Domainking Affiliate Program: Make Money With Web Hosting In Nigeria

You must have heard about [eafl id=”1554″ name=”DomainKing.Ng Cheap Hosting” text=””] before diving into this post to learn more about their affiliate program and how you too can start making money with them before now. On this post, I will tell you more on Domainking affiliate program, how to sign up an account, get free bonus and lots more from this web hosting company as a web hosting self agent in Nigeria.

Some might just be hearing about [eafl id=”1554″ name=”DomainKing.Ng Cheap Hosting” text=””] the first time so I decide to make things clear to everyone so we can ride along hand-in-hand. Continue reading our review to learn more on what Domainking is and how to get started as an affiliate in Nigeria.

What Is

domainking hosting charges just as it’s name “Domain” (website name) “king” (head) is a registered domain and website hosting provider for sites in Nigeria owned and managed by “Singh” an Indian man.

Among lots of domain name and hosting providers in Nigeria, [eafl id=”1554″ name=”DomainKing.Ng Cheap Hosting” text=””] tent to be among the top 3 competing with only Whogohost and Qservers that’s because of it’s 99.9% up-time and user support. isn’t just a domain name and hosting provider, you as an individual can also make money as an affiliate to this web hosting company in Nigeria.

Allow me to finally introduce the;

DomainKing Affiliate Program

domainking affiliate program

Domainking Affiliate Program is another way of making money online with web hosting company doing easy task of referring people to purchase hosting using a special link that will be given to you after signing up. This gives you (the affiliate an opportunity of making tons of Naira daily without spending a dime).

This web hosting affiliate program in Nigeria gives you a chance of making 20k+ monthly without wasting even 1mb from your data bundle purchased.

One good thing about this web hosting affiliate program is that it’s very easy and reliable to use as a blogger, affiliate marketer or just a social media freak. It has no limit and you enjoy a flexible way of life earning freely from the Nigerian internet.

How You Can Make Money From DomainKing As An Affiliate

Making Money online from “Domainking” requires that you sign up for an account from their site as a user, visit the affiliate section to get your special link and start promoting online via social media, websites/blogs, forums, email marketing e.t.c to people that might be interested. We will talk about how to create an affiliate account on Domainking in just few minutes but before then; see how you can earn from Domainking affiliate program.

  • Domainking Affiliate Commission
  • You earn #500 as sign up bonus
  • you earn 10% commission from anything your referral purchased from Domainking.

Only these can tell you how legit this program is so no need of asking “does it works?”

See simple steps to make money with Domainking web hosting in Nigeria

how to make money with domainking

  • Sign-up for free
  • Refer clients with your special link
  • Earn free money from doing what you do

How To Sign Up DomainKing Affiliate Account And Make Money

Now to the good news I believe you’re longing to hear, “how to join domainking affiliate for free and make money“.

  • Click here to sign up for your free account on Domainking
  • Now a form will appear asking you to fill all available field. Fill them appropriately with all valid information then click on “click to continue” button to complete your registration.
  • Confirm your mail address and login to your Domainking account you just created.
  • At the top right corner of your screen, you’ll see something like “Affiliates
  • Click on it and a new pop up page will appear, now you click “Activate Affiliate Account

Now that is how to register for your free affiliate account on domainking in just few minutes.
Remember to fetch your private referral link from your dashboard and start referring people to purchase domain or hosting plan from your link.

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Review Conclusion: Making Money As Domainking Affiliate For Bloggers & Marketers

This opportunity is not just for bloggers to earn from their blogs or social media. Affiliate Marketers can also take free advantage of earning from the internet referring people to purchase domain name and hosting to start a blog in Nigeria.

This same strategy was what I used then in monetizing one of my blogs and it turned out well cause most of my clients paid me for full WordPress installation + setup so i just go in and take my link, click it from an incognito mode, create the account while I also earn my commission. I urge you to [eafl id=”1554″ name=”DomainKing.Ng Cheap Hosting” text=”register today”] and surely, you’ll start seeing the difference within months of hard works.

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