Learn How To Become A Yahoo Boy In Nigeria: Yahoo Billing Formats 2020

Yahoo Yahoo is now the latest trend of making huge amount of money overnight from premium countries to Nigeria, Ghana and other African countries. Many youths want to learn how to become a yahoo boy in Nigeria overnight but at the end, their hustles will all be in vain.

I know you don’t want to be classified or called a member who failed to be a legit yahoo boy.

On this page, you’ll get to learn the legit and working Yahoo Yahoo formats top level yahoo boys and girls are using to loop away huge fund from their clients.

Blogsxtra Web came across this Keyword “How to become a Yahoo boy in Nigeria” because lots of people like you reading this post now are making searches like;

  • How to access yahoo plus account
  • How to start yahoo yahoo and make money in Nigeria
  • Yahoo boys latest format that works
  • G boys dating sites and app
  • Yahoo boys Orientation
  • Where to meet with hustler boys and girls in Nigeria

and many other phrases I can’t even mention on this page.

Well, it does not matter what keyword or means that brings you to this page.

Here, you will learn the complete orientation on how to be a good working yahoo boy/girl in Nigeria that cash fund.

There will also be a premium advice for you just below our post. It’s going to be about what we feel you should know about being a Yahoo Yahoo hustler in Nigeria.

Now, Let’s get to learn about Yahoo Yahoo in Nigeria.

What Is “Yahoo Yahoo In Nigeria”

What is Yahoo Yahoo in Nigeria

Many at the mention of “Yahoo” or “Yahoo Yahoo“, hundreds of people think about the global www.yahoo.com mail service provider but I tell you it’s not. The Yahoo we are talking about here is totally different from that of Yahoo.com.

This is no mail or service provider instead, it’s a name given to a specific side hustles from the internet.

This has been on existence for a very long time now and was originated by the Nigerian youths.

So what is this Yahoo Yahoo?

Yahoo Yahoo as mentioned above is a name given to a specific online side hustles. In plain words, “Yahoo Yahoo” or “yahoo” is a way of living a false live on the internet and also scamming people online.

This is also known as 419 locally in Nigeria but known globally as G boys hustles.

Let me not get you bored with lots of writings here. You might want to checkout this post I uncover from a friend’s Facebook wall.

Blogsxtra Yahoo
Yahoo Yahoo In Nigeria Aspirant

Just as seen above, someone went to him and seeking for help on how to become a working yahoo boy. Thinking the publisher of the post is a Yahoo boy not knowing he is only a web designer and digital marketers.

The good news is that you are here, where we will be talking about how to become a successful Yahoo boy in Nigeria 2019/2020.

This is going to be the final stop where you will stop searching for “Yahoo boys orientation” on Google but instead doing more practices. Most legit G boys tip will be shared here for free.

Let me tell you a brief story. I promise it’s going to be short and interesting regarding yahoo plus and yahoo hustles in Nigeria.

I know someone who was into Yahoo for several years without ever winning over a client. This is because he fails to get the appropriate Orientation and Yahoo boys blueprint which you will find here today.

Yahoo Yahoo In Nigeria: The Untold G Boys Tip & How To Become A Successful Yahoo Boy In Nigeria

Becoming a Yahoo boy or girl in Nigeria is an easy thing and only takes a day. The easy yet hard to understand thing about Yahoo Yahoo in Nigeria is how to become a successful Yahoo hustler.

Many are into the yahoo living for years now but have nothing to boast about. WHY?

That’s because they failed to understand or even care to know the latest Yahoo boys orientation and formats.

In case you don’t know the Yahoo boy orientation and latest formats this year, find it now.

What Is Yahoo Boys Orientation [latest]

Remember orientation is an overview or introduction to something new or thing you don’t have full knowledge about.

So this gets us to our question, “What is yahoo boys orientation?

Yahoo boys orientation are those necessary guidelines and tip every yahoo yahoo boy/girls needs to understand. Without these proper guidelines and tips, one might end up working for 5 years without anything to boast about.

Imagine doing G work for years without cashing out and seeing other new bees creating waves and spending anyhow.

The worst of all is when you get yourself caught up in SARS cell. This I believe will be the worst day of your life.

So the latest hustlers orientation remains;

  • Where to easily find client and how to approach
  • Understanding what are format and how to execute them
  • Learning what is gift card and how they work
  • What is carding and how to use them on client
  • How to remain real and simple to your client e.t.c

What Is Yahoo Boys Format [Latest]

Remember format is a structure of rephrasing a thing to something else in simple words. One might say, “I format my phone to factory reset” or “please teach me how to format my laptop”.

This is where Yahoo boys format comes in.

Yahoo boys format, are those constructive and irresistible speech or approach you use when asking for favor from your client (Maga).

Like for example,

we have yahoo formats like;

  • Dating Formats
  • Billing Formats
  • Traveling Format
  • Grant Lotto Format
  • Vacation Format
  • Approaching Format and so many more.

With the correct yahoo boys orientation and formats, one can do the unthinkable within a week and buy a Benz within a month.

It’s real that everyone want to buy and ride a Benz in Nigeria, some are even interested in buying Benz with Pant.

So now to the most anticipated. How you can become a yahoo boy in Nigeria and make money.


How To Become A Successful Yahoo Boy In Nigeria/Ghana 2019/2020

Before one can become a successful yahoo boy in Nigeria or anywhere, there are usually some necessary things which are needed to be put in place.

Remember, people of the past says, “there is no smoke without fire” or “stream without a river”.

So below lies the complete list of tools and things to be put in place to being a successful Yahoo boy in Nigeria.

1. Get a Smart Phone (see recommended G-Boys Phone)

Basically, any online hustle or business requires a mobile device and same goes to the Yahoo business hustle. But here, just a smartphone might not be able to fix all issues and queries.

Becoming a legit and successful Yahoo boy in Nigeria requires that you use things with some high quality specs.

That’s why we recommend only Top Level Mobile Devices for Yahoo Yahoo business as for now. We recommend iPhone and Samsung devices for doing yahoo business. This is because the manufacturers use a strong method of technology to make those devices unbreakable and difficult to be traced.

2. Get a Laptop (see recommended G-boys Laptop)

Lot of people believe all Laptop are same and all Laptop devices can be used for doing G – Boys work.

Well, that’s %89 not true.

Not all Laptops are good for Yahoo hustles in Nigeria. Remember we need speed in this business and you don’t need anything that will/would slow your time.

For you to become a successful Yahoo boy in Nigeria, you need a Laptop with nothing less than spec which will be listed here in no time.

Yahoo Boys Laptop Specs

  • Nothing less than 4GB RAM
  • Laptop should be bit64 or more
  • It should support framework
  • Laptop device should be core i3 or more

With a Laptop of this specs, Being successful in your Yahoo career is %74 if you actually know what you are doing.

3. Get Premium VPN (Recommended Virtual Private Network for Yahoo Boys)

Am sure you should know what a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is. It’s a private network connection that changes your IP address from your actual location to any location of your choice.

In case you don’t know.

Am a blogger and I can track anyone who visit my site but with the help of VPNs, you can send a false location for me and I’ll track the wrong address instead of the current one.

This is made to let you know how valuable VPN is to yahoo boys and how it can help in granting you a successful Yahoo boys green cap.

Thou free VPN apps might not be enough to solve all puzzles and this is why we recommend only paid VPN apps. You can always find these apps on Play Store (for Android) and Apple Store (for iPhones).

There are tons of VPN apps like, Fast VPN, Droid VPN, Super VPN but for now, we recommend NORD VPN and ProtonVPN . This is because of it’s %99.9 customer satisfaction and can help you not being caught while doing Yahoo deals online. It can also help you to access some premium Yahoo dating sites online.

4. Install Grammarly on Both Devices

Grammarly is an online tool/software that helps you to translate any bad English or language to it %100 correct form. Grammarly doesn’t make mistakes and that is why you need it as a Yahoo boy in Nigeria.

Remember as a Yahoo boy, you always tell your client you’re from the US which we both know you are not.

This Tool “Grammarly” will help construct your English to fit in like it was written by someone from the US. This tool is where you write your normal British English, translate to American English then copy and paste to your client.

You can use the free Grammar Trial online to see how it works, you can even install the extension for Google Chrome and Firefox. The Mobile app is also available for free download and install and you must need this as a Yahoo boy or Girl.

5. Learn Good English Language

English they say is one of the most difficult language on earth existing today. One funny truth is that you can’t win over a client with funny languages. You need to be convincing and sharp which surely you can’t do without English.

Thou, we have Spanish client but US clients are the best for doing Yahoo in Nigeria.

Let me tell you. You can never succeed as a Yahoo boy or girl without good English communication skill. This means, you have to improve or work on your English before thinking about joining the Yahoo! Yahoo!

This is because no client will fall to your bait cause everything is already spread out by the way you write.

If you are even thinking of using Grammarly as your source of Rhythm. Remember most conversations are best done with the %100 human knowledge.

This is because you can’t compare a software with it’s manufacturer.

6. Get a Foreign Phone Number

Remember being a Yahoo Yahoo hustler, you are most likely to claim living in some countries like UK, US or any other developed country. This is done because, your clients and other people tend to hold citizens or residence of these countries with high regards.

Thou in some cases, you might claim to be from the US but shift to Africa for some project completion. This is also a way of billing client and it’s a pure example of the “Yahoo Boys Construction Format“.

I will show you how to get your foreign number so as to help you become a yahoo boy you always wanted. But before then, checkout;

Things to Consider Before Hunting Foreign Number for Yahoo Boys Work

  • Your present country
  • Countries of clients you are targeting
  • The next country you will move to

How To Get Foreign Number In Nigeria For Yahoo Yahoo!

Getting a foreign number for hustling is not really a difficult thing of this days. Thou it used to be but that is in the past.

Now, you can get any country’s mobile number in just five minutes using some quick online resources. I will only share one with you know since you are not paying me.

Just head over to PlayStore and install “TextPlus” on your device and you are good to go. Other part of getting your foreign number from this app is self explanatory. You only have to download and install the app then follow the on screen guide.

7. Create Multiple Social Media Accounts

You don’t expect to succeed as a Yahoo boy in Nigeria or beyond using your real social media handles or do you?

Becoming a successful Yahoo boy or girl in Nigeria requires that you create hustling business social media profile. This is done so as to hide your real identity from the public but only show the fake you to the world.

Social media profiles here is not about thoes does on dating sites and other low class handles. We are talking about, high rated social media accounts like;

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • SnapChat.

The reason why you need social presence as a Yahoo boy or girl in Nigeria from these top social handles is done so as to avoid suspicious from your client.

8. Download Cloning App

This depend on you (the Yahoo boy or girl). Cloning apps help you proof the preferred identity you want to share with your client. It might me sex (male or female), country (US, Nigeria, Russia), Face & Complexion or others.

Like for instance, many top yahoo boys in Nigeria who prefer being a female hustler to male will just create a fake online profiles (just as mentioned on No. 7) and start their hustling. Now when they get a client and the client request for a live video call (which they can’t say NO to), they make use of these cloning apps to hide their true gender from clients.

To become a successful Yahoo Boy in Nigeria, you need to work an extra mile to be able to proof your fake online identity real to your clients. Which is one of the genuine reason why you need Cloning app as a Nigerian Yahoo hustler.

Major Things To Consider Before You Start Cloning

  • Your sex (Male or Female)
  • Country or origin (Us, Russia, Uk, Itali)
  • Skin Color (fair or dark)
  • Voice (pitch & sound)

Once you download the cloning app, just head over to settings to set up everything the way you want it to be. This way, you can save yourself from being caught by your client in the nearest future.

Cloning apps or mostly premium apps which you must have to pay for activation (thou some of the apps have 7 days trial). Just get the right one that suit your needs and do the basic configuration (the face and voice you want to use) and the app will do the rest.

9. Learn Carding (iTunes, Gift card), how to use and how to convert into cash

You might want to ask.

What is Carding?

Carding is a way of defrauding your client gift-cards just as iTunes gift-card, Amazon gift-card, Credit gift-card and others. It is a cool way of earning huge from the internet as a Yahoo boy.

Learning carding as a yahoo boy in Nigeria earlier will definitely grow you to become a Yahoo boy in Nigeria is always want to be.

Imagine hitting up to $500 gift card within a week from 2 clients? that’s indeed massive and everyone will surely fall for that. Thou carding works best when you are targeting the US clients.

10. Learn The Yahoo Boys Orientation

We talks about the Yahoo boys orientation earlier and you should scroll up to check it out if you missed it.

In a quick overview, The Yahoo boys orientation are those necessary guidelines and footstep every yahoo boy needs to follow. Reading this post is also a free orientation because your are learning the how to become a successful Yahoo boy.

11. Learn “Yahoo Yahoo Boys Format” and “How To Execute Them”

Remember, format is an approach or a way of communicating with your client when making request and wishes. Without the working & Latest Yahoo boys format, one might end up wasting time on a client that will never pay.

Thank God to the Yahoo boys format that keeps updating with new once on a regular basis.

One can now easily request for anything from client and get instant access.

We will be talking more on Yahoo Yahoo Boys Latest Format on our next post.


Latest “Yahoo Yahoo Boys Format” For Billings Clients

Billing client of present times tend to be more difficult than ever but not with the Latest Yahoo boys format that follows in just a moment.

With this Latest formats for Yahoo hustling, you have the high chance of getting a hit if really you know what you are doing. These are not those outdated format formats of the past for scamming people like the “Nigerian prince email format“.

Instead, we bring to you latest and trending billing format for correct G – boys making it huge in Nigeria this year. Thou, you will have to play your part right if you must succeed after using these billing formats on your client.

Here are some of the latest scamming format:

1. Dating Format(Real Lover needs Money to survive)

This Yahoo boys format is the most popular and best of all time. It never expires or get outdated. Instead, it only get re-branded into new and more interesting structures.

Dating format is works best for female hustlers but male hustlers can also benefit from this format. Just create fake female profiles and have fun with it while it last.

2. Military Format (soldier in a foreign country)

This type of format as a yahoo boy works accordingly with the dating yahoo boys dating format. The military or Army format uses the psychology if telling your client that you are in a far away country fighting against terrorism or at the war front.

The military dating format helps spare you from your client requesting for video call and also increases the chances that your client will like you as a good citizen. Just make sure you claim to be citizen of the US if you must ball with this Yahoo boys billing format this year.

3. In-heritage Format (Help me claim Daddies wealth & earn 40%)

This is a type of Yahoo boys format that works great any day any time and to all clients with long throats. As a Yahoo boy or girl, you can actually lure your client to fall for this petti trap if your card is played well.

Thou this Yahoo boys billing format requires that you are constructive and also intelligent.

In plan words, it’s a psychology of telling your client your dad works in a XXX place and now he is late, before his death – he left some will with lawyers and before the will be released, you must get married or just anything. Once you are able to convince your client to believe you, then the inheritance billing format for G boys is for you.

4. Gift Card Billing Format

Gift card is one of the best way of billing your client because you are not really requesting for money here. Rather, you are requesting for a gift which most client always fall for if asked with knowledge.

There are tons of billing format to defraud your client iTunes, Amazon or any other gift card you can ever imagine.

5. Traveling Format

This is one cool format for yahoo boys that works handy with the “Yahoo boys Dating format”.

What Do Blogsxtra Have To Say About Becoming a Yahoo Hustler In Nigeria

Yahoo Yahoo In Nigeria

Yahoo Yahoo as the name sounds is a fraudulent way of making money by scamming others. We at BlogsXtra Web Technologies have nothing to do with scam and will never promote scam to our audience.

So what’s Up About The Title, “Learn How To Become A Yahoo Boy In Nigeria”?

Title was meant to lure you click our site via the SERP because we notice tons of Nigerian youth want to start making money from Yahoo. So we create this post to tell the whole world and to open eyes of the weak what “Yahoo Yahoo (419)” is all about and how they operate.

Disadvantage: Why Yahoo Yahoo Shouldn’t be an Option

  • You will die before your time
  • scamming people is bad to the society
  • You might get rich but you will not spend your money the right way
  • You will not like it if someone does same to you
  • Jesus Christ Loves you

Conclusion: Learn How To Be A Working Yahoo Boy In Nigeria

Yahoo Yahoo in Nigeria is no doubt an illegal hustle (even thou it is very lucrative in nature). We don’t and will never recommend such to our dear readers. Instead we bring to you some legit online business in Nigeria which you can start with zero or low capital.

Disclaimer: This post was written to create awareness to the public on what is Yahoo Yahoo, who they are and how they operate. We have no intention to promote this to the youth so anyone who uses information on this page as a way of scamming others is on his/her own.

Stay save and say no to scam.. If you really enjoy post on this content, do well to live a comment and also subscribe to our blog for more updates like this.

Exposed!!! Making Money Illegally In Nigeria Doing Yahoo Yahoo Business

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