Top 10 American scholarships for international students

If you are a student looking for scholarships for international students to study in America, has it listed. America is one of the world-leading powers because it has supported and still supporting the world.

talking about education, America is one, if not the leading country in standard when it comes to the education system.

we will be taking a look at the top 10 American scholarships for international students. this is also a medium in which it’s supporting the world educationally.

these scholarships are being sponsored both by the USA government, colleges and other private institutions.

scholarships for international students

USA government scholarships for international students

  • Humphrey fellowship program
  • foreign Fulbright students program

Humphrey fellowship program

the Humphrey H. Hubert fellowship program is a program that provides America with a year of professionalism. it selects candidates from all parts of the world, it’s an international scholarship open to every eligible person.

in this scholarship, they have two sectors, the public, and the private sectors. selection is base on your commitment to the service of either of the two sectors.  all expenses to enable its candidates to carry out the best of their functions, the USA government covers it.

these are areas that affect students and make them not to have the absolute concentration they should have in school.

the government provides international scholarships students with, accommodation, free tuition fees, health expenses, and other allowances

foreign Fulbright students program

the foreign Fulbright students program is a USA scheme which the government sponsors. this scheme is open to everyone that wants to pursue a master’s degree or Ph.D. it’s also open to students who want to further their education by doing non-degree postgraduate. above all, the government provides international scholarship students with the essential necessities they need to study at ease.

for example, the government provides accommodation, free tuition fees, health insurance, and other benefits that the government allocates to them.

selection is open to every field to the eligible candidates and also with good education performance

 USA colleges that offer scholarships to international students

  • east-west center
  • Dartmouth college scholarship
  • Columbia college scholarship
  • Clark university scholarship
  • Berea college scholarships
  • Oregon university scholarships

East-west center

It’s a scholarship scheme that is limited to some parts, like Asia, Pacific, and the USA. It’s a graduate degree scheme that provides funding for 24 months to its students. the other students pursuing a degree study in Hawai.

it provides them with quality equipment to the best of their studies.

Dartmouth college scholarships

they show an absolute demonstration of competency in meeting the needs of the admitted students, including the international scholarship students. therefore, they provide allowances for the students, and they make loans available to students to enable them to meet their personal needs.

All basic amenities which the students need to make the atmosphere conducive, the college provides them all for the students.

columbia college scholarship

this is a college that offer scholarship to international students in the state of Columbia. its also a governmental scheme for assisting the globe educationally. this college offer admission to the outsiding ones from the scholarship exam. however, it doesn’t just choose randomly, because on the other hand. its also enrichening the government academically. it offers its selected candidates with a one time award of cash, 15% -100%. this enables the international students to focus and study at ease

 Clark university scholarship

this college runs a sheme is in charge of scholarship for international students. it deals with first year students and not students who wants to transfer. it grooms its candidates from the start. it offers cash reward of $15,000 – $25,000 to its candidates anuaully. its also provides standard facilities for its candidates, academically and non academically.

Berea college scholarships

this is to say, Berea college is the only college that offers %100 funding to %100 of its students in their first year. as the candidates proceed, they are expected to be saving up to a $1000 anuaully to be able to meet up their obligations. in other hand, job opportunities are given to then during the summer to make extra money for themselves. this college takes care of their basic needs like, tuition fees, acommodation and allowances.

Oregon university scholarships

the university of Oregon is known for its contribution of over a million dollars to financially aid and sponsor international students scholarship. this college offers scholarship to both graduates and undergraduates. one of their scheme that handles the scholarship is, ICSP scholarship which offers free tuition fees for up to 15 credit per year.

the scholarship is based on financial aid, academic merit and also your impactation in the society.

institutions that funds international scholarships for study in USA

  • joint japan worldbank guarantee scholarships
  • AAUW international fellowship

joint japan worldbank guarantee scholarships

this is a program that is comprises of the japan government and world bank as a sector. it provides full scholarship to world bank member countries to pursue their development related students in different universities around the world. the joint Japan worldbank guarantee scholarships have 8 particular universities its candidates can study in USA. including, Harvard university, columbia university, university of Chicago and Cornell university.

AAUW International fellowship

the institution awards internationa fellowship mainly to women for full time study or research in USA. this women musn’t be Americans or don’t reside in America. its an American institution which assists and empower women round the world to have a good education background. they offer cash award of $18,000 for masters, $20,000 for Ph.D and $30,000 for postdoctoral students


america as a country have much to offer humanity and education is power.




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