How To Get Backlink From Mozilla FireFox (2020 Backlink Nigeria Tactics)

How about a sweet do-follow backlink from Mozilla Firefox website? On our recent post, we talked about getting backlink from website and this one on the other hand is nothing different.

You will learn how to get a dofollow backlink from before the conclusion of content on this page.

Before then, Let’s take a look at Mozilla FireFox website, featuring it’s domain age, domain and page authority, alexa global ranking and others. So as to let you know the reason why I construct this backlink procedures.

This is the second time I’ll be saying this on this regarding the free quality backlinks tutorials I drop.

This is a premium backlink source I may decide to make it paid but am giving it out all for free.

Mozilla FireFox: All You Need To Know About This Backlink Site 2019

As you all know, Firefox is a desktop/mobile browser just like Google Chrome, Opera and others e.t.c. Luckily, we are not here to talk about different types of browsers like Firefox, instead, we are here to learn how to build quality backlink for our blog using their site as our host/link source for link Building.

One thing you should know about Mozilla FireFox is that, it’s an authority site which have exist for a very long time and also a site with lots of Moz & Google trust so believe me, getting a link from such site means a lot if truly you know the meaning of quality to quantity.

Even though link building isn’t a day job, you can start with the little link building knowledge and opportunities you get that’s why I bring to you this tutorial on how to get a quality do-follow backlink from Mozilla FireFox.

Why You May Need A Backlink From Mozilla Today

1. Moz Trust: I talked about earlier may sound common but it’s not. Mozilla FireFox website is a trusted website that have been on existence since 24 January 1998. This might be unbelievable for the Indomie generation but that’s nothing but the truth.

The above picture shows the registration date of their domain name.

2. Alexa Ranking: Checkout out the alexa ranking of this site on the web today. Their alexa ranking shows you how popular their site is on the web already which you might not have known before now. alexa

The above screenshot shows they rank 166 Globally and 281 only in the US on 17/04/2019.

2. Domain/Page Authority: This is the major thing to consider most especially if you want to buy link from other sources online and it’s same to what you need here on getting backlink from Mozilla FireFox today.

The above screenshot shows domain authority as 98 and Page authority as 78 on 17/04/2019.

Don’t be impatient, our second tutorial for for getting backlink from FireFox website shall begin shortly.

How To Get Backlink From Mozilla FireFox For Free

To get backlink from Mozilla Firefox for your website, follow this 1-6 steps tutorial powered by BlogsXtra.

  1. Visit Mozilla FireFox official site
  2. On the top right corner, click “Create Account“.
  3. Fill-in your details and click Submit.
  4. Switch to your mail to verify your account on Mozilla.
  5. Now you login to your free account.
  6. Click on “Profile” and fill in your valid details.
  7. Now we add our website link/URL in the valid URL field.
  8. Now we click save and relax for our Backlink to get index.

This is how simple it is to get backlink from to your website.

Conclusion: Getting Do-follow Backlink In Nigeria From Mozilla

Now that you’ve learn how to get free backlink from Mozilla here on blogsxtra web. It’s time to share the good news to other friends on social media. Remember, building quality backlink or even link building is not a day job, most especially if you don’t really understand the concept of building links that count.

I would have continue writing but I just remember you ain’t paying me for extra effort so am taking off my fingers from the keyboard in less than a minutes from now.

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Link Building Ng: Get Backlink From (FireFox Browser)

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