Study in Germany (Europe) as an African

Germany is a country in the central part of Europe, with over 300 universities that offer more than 16,000 programs. because of this, study in Germany (Europe) as an African has been made easy.

Germany rates the 3rd best destination for education just behind the USA and UK.clearly the most popular choice for non-English speaking international students. it also has a capacity of over 350,000 foreign students currently. its the best place to study in the whole of western Europe

study in Germany, Europe as an African


reasons to study in Germany

Germany as a country offers a wide range of experiences for the international student’s communities.well, this depends on your location of study, from the cool berlin to the metropolis of Frankfurt. Germany have something to offer. but the most important reason to study in Germany is the free tuition fees.

most, not all the government universities are tuition fee-free and Germany is the land of thinkers and poets.because great scientists such as Einstien, Planck, and Born are from the German higher education system

top 5 German universities 

Germany is one of the homes of educated elites. However, it has many global standard universities in its major cities like Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, etc. these universities are so standard that at least one or two are rank one of the best in the world. Germany can be said to be the home of western Europe’s prestigious education. the country has numerous good standard universities, but we will be looking at these five below

university of Freiburg

university of Freiburg, is consider as the fifth oldest university in the country and its also a public research university. it have also mountains around which students can use for leisure outdoor purposes.

most importantly, its a tuition free institution. the university is have a long term tradition of teaching humanities and natural sciences. there are approximately over 20,000 students in this university including the international students.

Heidelberg university

this is the oldest university in Germany and  its also a public research university with over 25,000 students. you can loacte this university in Heidelberg, and its consider to be one of the most beautiful city in germany. international students from almost all the part of the world, over 100 countries make up 20% of the students. tuition fee is as well free in this university

Humboldt university of berlin

its a university that is located in the capital of the country. it also have a capacity of more than 30,000 students of which 16% are international students. the university have a reputation of students excelling in their students because of the quality of their staffs.

it also have a library of about 6 million books in it and its a public university with no tuition fee

LMU Munich

it boast of over 40 noble prize winners and its considered as foremost academic and research have the second largest population in germany with international students making up over 15 % of the students. its also one of the oldest universities which was found in 1472 and its also a public university

Technical university of Munich

the university have 3 departments that focus on lecturing on engineering, sciences and technology. its also the second university in the city of Munich.

the university have a large population of over 30,000 students, of which a good number of over 15% of the students are international students

fees for international students, that study in Germany Europe, as African

germany as a country with the best educational system in Europe, do not take fees in most all the public universities. the only university that takes tuition fees are most in Baden wurttumberg are where students pay almost $3,000 annually for tuition fee.

luckily, for students with residency visa, they are consider with fair treatments, like tuition and accommodation free. all students are to pay a fee of around $300 to be able to process their application in other to make study in germany (europe) easy

conclusion why its good to study in germany (europe) as an african

germany is one among the world leading powers. it have a good atmosphere for its students and tourist researchers, security and hospitality. it also have a good destination for recreational activities to enhance the brain and make it open for studies.

with the quality of staffs they have, academical and non academical, it have empowered many noble prize winners and elites.however, its the heart of europe education. so in order to study in germany (europe) as an African, one have to be academically sound with good grades.

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