How to Build .gov & .edu Backlinks For Free With Examples

Do you know the significant of .gov/.edu backlink on websites? On this post, I will teach you the basis and examples on how to build .gov/.edu backlinks for free without paying anyone.

I know free things are not really the best in blogging but it can be of help if you take your time in understanding how things work before jumping into conclusion. I recently published a post that you may want to check it out.

Building High Reputation Backlinks Like a Boss + SEO

Backlink is no doubt the best investment you need to start investing on your blog at early time or pay someone to get it done for you. It is important if truly you want to rank high on the SERP to double your traffic.

Many are out there looking for the best free high PR bookmarking sites for ping submission, comment link building, high PR seo sites for backlinks and other on the web surfing pages and at the end of the day, they get nothing.

There is always a way of doing things like the boss even if you are not up to a quarter. I invest most of my daily time doing link building, promoting my content more that the way I do in writing new articles.

You will also learn that here. But before then, let’s check out why .edu/.gov backlink are more important for Seo than other domain backlink source.

Why .gov BackLinks are important for rankings?

.gov backlinks are the back-links coming from government organisation & institutes, they have high authority in eyes of Google search engine. So by having back-links from .gov sites, you can boost your rankings for sure.

If you get backlinks from .gov sites it will help you in a lot in SEO. But don’t spam there. Spamming will lead you to ban on .gov sites.

Why .edu BackLinks are important for rankings?

.edu Backlinks are incoming links to a blog or website from educational sites or blog that which have great power to increase your ranking in Google and Alexa. Backlinks from other than .edu sites also have power but the power of .edu site will break all simple site and boost your ranking.

Usually, .edu sites are colleges or universities and they only link to valid resources and Google trust them , so if you get backlinks from this site that’s mean your site is doing good. But don’t spam there.

How To Find .EDU & .Gov Sites For BackLinks Building Like A Pro?

I have the nice piece that will work for you. It has been on the internet for long but only few really understand this concept in finding high reputable and quality backlinks for their site using the search engine.

There is a nice way that you can find a edu sites by searching in Google with these terms. Just copy the below lines and paste it in Google Search Engine, Then start opening from No-1 and start building backlinks to get higher ranking.

      • “blog”
      • “blog”
      • “forums”
      • “forums”
      • “comments”
      • “comments”
      • “log in / create account”
      • “log in / create account”
      • inurl:blog “seo”
      • inurl:blog “seo”

Surely, this little trick for getting .gov/.edu backlink from search engine will work for you cause it has been working for a very long time now. It will even help in boosting your ranking on the SERP to over 145% within 2 weeks if done the right way.

      • How To Build Quality Backlinks In Nigeria

Premium Way Of Finding Quality Backlink Yourself

The above mentioned is 100% free and working over 70% based on experience. But there is still a premium version of finding high quality and reputable high PR sites for back-link building for .com, .edu, .gov, .org e.t.c

Too bad it’s a PMB (Pick My Brain) course which means it’s not free. Luckily, I decide to make the price of this eBook very cheap as pea-nut. It would only cost you N1,000 for a copy (Visit Product Page).

My Bonus: .gov/.edu Backlink Sites List For Backlink Building

Here is a huge list of .edu & .gov backlinks to get really quality backlink from and improve your site ranking.

Latest .Edu & .Gov Backlinks for SEO


Comment meaningfully on the Edu and Gov sites below. Try not to spam them; some are comment Luv enabled sites. For the ones without the comment Luv plugin, in the space provided for website, add a link to an internal page on your blog. You can get do-follow and no-follow back-links from them.

List of .Edu Sites for Backlinks

Here is the list of some .edu/.gov sites for quality link building.

Conclusion: Building High Quality And Authority Backlinks In Nigeria (.gov/.edu Backlink Techniques)

Above URL for .gov/.edu backlink building will help you in building high quality links that will take your blog to the next level. This same free backlink strategy mentioned earlier will also help you in finding backlinks for your site using Google search engine.

If you don’t like the hard way of building backlink, you can purchase my eBook or Hire me for link building service.

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