How To Get Backlink From (2020 Backlink Nigeria Tactics)

Ever thought about getting quality .edu Backlink for your website in Nigeria? This tutorial post is for you. You will learn how to get backlink from Unilag in Nigeria today.

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The fun fact about his backlink from unilag is that it’s not just a type of backlink you’ll ever come across on most sites in Nigeria cause it’s an ng backlink of .edu site. Most Nigerian bloggers today only focus on getting backlink from foreign .edu sites without knowing they can easily get one for their site very easy here in Nigeria.

Benefits of Unilag Backlink To Nigerian Blogs

Every back-link has it’s benefit. These are what you benefit when you choose to get backlink from Unilag edu ng educational website today.

  • You get a boost on your domain authority
  • This backlink may help to index your site fast on Google first page
  • Backlink from can skyrocket your traffit to over 115%
  • You benefits all the above mentioned when you get a link from unilag official academic site today because;
  • Unilag Backlink is do-follow.
  • The domain extension is and you know how effective edu domains are to SERP.
  • The site is trusted with less spam scores.
  • Unilag domain authority is one of the best sites with high strengh as of now.

So let’s stop with the preaching here and start with the main reason you are here on this page where we will get to know about getting backlink from this edu domain in Nigeria.

How To Get Backlink From Unilag (Tutorial)

Getting backlink from this top level domain is very easy and sweet if you follow my simple guide of getting things done the right way.

1. Visit Unilag College of Medicine website.

2. Navigate to the comment section.

3. Type in your comment in the available comment box

4. Enter your name is the next available box just below the comment field

5. Type in your email address

6. This is the most important part and you want to do it right. Drop a link from your blog or even your blog’s default home page URL on this field.

7. Lastly, click the “Post Comment” button just below the URL field.

Backlink from Unilag Website

It should look like the above picture when your’re done (or even better).

Conclusion: Getting Quality edu Backlink 2019

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We have learn about getting backlinks easily in Nigeria using Unilag college website as our tutorial reference and am sure you learnt something about getting backlink from website today.

NOTE: don’t just learn to keep, practice it also as you learn from our tutorial

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