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firstly, have you been looking for a conducive atmosphere to study abroad? well, have some research done, and studying in Canada is a good option for you. why? Canada has a good educational system, a good atmosphere, and other benefits one can get as an international student. However, Canada is a fast developing country, second after the USA in entire North America.

study in canada

benefits to study in Canada

below we will be looking at the benefit to study in Canada as an international student,

1. bilingual
2. low tuition fee
3. job opportunities
4. security assurance
5. standard educational system

1. bilingual

Canada is a country that speaks more than one language, which are French and English. language is one of the criteria that qualifies one to study. furthermore, as a student that studies in Canada, it’s an added advantage to you.

hence you’re a student that studies in Canada, it’s mandatory to offers both languages as courses.

2. low tuition fee

the government of Canada makes it so easy and convenient to study in Canada by making the tuition fee low. they are other private sectors as well that sponsor’s some institutions with a full or partial scholarship. secondly, as one knows, the tuition fee is one of or the major problem of students.

as a student thinking of how to raise his or her tuition fee, his mind won’t be settle to study.

3. job opportunities

above all Canada runs a good economic system that backs up the educational systems by creating job opportunities. it’s nice as a student to be working and studying. because it makes it easier for students to take care of their immediate needs and without affecting their students.

4. security assurance

firstly as one can relate, it’s very important for one to consider the security of a particular study location. because without a good security system in a country, the lives of its students are at risk. in other words, Canada keeps a record of peacefulness which makes it better and conducive for students to study in Canada.

5. standard educational system to study in Canada

Canada is one of the best countries in the whole of North America with a good educational system. currently, it’s behind the USA which is the number one in the continent and the world at large. Canadian universities have global recognition in terms of education.

scholarship for international students that study in Canada

we will be looking at some scholarships sponsors that are open to international students that wish to study in Canada below,

1. Canadian government
2. women in tech
3. global student contest
4. sixsurgery scholarship
5. university of Regina

1. Canadian government

the government of Canada runs a scholarship for international students annually. this scholarship is fully funded and it’s open to every eligible student that wishes to apply. this scholarship covers accommodation, feeding, no tuition fee. however, international students receive some amount of money on their arrival and also on their departure.

2. women in tech to study in Canada

women in tech is a non-governmental organization that runs a scholarship for only women. this scholarship is open to women all around the globe and its essence is to empower the entire woman at large educational. it’s a fully-fund scholarship that provides the basic necessities to its students

3. global student contest

this is a non-governmental scheme that runs global scholarships for students.  furthermore, this scholarship is an annual program that covers everything that concerns the students. it also gives a reward of money to its students $500-$5000.

in summary, interested eligible students who wish to apply can apply online

4. sixsurgary scholarship

the scholarship is a governmental scholarship that the Toronto government sponsors. therefore, the scholarship is basically for health students and must be from Canada, the USA, or hold a valid student visa.

therefore, the scholarship entails a prize of $1,200. the winner is being picked by good academical performance of Regina

this scholarship is being run by the University of Regina, also a governmental scheme. however, the institution is nationally recognize for its standard educational system. therefore, it provides its scholarship winners with a reward of about $2000,  shelter and feeding too for its scholarship students. the scholarship is an annual program that is open for eligible international candidates

conclusion why it good to study in Canada

finally, Canada is a good and conducive location to study because it has quality staffs in its institutions, academically and non academically. it also provides its students with open scholarship opportunities. however, Canada is very peaceful and also with lots of recreational locations to ease off.

furthermore, it’s a good destination for tourism which makes it easier for students to interact.

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