Australian scholarships for international students 

Are you an international student looking for a means of studying in Australia with a scholarship? However, look no more because has the list of major Australian scholarships for international students.

Australia is one of the most peaceful countries in the world with a standard way of living. With this foundation, one can build his or her educational career on it. Furthermore, its universities are among the best universities in the world.

Australian scholarships

List of Australian scholarships for international students

Below is the list of scholarships for international students. Some are partial while others are fully funded

  • Australia awards
  • Destination Australia
  • Australian government research training program (RTP)
  • Australia APEC women research fellow
  • Provider scholarships

Australia awards

This is a long-term program that aims to contribute to the development of Australia and its partner countries. It’s a full-time award specifically to countries in the Indo-Pacific region. Students from this region undertake a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate program with no tuition fee. Furthermore, this scholarship also provides health allowances, one return flight from Australia, and a program of how to live and study in Australia. Before accepting the Australia award scholarship, you will have to sign with the commonwealth. this is to ensure you will comply with the condition of the scholarship

Destination Australia

Firstly, it’s a program that sponsors other scholarship boards to be able to give out scholarships to local and international students. This scholarship offers its candidates the opportunity to attain standard higher education and to live in Australia as well. It also ensures that the regions and the international students share cultural and social benefits. It’s also a full-time scholarship program that is open to every eligible candidate with good academic performance.

Australian government research training program (RTP)

This is a type of scholarship that the Australian government provides to research doctorate and research master’s degree students. RTP program is an international student scholarship, open to students who aren’t Australians. It’s a full-time scholarship program that covers, accommodation, a stipend to assist students, and no tuition fee. However, it offers health insurance to candidates and their dependents as well

Australian APEC women research fellowship

This is a governmental scholarship program that aims at empowering women academically. The program takes care of all your basic necessities such as full tuition fee, accommodation, stipends, and health benefits. It’s not open to every nationality, it’s mainly for female researchers in the APEC region. Furthermore, this program empowers its female researchers in mathematics, technology, science, and engineering

How to apply for Australian scholarships as an international student

Firstly, all the scholarships on this post are for international students and many of these scholarships are open to all nationalities. However, all terms and conditions are set by the institution offering the scholarship. Furthermore, all applications for these scholarships should be done directly with the scholarship providers. Meanwhile, for the US students, the Australian scholarships allow you to bring their financial aid with them if any.

Eligible students can apply for the Australian scholarships here

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