Turkish scholarship for nigerian

Are you a Nigerian that has been looking for an opportunity to study abroad? well, the Turkish scholarship for Nigerian students, is a good opportunity for you. Scholarship as we all know plays an important role in the life of a scholar.

because it enables students at different levels to study at ease.

the Turkish scholarship for Nigerians is a scheme that is been fully sponsored by the government of Turkey.

therefore, one can be rest assured of the best of qualities in studying. scholarships are not just even to everyone. they have criteria that make one eligible.

criteria for Turkish scholarships

with the eligibility criteria below, one can apply for the Turkish scholarship.

  • candidate must not be a citizen of Turkey or have dual citizenship of Nigerian-Turkish
  • undergraduate candidates should have a good high school graduation result. the high school should be equivalent to that of Turkey
  • research candidates should be a graduate of a four-year university course and should have a good level in Turkish, English or French
  • applicant must not have any health barrier to education
  • candidates must have not suspended education for more than two years and should be below 25 on the day of application
  • candidates should not have any  disease, they should be disease-free
  • for those applying for graduate studies, which is, master and Ph.D. should not be up to 40
  • candidates for master and Ph.D. must be a graduate of four years university
  • everyone applying must be a Nigerian and must have a Nigerian National card

opportunity for the candidate’s under the Turkish scholarship for Nigerian students

the Turkish government also provides the candidates with other opportunities,


students under the Turkish scholarship for Nigerian students, get transportation fair from the government at arrival. the government also pays for transportation all through the program and also their departure fair after the scholarship


the government also provides shelter for the scholarship students in public university dormitories. meanwhile, those who do not want to stay in the dormitories can make use of other housing possibilities at their own expenses

tuition and fees

because the government is fully in charge, students under this Turkish scholarship for Nigerian students do not pay any fee. the government have fully financed everything concerning the education of the  eligible candidates


health expenses

this is another crucial aspect the government takes care of.  without the interference of the government, it will be difficult.

Turkish language course

as a candidate for the Turkish scholarship, one must offer one year of learning Turkish in any of the universities. because, as a student of the Turkish scholarship, you need to be able to communicate using the Turkish language. this is also applicable to other students studying different languages under the Turkish scholarship.

conclusion why Turkish scholarship for Nigerian students is important

with the help of this scheme provided by the Turkish government, it has been made easy for students. students can now easily study at ease and in a very conducive atmosphere.

therefore, all their primary needs have been met. for more information on this program, visit the platform

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