How to Check UBA Account Balance [USSD Code & Offline]

You are welcome to BlogsXtra. Have you been searching for how you can find or check your UBA Bank account balance online or offline? We’ve got you covered. Today, we’ll be taking you by hand on how to check UBA Account Balance with USSD code, app and web.

Before then, you might want to checkout our most recent tutorial on how to check UBA account number. It sure will help you know your lost account number even without you going to any UBA branch.

So without taking much time, let’s get you set rightly.

How to Check UBA Account Balance with USSD Code Using Cell Phone

To check your UBA Account balance with USSD code, all you have to do if follow these few steps below;

  • Open your mobile device dial pad
  • Dial *919# and click send
  • Now respond with “6” to check the account balance of your UBA current or savings account

How to Check UBA Account Balance with Mobile App (Android/IOS Users)

There are no hidden tricks when it comes to checking your UBA Bank account balance using the official UBA mobile banking app. All you have to do is do the needful. What are/is the needful if you may ask?

ME: The needful are those compulsory or necessary things you need to do before you will be able to access the UBA Mobile banking system.

Here’s how to get started in checking your account balance on UBA Mobile Banking app for IOS and/or Android.

  • Open Google Play Store (for Android/IOS) or App Store (for Iphone)
  • Search for the query “UBA Mobile App”
  • Download and Install the Mobile App then open
  • Insert your account number or mobile number to find and activate the mobile banking app on your device
  • Now Allow App to load completely.
  • Check the My Account TAB to view your UBA Account Balance LIVE.

That is all about checking of UBA Bank amount or account balance on smart phone mobile app. Let’s go further in looking how we can check Account balance of any UBA Account using the UBA ONLINE Platform.

How to Check UBA Bank Account Balance on “UBA ONLINE” Web Platform

Hey, this is our last series on checking UBA account balance tutorial. Sure you know the UBA ONLINE banking platform before now. if not, you might want to go to any branch to make some inquiries.

That’s by the way. To be able to access or use the UBA ONLINE PLATFORM or WEB banking, you must be duly registered by UBA. This is to say, this is not for everyone. If you know you don’t have access to the UBA ONLINE Banking platform, you might want to checkout other UBA related topics. Otherwise let’s get started below.

4 Simple Steps to Check UBA Bank Balance with UBA ONLINE

  • Visit UBA official website
  • Login with your valid credentials
  • Confirm the OTP code sent to your registered SIM card
  • Behold your LIVE account balance shall be displayed before you.

So i guess that should be all for now. Please share post to friends if you find it helpful.

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