Profitable Untapped Blogging Niches In Nigeria To Consider (Lucrative Blog Ideas)

So before jumping into being a blog owner which makes you a blogger, there is this thing they call blog niche and I’ll show you the top 7 Untapped Blogging Niches in Nigeria to venture into and make money fast.

Probably, you are an aspirant of wanting to become a blogger that’s why you are reading this article about the untapped blog Niche ideas to venture into and make a good income from doing what you love.

It’s just a matter of time before all listings for the untouched blogging niches in Nigeria to start and so just keep reading.

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Am Emmanuel, and I promised to show you the top 7 lists of Non saturated and profitable blog niches in Nigeria to help you suggest hottest blog niche that falls into your line, category or passion.

Having guide a lot of people on how to create a website, built lots of quality backlinks, and make money online, I never seize from showing you how you can make the best out of your blogging career.

So you might be wondering what I mean by “blog/blogging niche

What Is Blog Niche In Blogging

Lot of people, most especially the newbies don’t really know what “Niche” really means in blogging. Well this is it;

Niche or blog niche is all about the category, line or topic your blog’s content is all about. For example if you write about latest news update, your niche would be “News” and if your content is all about tech, we’ll say you’re in the “Tech” niche.

Who Is A Niche Blogger?

niche blogger

A niche blogger is simply a blogger who writes mainly on a particular topic without looking at other topics. For instance, when the niche is all about “Making Money Online“.

The Blogger would only focus on ways to make money online on that very blog and by doing so, makes him/her a Niche blogger.

Why Niche Blogging Profitable And The Best

With Niche Blogging, all your content would be standard and you’ll get lots of traffic coming from search engines because Google and other we crawlers would center their mind on indexing your content on the front page.

Centering on a articular blog niche or topic gets you more returning visitors as they might come back if they need more information about that same topic.

How To Choose The Right Blogging Niche In Nigeria To Start And Make Money

untapped blogging niches

Let me guide you through on how to choose the right blog niche to venture into so you can make some funds out of it in Nigeria.

      1. Make sure it falls under the Untapped Blogging Niches In Nigeria Category.
      2. The Blogging Niche has high search volume.
      3. The Blogging Niche is Lucrative.
      4. Let the Blog niche be what you know more about and love.

Above are the checklist that are needed to be marked with green pen before going into niche blogging in Nigeria. You can’t go into any niche blogging when you know it’s not lucrative (sourcing funds).

I know some people who are into niche blogging and making it big while others quitting up on the long run. It’s all a about the right starting foundation. Luckily you are on this page where you would get to know the riche and untapped blogging niches and Ideas to help you setup a well focused and non competitive stand-alone blog in no time without lots of research.

Now that we know what Niche means in blogging and other related terms, it’s time to learn the hottest niches that converts better in Nigeria which I call the “Untapped Blog Niches In Nigeria” or in simple words “Less competitive but lucrative blogging niches“.

Top Lists Of Untapped Blogging Niches And Topic Ideas In Nigeria

Now to the most awaited section of this article. Here are the top lists of Interesting blogging niches that are untapped in Nigeria.

1. Review Niche

This blog Niche is one of the best I can think of for now that is lucrative. With the review niche, you have more chances of funding your wallet at ease without much hassles.
Not just that,

It is among the Nigerian blog Niches that are highly untapped and hitting the number 1 spot on my list.

Where/How To Make Money>>>  Review Companies, Marketers, upcoming bloggers that needs review, New products, Affiliate marketing and AdSense e.t.c.

2. Profile Niche

This one is really lucrative and untapped in Nigeria as of now cause there is only 1 existing at the moment and already making it big on the Nigerian web today.

Not just that!

It’s among the low competition niches in Nigeria that is highly profitable in terms of fund that even a starter would make it handsomely doing just but simple profile creation task for interesting persons.

Where/How To Make Money>>> Upcoming Artist, Models, Speakers, Ceo’s/Bosses, young Movie stars, bloggers e.t.c

3. Food Niche

Sure everyone loves Food so surely people would be searching real food/recipes related keywords on search engines. becoming a Food niche blogger isn’t as bad as it sounds nor mean you like food a lot.

Everyone loves that meal and can’t live without it. Being a food blogger can explore you and your site very fast in Nigeria if you know what you are doing (remember what I said on how to choose a blogging niche)?

Where/How To Make Money>>> Companies, House wives, AdSense (cause it has high CPC) e.t.c.

4. Sugar Mummy Hookup Niche

Forget about other sayings. To be honest with you. Sugar Mummy hookup niche is one of the best untapped blogging niche in Nigeria to venture into as it ranks as one of the highest keyword.

With over 100k monthly search traffic, imagine how big you can make it with affiliate, banners, sponsored series and lots of others, not to even talk of returning visitors.

NB: It’s a dirty niche but still untapped if you want to make money fast in Nigeria.

5. Contact Us Niche

I just get to think about this niche and I found out that Nigeria in a whole has none at the moment. I mean there is not even 1 of this blog niche existing in Nigeria as am writing this content about profitable untouched blogging niches in Nigeria.

This niche is all about writing various contact details of some vendors, companies, bloggers, entrepreneur, firms and other public attraction guest.

Am sure you can make it huge in Nigeria with this less competitive blog niche when you start targeting the right keywords e.g Linda Ikeji Contact details, BlogsXtra Contact Details, Naijaloaded Contact Details, Buhari Contact Details and others that might be relevant.

Where/How To Make Money>>> AdSense, Affiliate Marketing e.t.c

6. Insurance Blog Niche

Yes, I know we have insurance blog niche in Nigeria but believe me, most of them are not niche blogs for they target almost anything that comes in their head. You can make a difference if you settle down to make something special for this topic “Insurance”.

Just have passion and make sure you know more about this niche if not, my brother, pls don’t go there or else you you’ll regret it. And one more thing, don’t blame Emmanuel Husseni for your failure.

Where/How To Make Money>>> Affiliate Marketing, Reviews, Companies, Banks, Mini income sites.

7. Prayer Points Niche

This blog niche is surely untapped in Nigeria and many bloggers don’t really know (maybe that’s cause they love money than God, lol).

Prayer points niche is one among my list of less saturated blogging topics/ideas in Nigeria as of now.

Not just that.

Prayer points niche have over 40k monthly searches in Nigeria and maybe even more. You can make it huge in blogging with this blog niche in Nigeria fast this year.

Where/How To Make Money>>> AdSense focused.

That would be all for untapped blogging niches lists for now. Below is a list of other bonus blog category to that are still lucrative to venture into in Nigeria.

Bonus: Hottest Blog Niches Nigeria To Make Money Blogging 2019

1. Affiliate Marketing Niche: This blog niche is indeed saturated but really a profitable blog Niches You can blog about in Nigeria

2. Photography Niche: This niche is not saturated and is purely among the untapped blogging niches to start in Nigeria.

3. Real Estate Niche: This niche is really welcoming as it only started in 2018 and really lucrative when it comes to fund so yes. Real Estate Niche is indeed a lucrative topic to blog about.

4. Belly Weight Loss Niche: Lots of Nigerians have big belly and they don’t like it. Become their doctor as they feel your wallet with this profitable and less competitive blogging niche.

Conclusion: Blog Niches In Nigeria That Have Less Competition But Lucrative

Now you’ve read what I have for you. It’s left for you to do your path following my guide with the untapped blogging niches /topics to venture into and make money while blogging in Nigeria.

They started and made it,

It can also happen to you.

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Blogging Tips: Profitable Untapped Blogging Niches In NG – List Of Untapped Blog Niches In Nigeria

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  1. nice article here, can you explain more on the prayer point niche, examples of good topics in the prayer point niche

    1. I think it is wise not to follow the crowd, I mean the niche all these big blogs are into, if you do it will take time before one will outrank or be to their standards

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