How You Can Add Website To Opera News & Generate More Free Traffic

Have you ever had thoughts about those website’s feeds that pops up Opera Browsers when you open the browser to surf the net? You might be wondering if they are direct affiliates to Opera or maybe they paid Opera browser to have their blog posts featured. Well, that’s not it. On this page, you’ll get to know more about Opera News and how to add website to Opera News 2019.

What is Opera Mini/Opera News?

How to add website Opera News Feed

Opera Mini is a web browser, best among other browsers and also rated as the worlds most popular browser for all mobile device and PCs. Opera Mini is owned and managed by group or organizations with same objectives.

Since Opera Mini is just a browser like any other browser you can find on the web today, they decide to make something more out of their browser in making it a resource center where people like you and I can get latest updates and happenings. This is where the Idea of starting Opera News came in. Opera News was lunched and made free for everyone in any part of the world to access.

No Need To Ask>How Can I Add My Website To Opera News Discovery

Opera News is a News platform owned and managed by Opera browser in aiding bloggers, sites owners and others sourcing for their desire and necessity.

Can I Add My Website To Opera News Too?

I’ll say a big “YES” to that.

Everyone who believe his/her site is worth to be on Opera News feed can easily request for site review. Many Nigerian sites like,, are benefiting a hell lots of traffic from Opera News today so why shouldn’t you give it a shot?

Don’t worry, we’ll get to learn how to add website to Opera News in just a moment. But before then, lets look at some benefits of adding your website to Opera News today.

Benefits Of Adding Your Website/blog to Opera Mini News

We can’t tell you why you should add your website to Opera news; we can only suggest some benefits & also recommend then let you figure our whether or not; you should go with our suggestion. Here are things you get or notice for adding your site to Opera News.

  • Increase In traffic (up-to 300%)
  • Offers you the chances of your post been shared on social media for instant social media popularity.
  • Increase your click through chances or affiliate links
  • Increases your daily earning and ad revenue of Ad-sense, Mgid, Media.Net others.

You should expect more when you start using them cause some things are best known from the inside. Pls note that Opera News Feed cannot be considered by search engines as Backlinks, therefore, if you intend to add your site to Opera News feed because you need to start building links, I’ll say keep off.

increase website page views

How To Submit Website To Opera News Feed

Submitting your website to Opera News or Opera Mini browser isn’t as difficult as it may sound. It takes less than five minutes to get all things set up. Though, you must have to wait for the Opera team to review your site if it’s qualified to be featured on their platform. Follow our below guide to add your website to Opera News;

  1. Log into your Mail account (Gmail, Yahoo mail e.t.c)
  2. Click the Send new message button/icon
  3. Type in one of this mail address or in the address field
  4. In the “Title Field“, use either “Info About Adding Sites to Opera Feeds” or “Opera News Website Submission Request”.
  5. Now to the mail body field where you will need to write about your what enquiry or request you want to make. See below format to know the what really what work best.


Am Emmanuel Husseni, a digital marketer, web developer and most of all a blogger. I want to have my site featured on Opera News feed. It marvels me to see sites popping up my screen when ever I open my browser to surf the web.

I’ll be glad if you can accept my proposal by requesting for my URL so we can get started.


6. Click the send button and relax for few minutes. It may take them longer to reply in some cases but they sure will reply asking for your website like so they can review to know if your site is worth to be featured.

Verifying Your Site For Opera News

Their reply for your mail will be short and simple requesting for your website link. Do well to also keep your text short and straight to the point. It shouldn’t be like those love SMS you normally send to your Girlfriend/Boyfriend.

After providing your link to their admin, they surely will review then contact you back to notify you whether or not your site is approved. If it’s approve by their team, they might as you for some proof of ownership to verify you really own the site. They might request for a screenshot of your “Admin Panel/Dashboard”.

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Conclusion: How You Can Easily Add Website to Opera Mini News Feed 2019

There is nothing more about adding your site to Opera News you can find elsewhere on the web that is not written here. This is the complete summary of submitting your site to Opera News feed.

Contact them via mail, contact them again with your website link, and hurray!! you relax and see how your traffic will multiply by 2x, 3x or even more. If you love this piece, do well to use the social media buttons below.

Adding Site To Opera Mini News Feed Discovery In Two Steps

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