How To Create Income Program Website In Nigeria that Support Affiliate Earning

Have you ever thought of owning an affiliate income program website like NNU, News Pay, Refer.Ng in Nigeria? This post will show you how to create one for yourself without spending much for start-up.

There are many income programs in Nigeria owned and managed by private individuals like you. That was even how Paul Sampson of NNU started and look at him now, he made over N1,000,000 within a year on his site.

Also look at Blog9ja, NewsPay, Refer.Ng e.t.c in Nigeria today. They have earned decent cash on their blogs just by creating a site that enables others to make money as well (Affiliate marketing sites).

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Now that we’re here to this spot, let’s check out our main story “How To Create Income Program In Nigeria That Supports Affiliate Marking” but first, see

Cost Of Owning An Affiliate Income Program In Nigeria

There is no actual cost in owning something online as things do change and also, every webmaster charges ain’t the same. Some may charge less and others high, It all depends on who is doing it and also mode of online exposure.

But in average, I can say it will cost you nothing more than N10,000 if you are doing everything yourself but if you’re to pay someone, it might be double or even triple of what you will spend (If it were to be done by you).

What You Need In Creating An Income Program In Nigeria

You don’t necessary need much things in an income program/affiliate marketing program in Nigeria if you know how to install WordPress yourself from the cPanel.

Based on Nigerian standard, see the necessary things you need in starting an affiliate marketing site for yourself to make money blogging.

1. Hosting: This is where your site will be hosted on. There are lots of Hosting companies in Nigeria but I recommend [eafl id=”1831″ name=”Qservers” text=”Qservers”].

2. Domain Name: This is also known as URL/site address. This is where people will locate your site from a wide range of other sites.

3. Little WordPress Knowledge: This is more of a skill, is either you pay to learn or crack your balls to learn it yourself. You will need this in making your site up and running.

4. WordPress Themes: There are lots of free version of themes you can find online if you can’t get the premium once. I can help you with almost any premium WP theme if you like.

5. Affiliate Marketing Plugin/Tools: These are the right, mandatory, plugins and tools you will need in making your site looks more of affiliate earning site where someone will register, pay and start referring people.

6. Little Seo/Promotion Knowledge: After Creating an income program, don’t just stand there to look at it. Use Facebook or Google AdWords to promote it online or even use any free version of promotion unit you can think of.

How To Create An Income Program Website In Nigeria & Earn From It

If you are a good follower of this blog, you will notice I always mention 2 ways of doing things online.

1. The easy way – Pay & get it done.

2. The hard way – D.I.Y

If you want it done the easy way, contact me on +234 8135317109 @20,000 or better still, crack your nuts in getting it done yourself with the Do It Yourself Method(D.I.Y).

Creating An Affiliate Marketing/Income Program Website Yourself Without Paying Anybody

To create a site which supports affiliate earning, login inn of client, coupon, registration of new member, tracking analytics, referrals and more you need to check again go through the necessary things needed to create an income site listed above.

Now that you have everything mentioned above in place, let’s get started on how to create income program like NNU/Wakanda/newspay e.t.c in Nigeria.

  1. Install WordPress using the softaculos installer from your cPanel
  2. Get a nice theme that will suit your taste.
  3. Install a necessary affiliate plugins.
  4. Do a nice web design so people may join your network.

There is no any other secret aside all mentioned here. You only need to have some blogging knowledge so you won’t end up doing the right things the wrong way.


Some Affiliate Marketing Sites In Nigeria That Are earning huge today



2. review and make money logo


zinoly income program

4. Instant Kash

instant kash

5. Blog9ja

My Final Say: Creating Income Program In Nigeria and Make Money

Just as mentioned earlier, it’s not impossible or even hard. If other can make it after creating their affiliate sites, then why not you? One other thing you may need after creating your affiliate income site is Link Building Knowledge so you won’t miss a let.

You can download my Link Blaster or Premium Link Finder eBook from my store if you care. They will boost your blog’s Domain Authority in no time.

Am sure you learnt something today on how to create income program that supports affiliate marketing in Nigeria. Farwell.

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