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Online money making opportunities in Nigeria tent to be getting tight on daily basis and for that, many Nigerian youths, graduates and parents find it difficult making money online from home in Nigeria. On this post, I will share with you some Legit Online Business In Nigeria that pays in Naira which you can start today.

But before then, have you ever ask yourself “what are the latest online money making business opportunities in Nigeria you can start today and smile tomorrow?”

If you’ve never ask yourself then you need to do that right away.

You might also want to checkout this post, where I talked about how to make money online in Nigeria without spending anything and also how Nigerian student can make money online fro the internet. After reading those posts, you’ll get to know highlights of what you’re to be expecting on this one where we will learn together “the legit online business that pays in Naira“.

Introducing myself here won’t do any good cause you oath to have known me before now. When “making money online In Nigeria” is been talked about, Emmanuel Husseni will always be there to guide.

Why You Need To Start an Online Business In Nigeria Today

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There is no much talk about this. Every Nigerian citizen can testify how business men and women in the country keep excelling than the graduates with good grades (don’t get me wrong). Even the lay man can see how lucrative starting a business can be than receiving monthly income as salary once a month.

Am young (20 yrs) as of time writing this article about the “latest online business in Nigeria that pays well” and I can tell you that I’ve earn lots of funds from online resource in my early seventeens. Am even hoping to earn more this year. At times, I receive unexpected alerts from affiliate marketing straight into my Nigerian bank account.

So answering the question “Why You Need To Start An Online Business In Nigeria” is up-to you. As for me, I can’t do without an online source of income.

In case you don’t know;

There are lots of online business one can start in Nigeria that are really lucrative in nature while other; just legitimately scam or ponzi scheme to loop away your hard earned money.

What You Will Find On This Post

  • How to start a money making business in Nigeria with low or zero investment
  • List of legit and lucrative online business you can start and make money

How to Start a Money Making Online Business in Nigeria With Low or Zero Investment

online business in nigeria you can do

Starting an online business of your own in Nigeria is not that easy cause we have lots of competitors in the market today. Luckily, almost all internet income means have a hack of penetrating to earn massively regardless to the competition.

I can tell you, if there are over five thousand of legitimate online business in Nigeria, four thousand out of the five thousand are created by private individuals like you and with only few of them doing well. Usually the reason why they are not doing well is because they lack resources, it means they are selling or promoting what they don’t know much about.

Now this is where your opportunity comes in with creating a Lucrative online business in Nigeria you can do. Don’t just rush it, take your time to do a self survey about yourself, what you are really good, what you can strive harder to perfection and what you can’t just do.

Hint tips For Starting an Online Business In Nigeria

  • Always make research before concluding
  • Always seek for recommendation from experts in the field
  • Do a competitors analysis at least once every month
  • Always Spy your opponent to see how they are doing

There will be a list of suggestive online business opportunity for you below this paragraph so continue reading;

Top 11 List Of Online Business In Nigeria That Pays Daily/Weekly

Here are top list of online business money making opportunity you can start today and start making money tomorrow or within a week. I made sure to take time to make research on all below listing before compiling all into a detailed guide.

So here are the listings below

1. Mini Importation Business

mini importation in Nigeria

Mini Importation is the process of importing goods from premium countries to your remote location. Mini importation business is very lucrative in Nigeria and beyond, using this online business money making opportunity can double your profit x3 in less than a week.

How to buy goods from countries like China, USA e.t.c to Nigeria isn’t really the issue, difficulty in mini importation starts from after buying your goods, how to import it here locally in Nigeria, right promotional tools and finding potential buyers. Am not a master into Mini importation but can still be of help if you need my service.

One good thing about Mini Importation Business is that, you don’t need to depend on anyone for cash and you cash out your fund any time you make a sale. With Mini Importation, it’s a sure deal to be making money everyday.

2. E-commerce Online Store/Drop Shipping Business

ecommerce business in Nigeria

E-commerce/online store business in Nigeria is a very lucrative and anyone can start today and start seeing profit in less than a week with appropriate promotion techniques. It’s also known as branch of drop-shipping business in Nigeria for they work side by side.

Let’s take a look at online shopping sites in Nigeria like Jumia, SME Markethub, Konga and others for example, they also use this drop-shipping pattern on their sites along with mini importation (but mini importation is totally a difference business on it’s own) and you can tell they make Millions monthly from their online eCommerce store.

What you need to start your own drop-shipping site in Nigeria is a [eafl id=”1643″ name=”Uplift” text=”domain name”], [eafl id=”1643″ name=”Uplift” text=”hosting”] and a good developer to set up your goals plus a good ad agency for fast and immediate publicity and promotion of imported stock.

3. EPS Mail Processing Business

EPS Nigeria

When talking about online business in Nigeria that pays daily, EPS is the #1 with best flexible features. With EPS Nigeria mail processing system, every Nigerian stand a chance of earning a minimum of 5k daily or 15k weekly in Nigeria doing copy and Paste jobs on social media.

Based on experience, I used EPS sometimes July 2018 and was able to pull 100,000.00k+ within 3 months (that was because I was never even serious about it). I recommend EPS mail processing business course to all serious people who want to make money online from the internet daily/weekly in Nigeria.

4. Online Advertisement | Social Media Marketing Business

advertise with blogsxtra

Online advertisement or social media marketing is a very smart online money making business opportunity you can start in 2019. Not just that it is a genuine business that is lucrative, it’s also less stressful, requires less effort and you only need little knowledge to get started.

One can run campaigns for company and private business owners and get paid for each ad service you run. All you have to do in getting started is make use of and search for related terms about “starting an ad agency” in Nigeria, follow other guidelines from videos then create a website and look for advertisers who need online promotion or ad agent aid.

5. Forex & Crypto Trading Business

Crypto trading in Nigeria

Cryto trading in Nigeria and beyond is very lucrative and cool if you understand the concept and exchange rate in the market. Many people are making thousands of Naira/Dollar from Forex and Crypto business because it’s very hot.

Even as crypto business is very lucrative in funding your account daily/weekly, I won’t advice you to rush into this so as to avoid heartbreak (or high blood pressure). That’s because it involves 90% danger risk of loosing thousand or even millions in just a second. What you need to do is to find someone good with Crypto trading, ask for guidelines to success then follow his/her path.

6. Information Marketing Business

Information marketing in Nigeri

Business owner and final consumers need information to be provided to them in various and convenient forms. That is when “Information marketing” as an online business idea in Nigeria comes in.

This is one hell of a convenient way of making money online with business of your own with little skill. See how it works; you create informative content or products in form of eBook, videos, courses, seminars, membership websites, pdf and other formats and sell to people who may be interested.

Information marketing as a business in Nigeria is indeed a good money making idea to venture into cause I know many who are into it and are making it big till today from different clients, you only need to be good at what you are selling that’s all.

See>> 6 Reasons Why You Should Build an Information Marketing Business

7. Sell Project Topic/Course Online

buy and sell in Nigeria

Selling Project topics/courses is one hell of untapped money making business opportunity online today. This is more like information marketing but it’s of a different dimension cause you are selling Pre-written stuff here not necessary what you create.

You can get school project topics from resource and sell online to the max public while you fund your account selling on daily basis. This am sure is an online business with less technical effort but requires you to spend if you must stand out among others. Sites like, are doing well with a head start.

8. Affiliate Marketing Business

affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria can also be classified as a business for student, parents, graduate, and others who want to make money online working from home with little or no marketing experience. If you ask me, I’ll say “affiliate marketing” is simple a way of driving traffic or sales to a certain product you signed up to promote.

We have tons of affiliate marketing programs you can venture into in Nigeria that pays daily daily, weekly or even monthly. All you have to do is make some research for the best one that suit your niche. You can even be our affiliate by referring people to us for web design, SEO setup and link building services.

9. Copy Writing | Content Creation Business

copy writing business

Sure you’ve heard about copy writing and content creation before. Copy writing is simply the act of editing/writing articles for a sales page while content creation on the other hand, is the act of writing a new article completely without any re-frame.

With writing skill, you can start up a business of your own within a day and you one can start seeing results in short time, all you need in getting started is creating an account on, add your services and build up your geeks. You can also create a Port Folio site where others can purchase your service or use our contact form to reach us for development of your port folio site or blog.

10. Online Tutorial Business

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Some skills are not meant to be shared for free. You can turn any given skill you have into a profitable business that can sustain you for a very long time.

You can start online tutoring business today in Nigeria and see the chances in just a matter of time, all you have to do here is to get product/services you know the masses will need. All you have to do here is to create a 5-10 mins hint video and run ads about your service on Facebook, Instagram and or upload on online learning places like Udemy and others. You will start receiving funds from each student who enroll for your online tutoring.

11. Social Media Management Business

social media

Do you know there are top level business owners and private individuals who need social media profile managers to handle there social media awareness? You can do social media profile/account management today and start making up to 20,000k+ monthly in Nigeria.

All you need in getting started is finding the right resource and exposure so you could be employed as one.

Final Conclusion: Online Business For Nigerian Youths, Student, Parent and Others

You must have learn a lot from this writings if not, kindly start reading and take actions as soon as possible. What is written on this page is not like those essay writings or even stories you read online but a work-content which requires you to take actions before time runs out.

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Even thou not all online business is for everyone, I urge you to take a bold step to consider affiliate marketing as a way of earning Naira from the Nigerian internet (Uplift is a must do choice).

Online Business That Yield Profit in Nigeria For Student, Graduates & Youths

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