11 Sugar Baby Tips for Beginners 2020 [Must Read Guide]

It’s challenging to become a successful sugar baby with no knowledge of the essential sugar baby tips for beginners.

I understand you’re here to discover the sugar baby rules, and you’re in the right place. Whether you are interested in catfishing a sugar daddy, or a real sugar baby looking to get a sugar daddy, I have gone through the basic steps to get a sugar daddy.

The sugar baby industry started as a joke at around 1920. It has gradually grown to a popular and universally recognized sector with millions of members. Although thousands become sugar babies daily, only a few who know the tips for beginner sugar babies make waves.

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The goal of this article is to make you unique by disclosing the tips for new sugar babies. Do I have to adhere to the sugar baby rules before becoming an authority in the industry? Oh, yes! An ideal sugar baby must be knowledgeable of these tips to cash out or remain financially stagnant.

Let’s get started with the sugar baby tips for beginners already.

Winning 11 Sugar Baby Tips for Beginners

sugar tips for beginners

  1. Understand Your Identity

Identity describes who we are, what we prefer, and the things we dislike. It’s one the sugar baby tips for beginners willing to go the right direction.

As a sugar baby, I understand my identity from 3 perspectives:

  • My origin
  • Preference
  • Dislikes

With these perspectives, it’s relatively easy to determine my goals, precisely goals that determine how my sugar dating goals would perform.

With regards to origin, this has to do with your physique, how you talk, and what society believes you to be. Are you Ebony? Latina? American? Now, these are the sorts of things in question. Make sure your location and sugar lover targets are such that appreciate your identity.

  1. Ready for Difficulties?

Readiness for difficulties is one of the prominent sugar baby rules and a potent tip for new sugar babies. It is especially the case for a sugar baby with low self-esteem, inability to self-express, and that possesses a lackluster attitude.

It could be there are a few things out there that come in a platter of gold. Earnestly, becoming a sugar baby isn’t one. A sugar baby must be ready to sail through storms and dislike even his/her best of friends. Fortunately, once you establish yourself, you’ll be able to reconnect with everyone. In essence, it is never a bed of roses for beginners.

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  1. Shutoff Critics

It’s not only celebrities, book authors, media influencers, etc. that suffer headaches from critics. Practically, the level of critics you’d get is critical; such that loved ones won’t spare quashing out on you. Why? Society does not encourage becoming a sugar daddy, but they fail to see the difference between sugar dating and prostitution.

As part of the rules and, of course, tips for new sugar babies, a sugar baby must give deaf ears. If critics bash too much, shut them off by cutting off contacts, blocking, ignoring, or seeing them as irrelevant. If you’re going to maintain a holy-like heart, you can’t go far in the industry.

  1. Set Your Goals

It seems you’re yet to set goals! Hey, don’t make this mistake because it haunts afterward. Having a clearly defined goal is one of the tips for beginner sugar babies to clench.

It is like a business plan that helps to place the business vision in your palm. If you haven’t defined a goal today, you’ll become stagnant over time. In my case, I frequently review my goals and update them. As you grow up, you’d find out that goals expire and that you must fix it before things work.

Your goals should cover things you want from a particular sugar lover and how you intend to get them. For example, do you plan to go to bed with a specific sugar daddy/mummy before buying a new Ferrari? How long do you want to spend with each sugar lover? Is he/she worth it? Etc.

  1. Design Your Ideal Sugar Lover

We all have an ideal man/woman in mind. Some women love their men tall, handsome, and luxurious, while some others just need a caring man. In sugar dating, you should figure out what you want.

Is it necessary to design my ideal sugar lover? It isn’t essential but a tip I find to be useful to beginner sugar babies.

My Advice:

The sugar dating community is quite a broad community, and you’d literarily find people from different exhibiting various traits especially if you are looking to get a sugar daddy from places like Craigslist. However, hooking up with people far too different from what you love wouldn’t be calm because you may complain often.

While the sugar daddy or mummy love hemp and marijuana, you may not. It becomes a problem; as such, you should hook up with people that possess the preferable traits.

  1. Work On Physical and Emotional Strength

If you’re letting any of the tips for beginner sugar babies slide, it shouldn’t be this one.

Get rid of low self-esteem and inferiority complex. Trust me; sugar dating requires high mental strength. If you lack in this capacity as a beginner, you won’t develop fast.

Understand that the pressure heightens when you’re not so beautiful or handsome. Nonetheless, it is how you present your body that decides how the sugar dating community welcomes you. My friend, Mariah, isn’t that beautiful, but her gut is the best. Sometimes, you’d just halt to wonder how on earth she can flirt with the most elegant and most luxurious class of men.

  1. Hook Up with Confidence

The term ‘confidence’ is essential in the sugar baby rules. A sugar baby should be confident before and when meeting with sugar lovers Don’t give sugar lovers that shy attitude because they dislike it. Besides, showing zero confidence might tempt a sugar lover to take advantage of you.

If you’re hooking up online, be luxurious with how you exchange chats. For offline hookups at clubs, assorted bars, events, etc. try to be linguistically and physically intimidating.

Note: There is a difference between being proud and being intimidating.

Do not act proud because you’ll scare off profitable sugar lovers. In case you are unaware, some sugar lovers are shy and can’t approach sugar babies.

  1. Learn About the Sugar Lover

Ask questions before and after meeting a sugar lover. It is one of the sugar baby tips for beginners that can help you out of awkward sugar dating encounters.

Ask questions about sugar lover’s love life, type of friends, family, etc. Figure out what he/she loves and hates.

In 2016, I made a mistake that nearly cost my happiness. Fortunately, because of the questions I asked sugar daddy as a sugar baby, everything became cool. Can you guess what transpired? I know you’re curious to find out. After hooking up with a sugar daddy, barely did we know that his lover was trailing us. She looked ready to create an embarrassing scene. However, since I already learned from questioning sugar daddy, I was able to comport myself and win the situation.

  1. Adjust for Sugar Lovers

Don’t be a static sugar baby; always adapt. Allow yourself to flow alongside the sugar lover, and you’ll enjoy his/her company. For instance, if you happen to find out that a sugar lover smokes or drinks excessively, do not overreact. Simply, disclose your displeasure, and they’ll apologize or state their reasons.

Adjusting is one of the strategies I recommended in the post that explains how to get more money from a sugar daddy. So if you intend to get the best from your sugar daddy, then fit into his life.

Accept the apologies, flatter them, and mention to them that they’re too cute to do such. Nonetheless, do not judge or condemn the act while you’re yet to cash out. If you detest them, walk away because it’ll take more than sugar dating for them to change.

  1. A Secret Must Remain Secret

Never expose the secrets of sugar daddies or sugar mummies. Even if you find drugs and ammunitions in their apartments, overlook everything. Besides, are you a journalist or a particular government reporter? The government cares less about your safety, so just keep everything for yourself. If you wish to continue in the sugar dating, proceed or disengage without any alarm.

I know what I’ve seen over some years now but won’t say a thing. After all, I have my goals set and must reach each of them. They have theirs, and it’s their business.

Also, if you close contact with a sugar daddy or mummy on bad terms, don’t report them to spouses if they’re married. It shows immaturity, and you may be hurt.

  1. Know the Boundaries

It shouldn’t be too difficult to know the boundaries. When you exceed, prepare for the hook.

If you’re going to run the city bars, casinos, hottest clubs, etc. identify excesses and cut them off. In this industry, you’re not supposed to step on another man’s toes. The moment people keep malice of you is the moment your ending journey begins.

If you’re running things online, you may not need so many rules. However, you should be mindful of the sorts of sugar lovers to contact.


Sugar Dating Mistakes to Avoid

Early Trust

It’s a mistake to trust anyone as a sugar baby. You must not live the I-don’t-care sort of lifestyle and or with the wrong people and find yourself in deep messes. No sugar daddy or sugar mummy is a saint; they are all wandering soldiers looking to trick gullible sugar babies.

Shyness and Absent Confidence

It’s okay to be shy but silly when your sugar lover finds out. Don’t even think of surviving without confidence because it won’t work out. Sugar lovers will try to take advantage of and shy and unconfident sugar babies, and it is familiar with sugar daddies. Bear in mind that most sugar daddies are just hoping for a chance to bed you and kick you out.

Pressurizing for Money

No matter what, never pressurize for money. It shouldn’t just be about the money and do not give in yourself for sex. If you’re willing to sex with a sugar daddy, make sure, you’ve loaded your account with their money.

If you’re a girl, I want you to understand that sugar daddies hate when asked for money. Also, sugar daddies love to spend on their sugar babies. Do you understand? They will see you as a beggar when you peter for money too much; you lose your integrity.

Disrespecting their Legal Lovers

Even though your sugar love admires you, his/her legal lover still lives in his/her heart. For instance, a sugar daddy may not disclose that his wife is an angel to him. However, you dare not say anything wrong about her. Respect those they’re engaged to; besides, you’re in for the money.

Becoming Emotionally Attached

You will no longer be flexible with other sugar lovers. A sugar baby should not fall in love that way; it’s against the rules. As a beginner sugar baby, take whatever measure to detach your emotions from people, especially clients. Endeavor not to fall in love with any sugar daddy or mummy, or they’ll end up policing you around.

Not Clearly Defining Terms

Unclear terms are bad mistakes! Use a pen and paper to ink down your words. Discuss with every sugar lover and make it clear that they must respect what you want.

Having a Boyfriend/Girlfriend

No boyfriend or girlfriend will be okay with you as a sugar baby. It’s either you hide it from them, or you cut off the relationship. Figure out what works for you and put it into practice.

Beginners’ Takeaway

Whether you’re starting sugar dating online or offline, these are the essential sugar baby tips for beginners to thrive. Even as a pro, I still practice these tips to stay atop the game.

Meanwhile, some believe beginners sugar dating online pays more than beginners sugar dating offline. In my case, both pay, and it depends on how you’re able to comply with the essential sugar dating tips for beginners.

The smarter you react, the more you’ll be able to cash out from this multimillion-dollar industry.

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