How to apply and gain permanent USA residence card via diversity visa program

The United States of American is one of the top leading power of the world, which is located in North America. With this class they have attained, I believe so many people will like or have been wishing to visit or reside there. Worry no more, there’s an opportunity for you to travel to the United States of America with no expenses. You can achieve this through the diversity visa program which will give you the breakdown of it below

This program is a global program that the American government have set aside to empower the world. With this program, interexchange of cultures and social lives will be possible and easy

diversity visa program

How to apply for the diversity visa program

There are various ways in which different visa lottery programs do their application. However, we will be taking a look at the steps on how to go about the diversity visa program

  • Submit entry
  • Selection of applicants
  • selected for the diversity visa program
  • Confirm your diversity visa program  qualifications
  • Submit support documents
  • Interview

Submit entry

The program is open for a particular period of time for registrations annually. Every year the US government gives out information about registration and other vital information for this program. However, this informations contains the opening date for registration and closure date as well. Furthermore, all entries must be submitted during the registration period, with no late entries. The law allows just a single candidate to register for this program and meanwhile, at the process of registration there’s no registration fee. However, all applications are to be submitted online to the official website of diversity visa program which is below

Selection of applicants

Annually the Department of State conducts a random selection for the diversity immigrant visa. However, this selection is done via the allocation of visas available to each region and country, from the registered entries. Furthermore, a confirmation code will be given to you after submitting your application to enable you to access your application status. The Department of State doesn’t send emails of confirmation, with that code only can you access your portal. Once the code is lost, the department of State won’t resend it and you will have no access to your portal too. However, if you’re selected, you will be redirected to another page that will provide more information. This page contains information such as fee connected to immigration to the United States of American

selected for the diversity visa program

Once you are selected, applicants online are advised to complete their registration online and forward the process of their application. After submitting the application, you will be scheduled for an interview and the date will be on the dashboard of your portal. Meanwhile, selection doesn’t guarantee a visa for you, you will definitely have to sign with the commonwealth that you will comply with the scholarship program

Confirm your diversity visa program qualifications

This program ( diversity immigrant visa program) requires the applicant to have a high school education, or its equivalent if there’s any. Also, the principal applicant must have a working experience of two years in the last five years. These qualifications are for the applicant not for the family accompanying him to the United States of American. However, the applicant must have an international passport of the country of origin, if not contact the board of diversity immigrant program. In summary, an applicant who does not meet up with the qualifications shouldn’t consider applying until all qualifications are met.

Submit supporting documents

the Kentucky consular center will have to receive and process the application form for you and your accompanied family members. After all the document processes, you will be instructed on how to submit supporting documents. However, your interview won’t hold immediately until all necessary documents are sent in scanned copies. An applicant who can not obtain any of the required documents should explain to the board why he or she can’t. Furthermore, the applicant will have to bring with him or her all the original of the submitted required documents. The required supporting documents are, birth certificates, military records, court and prison records, valid passport biography, and police certificates.


However submitting all the necessary documents, a date, time, and the USA embassy location will be sent to you. Meanwhile, the applicant and family members will have to have a medical certificate of fit from any contagious disease or any. Furthermore, some documents are required in original copies at the embassy to enable you to have a successful interview. Documents such as marriage certificate, deportation document, divorce document if divorced, custody document, and certificate of education and work experience

Eligible candidates willing to apply for the diversity immigrant visa program can apply through the official website here

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