Uplift Affiliate Program Review: How I Make Money From Home in Nigeria

Hello there, Am here again with another paying affiliate program you might want to check out. This legit income program is known by the name “Uplift” and here on BlogsXtra today, I will be making a honest review about Uplift Affiliate Program.



Too bad this review isn’t for everyone. If you are a lazy type, I suggest you just skip this page and look for some free money sites.

But if you are a serious type that want to work and make money legitimately from home, then I personally welcome you. Here on this page, I will be revealing all information you need to know about this affiliate marketing site in Nigeria that pays.

Am Emmanuel Husseni (Founder of BlogsXtra). I build blogs/websites for church, schools, organization and firms. Aside those premium web designing services I render to people, I also an online tutor.

I’ve been an online guider to tons of Nigerians who want to make money online in Nigeria via online business. Many followed my guide when I started out in 2017 and are already banking weekly like I do.

I think you also should take the bold step today by following footstep of the experienced.

As said earlier, I would show you one of the ways of which I personally use in funding my Nigerian Bank account either daily/weekly doing almost nothing with this income Program called “Uplift” in Nigeria.

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Okay enough with the talking.

Lets get started with what brought us to this page. Cause am sure, Uplift Affiliate Program Review is what you are ere for.

And not my personal hyping.

But please take a glass of water and chill. No rush in life so take it easy.

So let’s get started with;

Uplift Affiliate Program Review: Nigeria’s Top Affiliate Site That Pays 2020

Uplift is an affiliate program is a legit income and funding platform in Nigeria mainly for youth empowerment. Not just that uplift is only for the youth but also for Parent, Brothers and Friends who wants to make money online in Nigeria.

Surely, most of you must have heard about the Almighty  NNU, Refer.Ng and other in come programs in Nigeria that pays.

Uplift is not far off from them but with a more flexible eco-system suitable for novice and internet gurus to access easily.

Being an Uplift Affiliate member, earning 5k or more weekly is guaranteed if truly you know what you are doing. Some people are even making 10k weekly and up to 50k monthly with Uplift affiliate Program and you call it scam?

So funny but true.

I was introduced to this income program sometimes September 2018 and I decide to be a fast shooter to program after paying my sign up fee.

After few minutes, my account was approved by the team and I started earning commissions daily without stress.

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I urge you to give Uplift a trial even if you have never make money with affiliate marketing before.

Believe me when I say “It’s worth trying”.

You might want to ask if the program is legit or not so I came up with this FAQ that can help below.

Is Uplift Affiliate Program Legit or Scam?

Uplift Affiliate Program is not really a new income program but it works even better than almost all income program in Nigeria as of today 26 February 2019 (Original Published date of the review).

This is a indeed a sensitive question because am sure hundreds of Nigerians will view this within a month from the published date.

If am to be honest with the answer, I will say the said program “UPLIFT” so far is %100 clean and have showed no sign to be scam or ponzi so far.

This is because we here @BlogsXtra have not find or locate any negative review about the program from a verified source and it’s working perfectly for us here.

So for that, BlogXtra will be bold to answer the question with a positive answer “YES”, Uplift affiliate program is legit and not a scam program. They have been in Nigeria for the past 2 years and have paid hundreds of their affiliate members.

Though there are some negative review on NairaLand which are not true about the program. Many Nigerians don’t know how hard peple work to set up a business up right.

They will just come and ruin everything with false reviews. Uplift Technologies Tech Team have worked very hard and smart to still have this program running till date.

Join Here Now

[eafl id=”1643″ name=”Uplift” text=”Join Uplift And Change Your Live Here”]

About Uplift

How Does Uplift Income Program Works?

Because this program is legit, their mode of service isn’t funny as others you may find online. Let me show you how this affiliate program works in a nutshell.

Step 1: Registration: Just like any other program, you need to join uplift team before you can become part of their team. Sign-up here for free.

Step 2: Activation: After creation of account, you would need to pay an activation fee so as to enable you earn commission with the team.

Step 3: Confirmation: After making payment, relax for Uplift support team would activate your account which doesn’t take up to 1hr.

Step 4: Start Earning: Now this is the fun part. You start earning immediately after your account confirmation.(live on an entrepreneur).

how uplift affiliate program 1orks

How To Make Money On Uplift Income Program In Nigeria

Presently, there are only three ways of making money with uplift affiliate program in Nigeria which are referral, sponsored, gift.

Referrals: You earn 1,500 Naira for referring a friend to join using your link (not compulsory).

Sharing Sponsored Post: You earn another 1,500 Naira for sharing of sponsored post daily from their non-disclosed website.

Gift Bonus: This is more like an awoof. You earn 1,500 Naira monthly bonus on uplift (valid for 1yr)

So you see, these are the three ways of making money with uplift affiliate system in Nigeria.

Other Affiliate Programs

What Is The Minimum Cash Out?

This program is the coolest I’ve ever seen. It has no minimum/maximum cash out.

Believe me. Anything you earn would be send directly to your bank account daily.

Which means you can be earning N1500 daily for referral bonus and N1500 sponsored post which earns you nothing less than 3k daily.

Am sure you are already tasty with this review and want to join so you can start banking daily like me.

Just as said earlier, don’t rush. Just take another sip from your cup and ride along.

How Much Can I Earn With Uplift

ha ha.

This question has no answer.

The amount you earn with uplift depends on how serious and dedicated you are to maximize your earning. I know it’s not easy and that’s why I think anyone who wants to go into affiliate marketing needs a website of his/her own.

I’ve written a free guide that can help you create a website for free without spending anything. This you can find here. Better still, you can hire me to create a customized website for you or for your brand here (Not cheap but very affordable).

Cost of Registration on Uplift

To register an account with uplift affiliate program is 100% free. Thou you will need to upgrade your account before you can start referring friends, sharing sponsored post and making money.

The account upgrading fee is not even enough to break the bank so chill. It’s only 2000 Naira.

How To Register And Join Uplift And Make Money Fast

To register an account on Uplift technologies website is as easy as chewing gums. Just click here to navigate to the registration page, register your free account then activate it anytime you want so as you can join me and start making this money daily/weekly doing almost nothing in Nigeria.

Clicking the register button would take you to this page, fill it as appropriate.

And when done, click the register button then make your payment of 5000 to the following account.

uplift bank details

Its as easy as this.

Just make your payment and wait for the instant approval.

[eafl id=”1643″ name=”Uplift” text=”Register here “]

Conclusion: Uplift Affiliate Program Review – Everything You Need To Know

Okay guys.

It would be all for today.

If am to continue writing, you would find the end of this review tomorrow. ha ha.

Am sure you don’t need essay writing.

cause I believe this is enough to let you decide whether or not to join uplift system in Nigeria and make money.

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Review: Uplift Review: How To Make Money With Uplift Affiliate Program

15 Comments on “Uplift Affiliate Program Review: How I Make Money From Home in Nigeria”

  1. I have my doubts, considering how you’ve been a member of the Uplift Affiliate program since October 1, 2019 and today happens to be September 15, 2019. Please clarify your post.
    Wish you more luck.
    Thank you.

    1. Hello Jerimih Lane,

      It is true that i’ve been an Uplift Member since 2018 and it has been working fine for me. If you are still in doubt then I’ll advice you to check published date of this post.

          1. please how do they do it because i have activated my account but havent see anything like sponsored post yet

  2. Bro many reviews on net about uplift program MAYBE IT HAVE BEEN working then not now!! Cause am seeing many scam complains.

    If you know is still working I need updated payments proves and send me your account link to register under you please reply me THANKS.!!

  3. Pls I really want to join this platform but I want to know if they are real and without referral and is it true that the pay directly in bank account.

  4. How many sponsored ads can one share, how many times can it be shared, and across how many social media platforms are required for one to be able to make up to #1500 naira daily?

  5. I just registered 3 days ago…i paid 2000 naira to activate my account ND their agent said I need to get 3 referrals before I can start earning…i tried to get referrals but I got none.. So I told the agent and he said I should pay 3000 naira to the company’s account to get the referrals and I will still get my referral bonus… After I paid and sent him the proof of payment and my affiliate link… I have not heard anything oh.. Hope I av not been scammed

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