Top 5 Online Jobs You Don’t Want To Invest In

There are lots of online jobs in Nigeria streaming all over the country and some other places you can’t even imagine. Not just Nigeria, there are lot of them out there also all over the globe. Today am going to show you the top 5 online jobs you don’t want to invest in online.

You see, the truth is and always will remains the truth which is, “there are lot of online jobs”, few legit (real and scam free) while thorns of them are just scam and ponzi (Not Recommended).


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Many people rush into any online job opportunity that comes in there way without proper investigation or even a short insight of review from the experienced fellows/expert on that field which believe me, makes them feel very bad at the end of the session.

There are many that luckily succeed running an unknown job offer online but I tell you this “it’s not recommended” for it’s good to be sure on what decision you are about to take before even planning. I know it may sound confusing if you are not really focused.

Without wasting much time, let’s head to what brought us here at first place which is top 5 online jobs you don’t want to invest in 2018-2019.


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Top 5 Online Jobs You Don’t Want To Invest In

Before listing out the top five online job opportunity you don’t want to invest in, take note that the term invest means a lot of things not just Money, it can also be used in term of Time which have to do with patience and all the rest.

Okay, now that you’ve got that, we can proceed on listings of online jobs you never want to invest on.


This may sound familiar to some people, strange to some and can never be true to some. The Thing is that I don’t care cause am just trying to express my point of view and also help broadcast the view of many people out there I meet.

To be honest, Survey programs are one of the worst I’ve ever encounter online promising $5 – $15 for just participating in a survey that won’t take more than 10 – 15mins.

Its obvious that when you see an online earning opportunity like this, you will start pondering on how you can get started and also start earning thorns of thousand working only for few mins a day.

NB: Am Emmanuel and am telling you this “most of them are scam and believe me, you don’t want to invest your precious time”.

online jobs you dont want to invest


Am very sure that if you have spend like two months online surfing the net focusing on how to make money online then you must be likely to have fallen into the pit of these types of earning opportunity or something close to that nature.

As always, there are thousands of them out there ready to make you weep by ruining your precious time and effort.

To easily identify these type of online sites, you will not notice that once you sign up or before even signing up, you will see a notification notifying you that you can be earning more than $500 in 2-3 hours.

Bet me, they really sucks.

online jobs you dont want to invest


To be sincere, these one falls in the category of once that make me feel like “WOW! Can this be real? So I can be making enough $$$ for myself just by clicking on Ads/pictures”.

Sweet right? Believe me when I say no other mouth watering opportunity will trick you to quickly sign up without having to think on a second thought.

There are lot of them on the web, I would have drop some links but it’s not advisable for some privacy issues/term that I need to follow as my limitations.

online jobs you dont want to invest


This one is not commonly noticed by newbies so I’ll just have to drop it here for you my dearly viewers in case you haven’t notice.

Most of scam sites out there use try as much as they can to see that you don’t even notice of come to even have a second thought about them but there are other factors that when properly looked at, you will see that they are not really true.

To be straight forward let me say this,you need to be cautious when you see a site ending with a .club .bid .online domain extensions.

They are most likely to be scam and ponzi so take note.

online jobs you dont want to invest


This will be the last I’ll like to talk about for now. You need to be cautious when using sites that promise to give you thorns of cash even without doing nothing.

Most of them are purely scam if we are going to talk base on a sincere review by many experience fellas that have said it all since the beginning.

Wrap On Online Jobs You Don’t Want To Invest

Don’t rush in taking a decision that you are not familiar with, sometimes it’s good to make proper research before taking any decision online.

You might want to say, If HE made it they why can’t I also make it online? Sometimes it’s good to follow your passion.

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