all of the features you may need listed above and others that would be listed above. They are really the good for wordpress hosting, lynux hosting, shared hosting and others you can think of.

Why You Need To Host Your Site On Qservers

Cheap And Affordable Plans: This hosting company offers the best hosting in Nigeria if you are to consider by price that really matter.

Cheap Domain Names: They don’t only offer cheap WordPress hosting, you can get domain name for as low as #1,000 on Qservers Network Limited.

Free .COM.NG: When you purchase hosting plan with them, you get a free .com.ng domain extension in appreciation for you being part of their team.

Affiliate Program: They don’t only host and sell domain names. You can also make money with them as an affiliate agent (more info coming soon March 2019).

Exclusive Supports: Their support team are the number 1. Better than Godady, Namecheap and any foreign registrars you can think of.

Free HTTPS: You don’t necessary need to spend that 6k for https. You can get a free https redirect from Qservers today.

Free FTP Accounts: When you purchase WP hosting on Qservers, you get access of free FTP account directly from your dashboard.

CPanel: Unlike other recruiting web host in Nigeria and some other parts of the world, this company gives you a direct access to CPanel once your account is activated.

Pros And Cons For Using Qservers Web Host

Surely there is always a good and bad site for almost everything. So let’s get to know the common advantage + Disadvantages of using this web hosting company on your site in Nigeria.


  • Strong Up-time Rate -99.99%
  • Speed Server Rate – 80.8%
  • Control Panel Rate – 100%
  • Seo Tools Rate – 80.3%
  • Cheap And Affordable Hosting Rate – 89.9%


  • No re-seller Rights
  • No Refund Of Money After Payment
  • No Date Backup

Qservers review

Conclusion: QServers Review For Website Hosting And Domain Registrar In NG

This is Qservers Review and am sure you learnt a lot about this hosting company. I currently use them to host my two websites and also in hosting all my clients blogs.

I really think they would be rated as one among the best 3 web-host in Nigeria is a content like that would be available on this blog. Fill free to drop a comment.

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    1. Hello Johnson,

      I understand what you meant by that, but when it comes to rating Nigerian web hosting companies, Qservers is the best and can’t be compared to any as of now.

      They have best customer support and most all quick servers to ensure better user experience to all clients.

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