How To Become A Successful Yahoo Girl In Nigeria (2020)

Yahoo Yahoo is no doubt one of the coolest way of making money online in Nigeria. On this post we’ll work you through on how to start a successful yahoo career to help you become a Yahoo girl in Nigeria.

Since the release on our guide on how to become a successful Yahoo boy in Nigeria, we get to learn that there are tons of female out there who want to become a Yahoo girl as well. So we compile this piece just for you so you can start cashing out like the big boys as well.

One more thing!!

This Yahoo Yahoo technique is not just for the ladies who want to learn how to start a yahoo hustling business. Guys who want to start a Yahoo Yahoo career with a female disguise can benefit from this post as well.

Starting a Successful Yahoo Girl Career In Nigeria that Fetches Money

What is Yahoo Yahoo in Nigeria

What if I tell you the easiest way to earn money from Yahoo Yahoo is be framing yourself into a female hustler?

Sure you should know that but I know many may doubt this idea.

You don’t even need to think much about this. Just take a look at yourself as a male, how often do you give money to your fellow guy compared to what you give to a girl?

That should make you understand that disguising yourself as a girl is the best way of making money with Yahoo Yahoo in Nigeria. This is because you won’t even start spending or having head ache with cloning apps just for you to change your appearance and voice. As a Yahoo girl, you act natural with your voice and most things about you. Except some untouched privacy that can’t be revealed.

Some might tell you becoming a Yahoo girl only requires that you are cute and have a nice way of approaching clients. Well, that’s not really true.

  • As a girl, you don’t approach client; you make them come for you.
  • So how do you make them come for you?
  • You lure them some-way, some how

Just as our main title stated “how to become a successful yahoo girl in Nigeria”, we will be teaching major yahoo yahoo techniques and formats that works. These yahoo orientations, will surely help you;

  • Become a yahoo boy/girl using Facebook
  • Be a yahoo boy/girl without laptop
  • Start a yahoo career with phone and also
  • know all the latest yahoo billing formats that works

Yahoo Yahoo

How to Become A Yahoo Girl In Nigeria (Step-by-Step)

Yahoo Yahoo is a form of business to start and, just like any other business both online and offline, you will need to invest either time or money to buy gadgets you need to get started.

These gadgets are not just physical for they vary in many ways and you need them to become a yahoo girl/boy in Nigeria. You might want to ask, what are those yahoo yahoo gadget?

Don’t rush, I will be dropping most of them in a few lines to chill.

1. Get a Phone

As always, a “smartphone” is always the basic tool for doing any online business in any part of the world. So you should know having a smartphone is a must have thing for anyone who want to start doing yahoo yahoo online.

The reason why you will need a smartphone for this business as a yahoo girl is to enable you to have remote access to reach your client anytime he needs you. With this, you can always beat time and earn the trust of your client which will result to business success.

2. Get a Laptop

Mobile device or smartphone cannot give the actual satisfaction a correct yahoo girl will ever need and this is where “needing a laptop” comes in. Laptop encourages you as a yahoo girl to access and do tons of things remotely at piece which smart phone cannot guarantee.

I can assure you very need a laptop if really you’re to succeed being a yahoo girl or boy in Nigeria.

And not just any type of laptops cause we have tons of them with low spec and can easily get hacked easily. Our recommendation is Mac if you can afford or go for the Windows OS till you finally make your first cash from the hustle.

3. Learn English + Grammarly

English they say “it’s the most difficult language existing on earth” but I tell you. You must learn good and fluent English if truly you must be a legit yahoo hustler.

Thou there are some free and premium online tools and apps that can help out fix those grammatical errors. Our best recommended online tool for correcting grammatical errors is Grammarly, the latest and complete online Grammar correction tool by Google.

But that doesn’t mean you should not work on your written sentence cause human brain can never be compared to that of a machine or software.

4. Get a Foreign Number


As a yahoo girl/boy in Nigeria, having a working foreign phone number should be one of your basic aim. This is because a foreign phone number will save you the stress and make your client trust your location more.

Let’s say you’re claiming to be from Germany and you’re giving your client a Nigeria, Ghana phone number. Don’t you think he would be having some mixed thoughts about who you really are?

But with a foreign phone number, you can comfortably tell your client you’re from any part of the World. And if he request for your direct contact (which he surely will), you will give him without any second thoughts.

There are lots of ways you can get any country’s phone number either through apps or main site. I will recommend Text-Plus for you which you can easily get it on play-store.

5. Create Social Media Profile for Yahoo Work

You can never succeed as a yahoo girl or boy without top and standard social media handles. These handles is not just those dating sites social handles but handles from top world recognized social places like Facebook, Twitter e.t.c

This is mandatory because it will make your client earn your trust and also verify that you are trully who you say you really are.

Why do you think yahoo boys/girls pay thousands just to get an old Facebook social media account? That should tell you the value of having a handle from top social media. Thou, we recommend that you just create a new one for now cause you might not have enough money to get an old one for start.

6. Get Steady Internet Connection

Of course this is the last but not the least you need to become a successful Yahoo Girl in Nigeria.

The Yahoo Girl Formats: Learning the Real Latest Yahoo Girl Orientation

As a girl or boy disgusting as a girl, there are tons of ways to make money via yahoo yahoo. This because as a girl, your objective is to get male client which is not really difficult when done correctly.

And again,

Male Client pays better and fast, all those female client hardly make payment but if they do it’s always massive. (laughing out loud)

So what are the yahoo girl format?

The “yahoo girl format” are those tricks (money making movement) for ladies doing yahoo yahoo to make money online. These yahoo girl formats are very lucrative and can fetch money to buy a new plot of land in Lekki if done the right way with correct practice.

So what are these working Yahoo Girl Billing formats?

Don’t rush, I will be dropping some of them after this line so chill.

1. Local Dating Scam Yahoo Format

Every day by day, there are many dating sites coming up for anyone who wants to become a yahoo girl to make money. These dating sites are giving room for boys to be hunting for girls almost all the time. As a result of that, several boys are falling prey to girls who are very sharp online. Let me share a story so that you can understand what I mean by the local dating scam format. It is one of the best scam formats for anyone who wants to become a yahoo girl.

In 2017 I opened an Instagram account (a fake one) and made it so professional. I used my GF’s pictures and edited it well with the Snapchat filter – you couldn’t even recognize her in real life. Then I started looking for whom to play a fast one on. Luckily I saw this man who was very old but was looking for a young girl to sleep with. He sent me a message and we started chatting.

When it was time for the video call, I gave it to my GF; he requested that he wanted her to come down to his state. All she requested was the transport; the next day, she got a 30k alert – we used the money to enjoy ourselves.

There are many other local dating sites to get Magas, and they are;

2. Chat Room Hustle Format

If you have the mind, then you can consider this other scam format. It is very simple and also secured. In this case, you are dealing with white men directly. Like I said before, this post isn’t for yahoo girls who are doing “Holy-holy”, it is for those who wants to make money.

Steps to start the Chat Room Hustle Scam

  • You must have a laptop with a front camera
  • You will visit Eurochatroom
  • Set-up your profile
  • Start recording video and making money

3. Love Dating Scam Format

Now we will enter into the best business of the day – which is the love dating scam format. While it is easier to make it big as a yahoo girl using this format is because you don’t need to hide. You can make it clear to your client that you are a “Young” African girl who is looking for sexual adventures.

You let them know that you can do anything to please them. But when you are saying all these, make sure you avoid the following;

  • Don’t be desperate
  • Use a super beautiful picture
  • Always type in good English

There are some tools that you will use to make sure that you achieve all these. The tools will help you make sure you don’t make mistakes.

Tools for the yahoo dating scam format

Dating site apps

There are several dating sites that will allow you to meet your potential client. You can either download their apps or log onto the website.

There are several websites you can meet potential white men who will fall in love with an African girl. Some of the websites are OkCupid, eharmony, and EliteSingles. It isn’t just limited to this alone, you can also google for more website.

4. Credit Card Billing Format

Credit card billing format for yahoo girl is one cool way of earning passive income from being a yahoo hustler. This is where you here Wire Wire!

Do fast make we wire the money enter our account

Wire Wire is a way of defrauding your client via credit card billing format for yahoo boys and girls. It is also a cool way cause the client will not even have an idea of your plans till you are done.

Thou, this format requires that you are very smart and good with yahoo hustling

5. Bitcoin Scam Format

Crypto-currency is bitcoin. It is a digital currency that can be sent from user to user without intermediates from a central bank and a unique administrator on the peer to peer network.

Bitcoin has been criticized for its use in illegal transactions, high energy consumption, volatility prices, theft of exchanges and reputable economists who say it should be at full price, although several regulators are issuing Bitcoin investor alerts. Bitcoin is also being used as an investment.

Guide to Becoming a Yahoo Yahoo Girl In Nigeria Through Social Media/Online Resources


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