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I’m Ajayi Augustine, a professional blogger, Web developer/Designer, Internet marketing strategist, and online boss based in Nigeria. I’ll be advertising my service and why you should hire us/me on this page if you don’t mind.Between April 2017 and now, I’ve been able to set up multiple streams of online income. I render high-quality content writing services, and I’m into affiliate marketing and information marketing too as well.I would love to help you build a strong foundation for your online business by helping you get your blog started or improve an existing one.Now, What Exactly Can I Do For You?Whether you’re just starting out in online business or you’ve joined the train for some time now, but aren’t happy with your traffic and earnings, I can help you with the following services I render:

1. Basic Blog Setup

Ok I guess you want to start a new blog on Blogger platform. I can create and set up a fully optimized blogger website for your local business or personal blog within 24hrs.

This comes together with s premium theme, custom Com.Ng domain and lots of other premium features i won’t just want to mention here.

Price: 10,000 (This covers custom domain name and premium theme).

2. WordPress Blog Setup

If you’re just setting up your blog, I can help you with all the basic steps involved, such as registering your domain, purchasing a hosting plan, installing WordPress, installing the necessary plugins, and installing a cool theme that your visitors will love.

In short, I will prepare your blog for you to start blogging right away.

Price: ₦20,000 (this covers custom domain, web hosting, premium theme and blog setup).

3. Company Website Development

I don’t just create blog for individuals to blog and get paid by Google AdSense or for other purposes. I also create astonishing website for schools, churches, Ecommerce firms (like jumia), companies and… Just name it.

We have created A LOT of them and can do it again for your new startup or existing business.

Price: Contact me via mail

4. Content Creation

I’ve been an online writer on top Nigerian blogs and sites since 2011. And since then, I’ve developed lots of experience from different sources regarding writting SEO optimized content that will get you on first page in n time.

I can help you write killer content for your blog. Whether you need compelling blog posts (like the ones on this blog), articles, sales pages (like this one here), or any other kind of web content, I’m up to the task.

I will help you craft words that will not only reflect your voice and motive in a magical way but will also help you achieve your long and short-term goals.

Price: Contact Info@blogsxtra.com.ng

5. Blog Management

If you have a blog, and you want me to manage it for you, I can do that perfectly. I will publish posts on a frequent basis, engage with your readers, implement SEO strategies for growing your traffic, boost your blog’s authority and ranking, and ultimately turn your blog into a money-spinner.

Actually haven’t managed any for now but am up to the challenge of you being my first client

Price: Contact Info@blogsxtra.com.ng as it all depend on terms of service

6. Blog Review and Improvement

If you’ve set up your blog and are posting content regularly, but you still can’t figure out why you’re not getting any traffic, comments, or earnings, don’t get frustrated. I can help you figure out what you’re doing wrong and tell you how to fix it quickly.

I will thoroughly review your blog and come up with a customized step-by-step improvement plan that you can implement (or pay me extra to help you implement).

Price: Contact Info@blogsxtra.com.ng

7. Link Building Service

One of the major factor of ranking high on the SERP is backlinks. I can build quality back-links that would not only boost your ranking but also, skyrocket your Domain & Page Authority within a short period of time.

Price: ranges from ₦2,500+ Contact info@blogsxtra.com.ng

8. WordPress & Blogger SEO Setup

This is my best and the No. 1 premium secret to my daily page-views and free Search engine traffic from Google search engine.

I can get your blog’s search engine appearance skyrocket with some simple seo tricks and tweaks (all white hat). You can even get one of my product listed here

Price: Contact Info@blogsxtra.com.ng (as it all depend on terms of service)

9. Custom Services

If you need any of my services, but not as part of the packages described, feel free to contact me with your request. I can tailor my services to your specific needs.

Price: Contact Info@blogsxtra.com.ng (as it all depend on terms of service)


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  • WhatsApp: +2348156894411

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Wish you the best as we work together.

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