NeextLevelPay Review 2020: is NextLevelPay Scam or a Legit Income Scheme?

So today, we are going to talk about this new income program which am sure you won’t to miss out it’s review. This new income program is a bid far from other make money online schemes normally shared on BlogsXtra. Not to talk much, this program is not other than But wait, don’t just rush to click the above link because you are eager to make money online in Nigeria. Continue reading to view my honest NextLevelPay Review.

On this review, you will get to know;

  • What NextLevelPay is all about?
  • NextLevelPay’s aim and objective
  • How to make money on NextLevelPay
  • And lastly, you’ll get to know is the new online scheme is scam or legit.

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What is

Next Level Payment is a user to user donation system, that gives you DOUBLE of your donation to a fellow member. There is no secret admin on this platform, everyone including Admin, donates to receive donation. Next Level Payment is designed to stay permanently like every other E-Commerce platform, when you get tired of receiving donations, you quit and those who are not tired will continue to receive.

Every user receive their dues on a first come first serve basis. No new user will be considered as last on the queue rather they are considered by the system alongside those who have received multiple times. Next Level Payment is here to help every user overcome their financial challenges in this part of the world.

We are here to correct the general notion that user to user donation systems are bad due to greed and selfishness used to operate the system in the past. Next Level Payment is here to help every user gain financial freedom to live out their desired routine lifestyle without having to BEG for money or rely on someone else for their needs.

Our Mission at NextLevelPay (Next Level Payment)

We believe that the ability to live the routine lifestyle you wish for yourself without having to work so hard for it or beg by relying on anyone else for your cash need, is your personal decision and this is why Next Level Payment came up with this mission. The overall wellbeing of every Next Level Payment member is our long-term Goal. We are determined for the enduring liability of this mission in a real-time process for all users.

How Next Level Payment Works

Once you Join Next Level Payment, the system will assign you the next ready user to donate the sum of either N5000, N10000, N20000 or N50000 according to your chosen package, you make the donation and submit the payment receipt, the user will then confirm your donation and the system will automatically assign 2 registered users to you from the platform who will also pay you the donated amount each, into your bank account, making (200% of N5000= N10000, 200% of N10000= N20000, 200% of N20000= N40000 and 200% of N50000= N100000).

After you have received your complete donations, the system exit you and allow you to choose a package again and donate to another user. SPILOVER IS MANDATORY TO COVER THE DOUBLE PAYMENT DEFICITS.

Plans on NextLevelPay

Kids Package

You Pay: ₦5,000
You Earn: ₦ 10,000
In 24hrs – 7 days

Teenagers Package

You Pay: ₦10,000
You Earn: ₦ 20,000
In 24hrs – 7 days

Adults package

You Pay: ₦20,000
You Earn: ₦ 40,000
In 24hrs – 7 days

Elders Package
You Pay: ₦50,000
You Earn: ₦ 100,000
In 24hrs – 7 days

NextLevelpay plans and pricing

Is NextLevelPayment Scam or Legit?

Okay now I have to be personal with my views. This is because am sure hundreds of Nigerians will be viewing this topic weekly from the published date of this post.

Honestly, I’ve come across lots of sites like this so far and most of them I tried out turn out to be scam and not a legit one. The first one I tried was sometimes 2018 turned out to be scam and since then, I develop hatred for any similar site.

And to be realistic, a game like this won’t last for long. So for that reason, I Emmanuel Husseni of won’t recommend that you invest your money into such platform with the hope of getting double of your investment after 24 hrs.

Disclaimer: Am not in any way accusing to be a scam or Ponzi income program instead, am creating awareness based on bad experience I’ve had in the past.

Conclusion: Next Level Payment Nigeria (Money Doubling Platform in Nigeria)

Having discuss about on Blogsxtra Web Technologies, it’s left for you as an individual to make the right decision that can either make or break you. What more can we do to help even if you insist in joining this program?
Why not we share with you their contact details?

You can contact NextLevelPayment Using

  • Emal:
  • Call: 08108885575
  • WhatsApp: +2349014441482

How about this registration URL and hot to register an account?

How to Open an Account on Next Level Pay in Nigeria

  1. Open this link
  2. Fill in your all required field
  3. Confirm your email address
  4. Now login via

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