How to Make Blood Money In Nigeria 2020 (Complete Rituals)

A lot of people want to make blood money in Nigeria but don’t know the right procedures to take.


Thank God you are here! This post will guide you through with beginners basics of making blood money in Nigeria with or without rituals.


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Remember I say this post will guide you through on how to do money rituals or blood money the right way? Well this is it. But before then, I will like you to know more about Money Rituals (juju), whether or not it’s real and if “YES”; how you can make blood money and If “NO”; You will get to know other legit ways of making money in Nigeria.

Origin Of Rituals and Blood Money Rituals (How it started and all you should know)


Blood money rituals is not really a new thing as Nigeria is concerned. It has been on existence for decades now and thousands of people are already mining a hell of Naira from it already.

The early pagans of the past practice rituals as an aid to help them in times of emergencies or when they really need something badly. Most times, they do rituals just to please their gods or for giving offerings to idols they worship.

At-times they use rituals just to please or console their gods when its angry with them. They go to their gods, offer some peti sacrifice of maybe goat, fowl, wine, cola nut and many other items.

Others make simple rituals to;

  • Console their gods
  • Bring rainfall
  • For protection against attack
  • To win a war

As time went on, the pagans realized they can actually use rituals and their gods to live the desired life they ever wanted. And that was how blood money rituals came to existence in the early nineties.

so, what does this blood money rituals means?

What Is Blood Money Ritual Meaning?

“Blood money rituals” means the money that is gotten from sacrifice that has to do with killing of living creatures. So this means before you can make blood money in Nigeria or anywhere in the world, you must have something to do with killing of living thing.

Unfortunately, animal blood no longer works in making blood money rituals in any part of the world. The gods desire for human blood keep rising every living day.

This means if you want to make blood money, you must be ready to involve in human killing as sacrificial lamp.

Does Money Ritual Still exist In Nigeria today?

I know you will love to here a honest answer to this question.

Remember Blood money rituals is an ancient way of making money anywhere is the world. And It has also been on existence for decades now. Older men who started blood money are no more the the game never ends.

So for this, you should now that blood money still exist in Nigeria and thousands of people are still using it till date.

Type of Money Rituals

Basically, there are tree types of money rituals in Nigeria and the world at large. These money rituals are known as the;

  • Blood Money Rituals: Type of ritual that involves killing
  • Daily Money Rituals: Acceptable rituals that involves your daily work
  • Self Sacrificial Money Rituals: Type of rituals that involve you sacrifice part of your body

On this page, we are only taking to Blood Money Ritual (just as written on our title). You can learn more about Money Rituals here. So here comes the most anticipated.

How to Make Blood Money In Nigeria With Rituals (Process, Contact, & Rituals)

how to make blood money in NIgeria
Blood money rituals guide

Making Blood Money in Nigeria is not as difficult as it is but I wonder why lots of people keep searching online for ritualist contacts. Just as promised, I will work you trough on how you can start making blood money in Nigeria.

So here it comes.

1. Visit a Baba (Juju Priest)

In every decision in life, there is always a first step to take before the second. So making blood money in Nigeria requires that you first of all visit a Juju priest.

2. Lay Down Your Problems

This is a stage whereby you will lay down your worries to him/her. This format works great.

Hello Baba,

My name is XXXX and am from XXXX. I have been in lot of worries since the last XXXX. Am really down financially, I mean real broke without a penny. It hurts me all day to se my mate driving porche everywhere while board bike even to come here.
I can really use your help. I don’t mind doing anything to in order for me make money abundantly, even if it involves any rituals.

He sure will give you a response to confirm if you are really ready. Just answer “YES” cause you must have made up your mind before going there in the first place.

3. Learn to Understand The Terms

Now don’t only listen as he speaks because you are almost at the point of “No Going Back”. Make your you read and understand all that he have to say about the requirements, procedures and others.

Don’t just nod head and relax or ask too much questions. He might get upset and strike you to dead.

4. Agree To The Terms

Having listen all that the JUJU person has to say. Agree to the stated terms so you can proceed to the next step where the simple ritual procedures will be taken place.

5. Offer The Required Sacrifice/Task

This is the final step of making blood money in Nigeria or anywhere in the world. It’s the final ritual and after that, your money will start coming from different dimension. This in some cases in known as the Money ritual bath or the spiritual money bath.

6. Live By The Mentioned Terms

There should not be much saying about this ritualism checklist because am sure you must be aware before now. Not living by the agreed terms and instruction the juju pries tells you may result to you loosing your life.

7. Make Money Abundantly

This is the complete stage whereby all rituals are done. You can start a new live and spend money anyhow you want because more will still come.

What Blogsxtra Has to say About “Blood Money In Nigeria”

Now are you happy about what you just read?

We @blogsxtra don’t really know but surely it consist of all you need in making money the wrong way which we don’t recommend.

Blood Money is not a legit, good or best way to make money in Nigeria. We still have other lucrative online and offline business one can do and make money easily. Students can also learn to make money legitimately here.

Many are dying un-timely death because they were once involved themselves with a deal with the devil. How will you even feel you your son use you as human sacrifice because he/she want to make blood money? If you won’t like to die like that then why will you ever want to kill someone just because you want to make money?

Make Money In Nigeria - blogsxtra

Why You Should Never Consider Doing Money Rituals in Nigeria

  • You will die before your time
  • You will lose your love once
  • Your live will always be chased
  • Money will come but you might not spend it the way you desire
  • Restrictions are too much
  • Jesus Loves you and he won’t want you go astray


Final Conclusion: Your Guide to Making Blood Money In Nigeria

After reading all content on this page, one should understand we not in anyway promoting blood money or ritualism on This piece was only made to broaden our mind on what money ritual or blood money is all about.

We do not and will never recommend rituals in any way to our client or readers. That’s because it’s an unacceptable way of making money anywhere in the world.


Make Money: How To Make Blood Money With or Without Rituals In Nigeria

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