How To Make Money On WhatsApp In Nigeria 2020

[eafl id=”2310″ name=”Clixsense” text=”affiliate link”]How about earning an extra income with your contacts using the world’s largest message and file sharing platform? Many are making passive income with their mobile phones on daily basis and we will get to know HOW? on this post. You’ll learn the WhatsApp earning methods and how to make money on WhatsApp in Nigeria 2019.

Gone are the days where one must have to pass through tons of head ache in the name of making money from the internet. That is because there are only few ways to earn online. This days, earning passive income from the internet is easy with right practice and mentor-ship. The most interesting part is that you can earn while having fun as well. You can only fail to earn from the internet when you’re not ready to pay for online money making tutorship from expert who are into the field or if you are lazy to make research on your own.

Am a social media influencer and also a blogger, I use different methods to make money online from WhatsApp and internet at large. Am sure everything that works for me can also work for you or even better.

I can remember back then in 2018. Facebook and Instagram were the only two social media with flexibility of allowing the youths earn a living online. Now WhatsApp as a social media is out trending as well with 100% flexible that enables everyone earn from the app for free without having to spend a dime.

Am sure you are here because you badly want to make money online with WhatsApp 2019/2020. Which made you to search queries like;

  • How to make money with WhatsApp Business
  • Easiest way to earn money from WhatsApp in Nigeria
  • WhatsApp earning group link to make money
  • How to set up a group and make money

On this post, you will get to learn the complete guide to making money with WhatsApp Featuring;

  • Realistic ways to make money with WhatsApp groups
  • How to dominate WhatsApp and make money
  • How you can make money with WhatsApp status

Above is just a tip of what you will learn from this post. We will be talking the complete guide to making money on WhatsApp in Nigeria and beyond. These WhatsApp earning strategies for WhatsApp are actually what I personally use to monetize my Bank account and anyone can give it a try.

As you know, Facebook bought WhatsApp some years ago. Now Facebook has allowed content creators to make money by partnering with them on Facebook but this has not been extended to WhatsApp. But the truth is, people are becoming more and more engaged on WhatsApp than even on Facebook. There is always a way for those who are determine. While WhatsApp does not provide direct way on how to make money with WhatsApp account, there are WhatsApp earning methods that can be used.

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These methods are known as the proven ways of turning WhatsApp account into a money making machine to boost your daily earning as a minor. It’s so annoying and stressing when I found out people are using search phrases like “WhatsApp earning group link”, “Earning group for WhatsApp”, “WhatsApp Business group links to make money online” and the likes on Google.

You see, none of those ever exist on the internet but I tell you. The below WhatsApp earning methods that will be listed on this wall will teach you how to monetize all your WhatsApp contacts.

Now let’s get started with some basic tools you need in hand before thinking about making money on WhatsApp in Nigeria or anywhere.

Basic Tools Needed To Earning Passive Income From WhatsApp 2019

Earning passive income via WhatsApp requires that you have some of this basic tool (if not all).

  1. A Smart Phone
  2. 3G Internet enabled connection
  3. WhatsApp sender PRO 2019
  4. Copy-writing copies from different sources
  5. Marketing Skills + Time + Patience

These five basics listed above are the five guaranteed things you need in making money via WhatsApp in Africa or any part of the world. Some might tell say “you only need a network enabled device to make money on WhatsApp“, that’s really not true and you might end up quitting too early. Earning via WhatsApp need your time, marketing skills, copy-writing skills and other online strategies before a good results may prevail.

Proven Ways On How To Make Money On WhatsApp in Nigeria 2019 | WhatsApp Money Making Opportunity

 How To Make Money On WhatsApp in Nigeria

Earning passive income from WhatsApp is a sure thing if you can follow all our guidelines and also implement them the right way. This is same method I use personally in monetizing my WhatsApp contacts. I can tell you this, if it works for me; it sure will work out for you.

Am not a superman of any sort or even a social media addict, I don’t do Facebook much but I do WhatsApp a lot of daily basis and can tell you “WhatsApp is the future of earning online via social media“. OK! here are some genuine ways to earn from WhatsApp account.

1. Shorten Links review

Shortening links on WhatsApp is one of the number 1 way of earning passively through WhatsApp. This WhatsApp earning method is also know and URL shortening or using of refer affiliate links to earn.

We featured URL shortening as the number one way to make money via WhatsApp because it is the most popular one. Not just that, it is the easiest of them all and does not require that you spend a dime to get started in some cases.

We only recommend what we use and what we have seen others use and it worked.

There are tons of link shortening sites that are willing to pay up-to $0.10 per single click that you can use. Imagine getting 10-30 clicks daily from those sites from your WhatsApp contact, that’s around $3 which is equivalent to NGN900 or even more in Naira.

Some popular URL shortening sites that pays are; SHORTest, OUO, ADFly, Link Shrink. We also have some that pays in Naira directly into your bank account[eafl id=”2311″ name=”Ads54″ text=” like Ads54″] and others. Just click any of the above link shortening site listed and sign up for your free account.

After signing up, you’ll be given a URL to promote. Make use of the given URL to dominate your WhatsApp status and direct messages to promote your links. Remember to use few marketing skills to through attention of your contact to make them click the links.

That’s because you only earn from these sites when people click your shorten links from anywhere. This will work more effective if you have loyal followers and friends around you. The worst set of people I’ll say are missing a lot from making money on WhatsApp are the ladies. When you know lots of people via your WhatsApp status and take certain actions why not monetize those your status and give your boyfriend a break?

That will be all about making money from WhatsApp Via URL shortening service.

2. ClixSense

Clixsense Nigeria. How to make money with clixsense

Have you ever heard of Paid to Click (PTC) sites? well, we have one here. If you are looking forth to making passive income from WhatsApp via PTC sites, then ClixSense is what you need.

You might be wondering what ClixSense really?

ClixSense is a website that will pay you to complete surveys, watch videos, play games and do so many things! But why are we putting it on this list? Read on.

ClixSense is a registered company that have been on the internet for a very long time and also have a good reputation till date. Unlike which started out well but in some ways, scamming their registered members. There is nothing like that on ClixSense.

While ClixSense pays you to complete surveys, watch videos and have fun, it also pays you commission to refer your friends.

This is how it works; you register from their site, navigate to your profile, fetch your referral link, share to friends and earn.

Now this is where making money from WhatsApp through ClixSense comes in.

When you sign up for ClixSense, you will have a referral link, you can then get on WhatsApp and share this link with your contacts. The more people you sign up, the more bonus point you get. Not just that, you can also earn handsomely taking surveys that will fetch you nothing less than $1.00 per task completed.

Though earning a living online from ClixSense is a bit freakish most especially if you don’t understand how it works. You can earn up-to $500.00 or more monthly with proper strategies or maybe $1.00 for a year. It all depend on you.

Click here to join ClixSense and start making money with WhatsApp

One other cool thing about ClixSense is that its a foreign site with lots of flexibility when it comes to cashing out your fund locally here in Nigeria, USA, India e.t.c. You can make use of PayPal, Skrill or Wire. Depending on what works better for you. We recommend Skrill and PayPal so choose what you know works better for you.


  1. Skrill is 100% free
  2. PayPal Nigeria cost a little

If you are looking at how to make money from WhatsApp, Sharing ClixSense referral links and recruiting your contacts over is worth it. From our research, it is worth the effort. It may not work for everyone, especially those who are quick to give up or this not willing to put in any effort.

Get A PayPal That Can Send And Receive Payment in Nigeria “Click image”

PayPal Nigeria account that receive money in Nigeria

3. Promote Your Service or Personal Product


Now permit me to bring forth one of my personal favorite. Promoting or advertising services you render to your WhatsApp contacts is one of the best way to make money on WhatsApp.

This is one cool way to earn from WhatsApp most especially if you don’t want to venture into affiliate marketing. Remember you are promoting other people’s product in affiliate marketing but here, you are promoting your services. The interesting part is that anyone can take part in this method of earning via WhatsApp.

All you need is WhatsApp Business app which can be found on Play-Store plus additional skill or product. I don’t really know for you, but for me, I advertise web design and ad space to my WhatsApp contact. And it most at times, end with good results.

If you have product or copies like (eBook, course, information gadget e.t.c) then this opportunity is just right for you. You can simply share them to your WhatsApp contacts or place it on your WhatsApp status. That’s also another way of making money with WhatsApp status.

If you do not own any product but will love to have what to promote to your WhatsApp contact as your own, all you need to do is create an online store. This is where you can simply go out to top sites and copy products from suppliers into your online store. This is known also known and Drop-shipping business.

You then copy and share the product link from your online store to your WhatsApp contacts. When they click the link and navigate to the product page on your site and also make a purchase, you earn certain commission. I can create an online store for you here.

4. Start Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing
Photo Credit: Oasdom

Affiliate marketing is another way to make money on WhatsApp. This WhatsApp earning method or way of making money from WhatsApp, doesn’t have much difference with advertising your services to your contacts.

The only difference is that, in affiliate marketing, you may be selling digital or hardware product you don’t necessarily own. In some cases, you won’t even know the value of what you are promoting. Affiliate marketing works pretty much awesomely on WhatsApp groups with lots of member.

Lets say you are in a group talking about Cosmetics and dresses with fully engaged people on WhatsApp. You can easily locate an online store selling Cosmetics and dresses, shrink your link and paste it on the group’s wall. Many people will surely click to view what you are promoting.

Lets say the product worth $30 and 10 people from your WhatsApp bought that product using your special link. That will automatically generate you an extra fund without doing much work.

A friend of mine always say “Always make sure you have useful conversations before promoting any affiliate link to people on your list”. Sure that is self explanatory.

In most cases, affiliate marketing is mostly on digital product (software product). That is because digital products like eBook and course sales faster than others. I recommend you promote digital products because of higher commission and flexibility of getting buyers any part of the world.

I once heard someone talking about how he can make money with WhatsApp affiliate program. Let’s clarify that please. There is nothing like “WhatsApp Affiliate Program in Nigeria or anywhere“. Though, there are other affiliate marketing sites that you can use to make money on WhatsApp.

You can join any of these affiliates networks; Amazon Affiliate, Commission Junction, Jumia Affiliate, Namecheap, QServers e.t.c to make money from WhatsApp.

4. Make Money Pushing People to Blog

increase website page views

Do you know you can actually make money on WhatsApp pushing people to visit your blog? I’ll show you how. Am sure you must have heard about Google AdSense before now. Google AdSense is an ad serving network for publishers, and anyone can actually make money from Google AdSense.

Now how does that have to do with it as a WhatsApp earning method? It’s very simple. Earning passively on Google AdSense requires that you have tons of visitors from various sources. Using WhatsApp to push traffic to your blog will boost your Page-views and sometimes increase the chances of your blog Ads been clicked.

This method of making money from WhatsApp is also known as WhatsApp Marketing. Traffic does not only help in earning you money from your blog. Traffic also help in boosting your Alexa ranking and also increasing your blog’s popularity on the web.

Using WhatsApp to drive traffic to your blog is very effective in getting you some extra fund via WhatsApp. Too bad this way of making money from WhatsApp is not for everyone but for bloggers who are actually promoting ads on their site.

A lot of bloggers are actually using this method to make money from their blogs irrespective of their blog niches. You can learn how to create a blog here (or you can hire me for one).

For example, let’s assume your blog is about Making money Online. You can create a Make Money Online group on WhatsApp. Invite people in and tell your friends to invite others. Make the group very engaging. Then whenever you publish a post on your blog, share a catchy summary of your post with the link at the end on your money making group. You will have visitors from your WhatsApp group and your WhatsApp contacts might click and forward your summary to their contacts. It can go viral on WhatsApp and that means so many visitor and money.

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5. Become A WhatsApp Marketer For Online/Offline Businesses

Crypto trading in Nigeria

This may sound strange but this is real! There are people who are paid to promote businesses on WhatsApp! First, you have to be in groups that have lots of contacts. Have large number of contacts too.

Then use forums, social media and any platform you have to advertise yourself. Lines like “I can help you reach 1000 new customers via WhatsApp. Contact me if you are interested”.

You sure will be surprised with the results that would flow through your inbox. You will actually get people who will reach out, if you do it right. Once you get, all you have to do is work out a plan how you introduce their product or services to your WhatsApp audience. Now this is where you actually need the aid of WhatsApp sender Pro.

WhatsApp sender Pro is a marketing tools for marketers who uses WhatsApp as their way of targeting audience. It is a must have tool if truly you need to make money on WhatsApp in India, Nigeria, Ghana, Germany et.c. You can actually get the WhatsApp marketing software for Windows for just a penny here.

Making money from WhatsApp is actually not a hard thing to do at all with the right marketing tools.

The only challenge of becoming a WhatsApp marketer is when you are new to the game but have no patient. You are actually expecting a magic to happen overnight (like, getting clients in your first week).

“There is actually nothing like WhatsApp Earning Group Links 2019/2019”

6. Refer Friends to Apps | WhatsApp Earning Apps

make money apps

There are apps on Play store that will pay you a small token or offer recharge cards and different rewards if you refer a friend to use it. This is very passive, as income are small but who does not like coke as long as they don’t pay for it? You can actually make money from WhatsApp easily referring your friends to install an app on their devices.

All you need is get the app, refer friends and earn. Because list of such apps is not consistent we have not listed them here, you can search on Google for “Apps That Pays to Refer a Friend”. you might get different results from different sites. Make sure to use only sites you know are Nigerian based to solve your puzzle so as to avoid withdrawal stories.

Many people tend to join lots of online money making opportunities without figuring out how to cash out their earning when its due time. PayPal, Skrill and Wire transfer are the only best 3 ways of withdrawing money from anywhere to Nigeria.

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Now, the final say should tell you. Referring fiends to apps is a good way of making money with WhatsApp easily.

What Others Are Searching Now

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Conclusion: Making Money On WhatsApp 2019/2020 for Free

Above we share with you the in dept essentials you need to enable you make money online from WhatsApp in any Country. Many are using this WhatsApp earning techniques to make money with their WhatsApp status and contact.

Anything that works for Mr. A can also work for Mr. B (even better). All that is required is self discipline and patients because earning money online tent to be more tighter than ever. Real marketer pull to fit themselves into any available space they get to make money online which when succeeded. They sell as copies and course for people like you to buy while they earn more commission.

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I don’t even know why am saying the truth about Digital marketing to you, but I just thought you should know how the circles works. The earlier you go about venturing in turning your WhatsApp account as a business the better for you. You might even end up acquiring a skill that people like me may end up purchasing.

Cheers as you venture into WhatsApp marketing so as to make money on WhatsApp

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