How to apply and acquire Sweden visa for free

Most people will have the desire to travel out of their country, but don’t know how and where to apply. Nevertheless, will elaborate the needful steeps in applying and acquire a Sweden visa.

However, Sweden is a peaceful country with a good economic system. It’s an European country with also the advantage of the Schengen visa usageSweden visa application

Types of Sweden visa

However, it’s advisable you know the purpose of the visa you want to apply for before applying to avoid invalidity

Schengen states visa

These are countries that don’t need visa to visit Sweden, and these countries are all European countries

Schengen common visa

This is a type of visa that they offer to citizens that the Schengen visa do not cover. So therefore, if you have an interest of visiting Sweden and you’re not European, this is your type.

Steps on how to apply and acquire the Sweden visa

With these steps below and properly followed, we believe your visa awaits you

  • Applicants are to provide the new biometric passport of their country at the Sweden embassy
  • The Sweden embassy will require two empty pages in the passport to enable them stamp the Sweden visa
  • All applicants outside the Schengen visa coverage are to submit their application at any Sweden embassy
  • However, applicants should carefully fill in the application form before submitting it.
  • After submitting the application form, you are to choose a visa application center and make an appointment.
  • However, Appointments are made open for booking from the current date to 90 days later.
  • Applicants are to provide receipt of visa fee payment and the VFS service charge as applicable at the embassy. Applicant must pay in the bank at the visa application center

Applicants below 18 must provide the following documents to support their Sweden visa application

  • A copy of birth certificate to enable the embassy confirm your age before processing
  • A consent letter from parents. This is to certify that your parents are fully aware of your decision to travel abroad
  • Passport of parents issuing consent letter are meant to be provided or the country’s national identity card

After submission of Sweden visa application

After you have finished submitting your application at the  visa application center, applicants can also check the status of their application online. However, all you need to do is provide your passport number and your date of birth.

For collection of passport

You can either collect your passport at the visa application center or by home delivery.

Requirements for collection at the visa application center are

  • Original copy of payment receipt of visa fee during documents submission at the embassy
  • Original proof of Identity, either national identity card or any valid national identity
  • For the minors, birth certificate may be required, but we advise you go along with it for collection

Requirements for delivery of passport

with these requirements below, you can collect your passport at your doorstep

  • Applicants are to provide the original copy of their identity card
  • You are also to provide documents confirming your identity before collecting your passport
  • You must provide proof of air way bill payment before your passport will be issued to you

However, an applicant with the interest of applying can apply here

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